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Many of you are familiar with the tales of the Dexholders but have you heard of their personal problems? Problems of trust? Probably not. This is one such tale which focuses on the most discredited Pokedex Holder, Yellow. Do not be so sure that she is weak. She is quite the opposite. She is strong when circumstances call upon her to be.

April 20 12pm Route 1

"Are you sure we shouldn't ask her to come along?" Blue asked worriedly looking at the other two. Green shrugged.

"She would be a burden." Red said clenching his fists and looking at the ground.

"If you say so." Blue said hesitantly.

"C'mon we still need to get these to Gramps and pack before we can leave." Green said. The other two nodded, totally unaware the person they spoke of was listening. Red let Pika out of his Pokeball.

"I'm sure you want to say goodbye with ChuChu. Just make sure you're back in time." Red said bending to speak to the electric mouse. Pika nodded and the three Dexholders left.

Pika turned the direction of Yellow's house when he heard a sob and looked up to find Yellow in the shadow of a sycamore tree. He climbed up next to her on a branch. Yellow wiped her tears away. "I'm going to need you to do something for me, okay Pika?" Yellow asked. The Pikachu nodded feeling very guilty. Yellow took out some white stationary from her bag and let ChuChu out. The two Pikachus exchanged tearful good-byes and Yellow finished her letters and gave them to ChuChu, returning ChuChu to her Pokeball. "

Give them to their respective owners when you see me next time, okay?" ChuChu nodded, clutching the letters to her. Yellow turned to Pika and offered him the Pokeball.

"Take care of her for me, Pika. I have a journey I must make." Pika nodded accepting the Pokeball.

"It's almost time for me to leave, Pika. I better get going. Good-bye ChuChu, Pika." Yellow said before jumping out of the tree and running into the forest.

April 20 12:10pm Pewter City

Yellow ran through the forest to Pewter City. She ran into the gym where Brock was training. He looked up when the door opened. "Yellow! Is something wrong?" He asked taking in her appearance.

"I just need to return someone." Yellow said and handed him Golem smiling.

"You don't need to." He said not accepting the Pokeball.

"I want to. I have to go somewhere and they can't come." Yellow said firmly pushing it into his hands.

"Are you sure?" Brock asked looking at the sad Golem.

"I'm sure. Sorry to interrupt your training. Bye." She said before leaving, taking one last look at Golem.

April 20 12:20pm Cerulean City

Misty was at her mansion when one of her maids announced she had a guest. Yellow entered the room. "Is something wrong Yellow?" Misty asked.

"No, I just came to return Omnastar." Yellow said holding out the Pokeball.

"You don't have to." Misty protested. "I insist." Yellow said holding out the Pokeball with a determined expression on her face.

"If you say so." Misty said, reluctantly taking the Pokeball.

"Bye." Yellow called as she ran out like she was being chased by a horde of dragon Pokémon.

Yellow called Blaine at the Pokémon Center in Cerulean City. "Hello?" Blaine asked.

"Hello Mr. Blaine." Yellow said.

"Hello." Blaine said smiling.

"I wanted to give you something Mr. Blaine, could you turn your item transporter on?" Yellow asked. Blaine nodded and turned it on. Yellow sent her hat and a few TMs through.

"Thank you for helping me that time on Cerise Island, good-bye Mr. Blaine." Yellow said quickly cutting off the connection. She called Erika next.

"Hello, is something wrong?" Erika asked.

"No, I just wanted to thank you, Miss Erika, for the help in Celadon City and send you a few gifts." Yellow said sending her bag and TMs through.

"Goodbye Miss Erika." Yellow said cutting the connection.

"Hey Yellow." Bill greeted as the blonde exited the Pokémon Center. Yellow smiled.

"Hello Bill, are you going somewhere?" Yellow asked looking at the papers he was holding.

"I'm going to Pallet Town." Bill said smiling.

"Would you do me a favor?" Yellow asked.

"I guess." Bill said cautiously. Yellow handed him a small, white box.

"Could you give this to Professor Oak?" She asked.


"Oh, and I wanted you to have these. I have to go now, bye!" She said, handing him the Pokeballs that contained Ratty, Dodrio, and Butterfree before running away.

April 20 12:30pm Pallet Town

""Professor is something wrong with Yellow?" Misty asked and the other three gym leaders nodded.

"Not that I know of. Why?" He asked. They explained what had happened.

"What are you talking about? She's supposed to be getting on the SS Anne to go to Sinnoh in half an hour." Professor Oak said confused. Bill knocked on the door.

"Ah, do you have the files, Bill?" the professor asked. "Yes. I also have a present to you from Yellow." Bill said handing Professor Oak the papers and the box.

"What is it?" the professor asked looking at the box. Bill shrugged. Professor Oak opened it and paled. Bill peeked in. Inside was Yellow's Pokedex.

April 20 12:30pm Route just outside Vermillion City

Yellow looked at the teardrops she held in her hands before looking toward the horizon. Nodding determinedly, she set out to Vermillion City where she boarded the SS Anne, carefully avoiding where the three Dexholders were standing.

April 20 12:45pm Vermillion City

Pika ran to where Red, Green, and Blue were waiting, carefully holding ChuChu's Pokeball. "What's that you got there, Pika?" Red asked.

"We have to get on now." Green said before Pika could do anything. After they boarded, Pika showed Red the Pokeball.

"Is that ChuChu?" Red asked. Pika nodded.

"How did you get her?" Red asked.

"Pika, Pi."

April 20 12:35pm Pallet Town

"What is going on?" Erika asked irritated that the gym leaders were being kept in the dark.

"Y-Yellow returned her Pokedex." Bill stammered in shock. The others blinked.

"Why would she?" Misty sputtered. There was no answer.

April 21 12:45pm Olivine City

"Attention all passengers, we have reached Johnto. Please watch your step." Crystal paused. "What's wrong?" Silver asked. "I just thought I saw Senior Yellow." Crystal said looking away. "Who've thought you could imagine things Super Serious Girl?" Gold asked. Crystal hit him.

April 21 12:45pm Aboard the SS Anne

Yellow breathed a sigh of relief as she turned away from her window. 'I have to be more careful.' She scolded herself.

April 22 12:45pm Slateport City

"Attention all passengers, we have reached Hoenn. Please watch your step. Thank you." The voice announced over the intercom.

"Is something wrong Sapphire?" Emerald asked as Sapphire paused.

"No, I just thought I saw Senior Yellow getting off, but it must have been my imagination." Sapphire said.

"Only you could see stuff like that, Barbarian. They told us Senior Yellow wasn't coming." Ruby said smirking.

"Who are you calling Barbarian, Sissy?" A fight started as they boarded the ship.

April 22 12:50pm Slateport City

Yellow breathed a sigh of relief as she knew Sapphire was distracted. She looked around the bustling port and closing her eyes she cried a final tear. Afterwards, she smiled taking in the Hoenn air and set out to take a train to Cameron, back home for the first time in five years.