Well...you guys might remember my latest OC character, Sage Kagi. Dude's an angry white wolf...but most of you guys may be surprised that there's more to him than that as he deals with the elements of adjusting to life in the Valley of Peace, but his past suddenly comes into fruition. For SpiritualLoneWolf XIII, Master of Stories and Joe Po Navark! Enjoy!

Streetfighter Scars

by: Terrell James

Chapter 1: Attention Seeker

Early morning in the Valley of Peace sets in and everyone's just enjoying the morning in every single village that comes in and at Mako's place...the same could be pretty much said when there's a bunch of kids getting up in the morning, just awaiting for breakfast. Cody and Tsunami were bust prepping for breakfast while his dad and their new stepmom Reiko were on their honeymoon from Japan and it has been a few days since they got back from Shanghai Secluded valley after the two were married.

Max and Logan heading down to the hall, but Logan had to get there first and said, "I get the first seat this time!"

"No fair! You always get first seat!" Max pouted.

Logan lets out a mocking laugh and replied, mocking Max's voice, "Cause I'm older than you."

Max stuck his tongue out at Logan and the lupine did the same, only sticking it directly near Max's nose and Max said, "You're a doodyhead."

"I'm not the doodyhead! You're the little doodyhead!" Logan argued.

Max then looks at Logan and replied, "Then I guess you're the big doodyhead!"

Logan growls at Max for making that little statement that he didn't take too lightly and said, "You little weasel! I'll teach you a lesson on making fun of me!"

"Why would you when I already know how to?" Max said, mocking Logan's voice.

Bang comes in and sees both Logan and Max arguing and going at each other and that was pretty much the last thing he needs to hear in the morning and when Rico overhears it, he turns to Bang and asked, "Is it me or are they always like that?"

"Always like that...especially in the morning." Bang replied.

Bang lets out a big sigh as he goes over to the both of them to break it up, yet again and he lets out a loud whistle that caught both Logan and Max's attention and replied, "Do we have to do this every morning? It's the same thing; argue on who gets the seat, argue and insult and it ends with me breaking up the fight with you guys."

"He started it!" Max and Logan responded, in unison pointing the fingers on each other.

"Bang, can you please tell the little bug that I get to be the first ones to have the seat?" asked Logan.

"Nuh-uh! You always have the first seat all the time! It's my turn!" Max replied.

"You're not big enough, shrimp!" Logan shouted.

Max growls in response and said, "Don't call me shrimp!"

Bang groans and he said, "Enough already! You guys need to quit arguing. Besides, I get the first seat!"

Bang immediately lept out of their way as he runs to get the seat and that left both Logan and Max a little preplexed that they got tricked and that set Logan off and said, "He always does that!"

"I'll get the seat next time!" Max responded.

Logan rolled his eyes at this and said, "Like that's gonna happen."

Rico felt like it was time to get out of this before he gets caught in the middle of this craziness and as he went downstairs, Max makes his way downstairs and Logan pokes his head in the midst of it and Max said, "Quit it!"

"Quit what?" Logan said, nonchalantly.

All of a sudden, the door bursts open and when they turned around, they were pretty much spooked by that noise and Logan asked, "Must you do that in the morning, Sage?"

Sage angrily looks up at both of them and he lets out a very angry growl and said, "Every morning, you interrupt my sleep with your stupid arguments! Would it kill you guys to shut up freaking mouths for once?!"

Logan rolls his eyes at Sage, which didn't take the white wolf really well and he told him, "We're brothers. It's what we do."

"Part of the job." Max added.

"Just shut up and let me go back to sleep! You wouldn't like it when I'm that cranky!" Sage bellowed.

Max looks at Sage in a confused way because he's always angry and cranky all the time and he asked, "But...aren't you always cranky?"

Sage was gonna pummel Max into pieces and when he stepped in to do so, Logan blocked him out of the way and that made Sage go nuts and he said, "Get out of my way!"

Max immediately leapt running downstairs and made his way to the table along with everyone else and Phoenix asked, "Where's Logan and Sage?"

"Don't tell me they're at it again." Tae Kwan Do answered.

Not long...Logan walks downstairs to the living room and made his way to the table and sat between Kango and Sosuke and Cody asked, "Where's Sage?"

"Going back to sleep." Logan answered.

Cody could tell that this is gonna be a challenge to bring Sage downstairs and he lets out a big sigh and said, "He always sleeps in. Same thing every day."

Tsunami clears his throat as he got up from his seat and said, "I'll handle this."

"Good luck with that. He doesn't like it when he's forced to wake up this early." Logan responded.

"Well, he's not gonna get away with it this time." Tsunami added, as he went upstairs.

At Sage's room

He continues sleeping in his room, snoring a lot and when he heard someone knocking on his door, he places his head underneath a pillow to prevent hearing someone waking him up and thought to himself, 'This is not happening.'

"Hey, Sage! Wake up!" Tsunami exclaimed.

Sage didn't even want to get out of bed and he got really aggravated with Tsunami telling him to get up more than once and he felt he wanted to come smack the crap out of him if he had to and when Tsunami actually entered the room, he could tell that it stunk of wet dog and dirty clothes, not to mention that his clothes are surrounding the floor.

Tsunami looked at how messed up his room looks and he said, "Man...when's the last time you cleaned in here?"

Sage mumbled something and Tsunami comes close to the bed and uncovered Sage's sheets right away and that made Sage groan in annoyance and covered himself back up again and tells him, "Get out."

"No way, Sage. We're waiting for you at breakfast." Tsunami replied.

"I'll get up when I wanna get up." Sage said, his teeth clenched.

Tsunami then opened the windows with sunlight surrounding the whole room and that made Sage groan loudly when that happened and Tsunami wasn't about to give up that easily and he said, "Rise and shine, Sage."

Sage lets out a drowsy annoyed moan and by the second Tsunami uncovered his sheets, Sage felt like Tsunami was getting on his nerves again and he said, "What have you got against me sleeping?"

"Uh...only when you sleep all day." Tsunami replied.

"Man, this is annoying. Didn't you hear me say I'll get up when I feel like I'll get up?" Sage asked, with a growl.

Tsunami glared at Sage and he said, "That's changed. Now get up. We've got breakfast."

As Tsunami walks away, Sage lets out a groan and he growls at him, saying, "If he was in South China...we would not mess with me."

Crazy beginning, huh? Hope ya'll like it because there's more!