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This has been inspired by a LOT of Ianpala fics [I will make a masterpost of the list later on tumblr]. And since Ianpala fanfiction is awesome, we decided to give it a try. Oh and Gabriel isn't dead and it's an AU. TRICKSTER. Set in season 8 because why not.

It's post Purgatory and post As Time Goes By. Some things from Season 8 are a little bit changed.

And most importantly, it was inspired after pinneapledean's post. Link is on profile.

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Out with a bang, literally.

This felt worse than a hangover.

Way fucking worse.

It had all happened very quickly. Running and a bright blinding flash with a loud bang. It was so loud and bright that it made Dean Winchester pass out.

Well, he couldn't count it as passing out. In his case, passing out was sleeping on a motel bed after a really exhausting hunt, or a really good fuck. But given that neither of the above happened, he wasn't sure what it was.

But no, he couldn't have passed out during a hunt.

All he was doing was running and there was a loud bang. One that was a cross between a gunshot and a tire popping. Then suddenly everything went black.

He got knocked out. With a flash and bang. A really fucking loud one.

Heh, gives the saying "out with a bang" an actual good meaning...

Wait a sec...





He had to make sure his brother was okay. Who knows what the hell that bang could have done to him?

Groaning, the hunter sat up, wincing as the pain increased all through his body.

Yep. This was definitely worse than a hangover.

"Sam!" he yelled out.

There was some shuffling. "Dean!" he winced at the loud sound as he heard his name being called out.

Suddenly he was being helped up, "Come on big guy, get your ass up. We gotta go help Sammy." Dean heard a deep voice that he's pretty sure he had never heard before.

Cas always had the habit of popping in and such. But it wasn't him.

And it definetly wasn't Sam.

Who was this guy?

"What the hell...?" he mumbled, rubbing his head.

"C'mon Dean, Sammy might need help," the same voice repeated, pulling Dean towards what seemed to be a path.

Dean saw the man's hand on his shoulder in the faint light. Last time he remembered, they were in an alley. He was still a little dizzy, from standing up too fast, or from the bang. There was still painful ringing in his ears.

And the fucking headache. God, it hurt so much.

Bringing his attention to the man, he tried to pry his hand off his shoulder, "Whoa, whoa whoa, hold on."

"Dean, are you okay?" asked the stranger.

Instinctively, Dean grabbed the man and slammed him against the wall.

"Who the hell are you?!" asked Dean, using his forearm to hold him against it. For all he knew, this guy could be a demon. Or worse. He wasn't going to take his chances. He knew way better than that.

"Whoa there cowboy," said the man in mock surprise, a hint of teasing in his tone and a smirk on his face. "Don't be getting all frisky there."

Furious, Dean pulled out Ruby's knife from his jacket and held it to the man's throat.

Seeing the knife, the man looked startled. "Dean? You seriously don't recognize me?" he asked.

In the dim light coming from the faded lamp on the wall, Dean took a closer look at the man who had helped him up. He was a tall, lean man. He had icy blue eyes that almost had an unnatural sheen to them, dark shaggy long hair. He wore a leather jacket, a light brown plaid shirt, jeans and a single dog tag. To anyone, he would have looked handsome, but Dean was too busy to notice at the moment. Besides, he had priorities; find out who the hell this man was.

"No, I have no idea of who the hell you are. How do you know my name?" asked Dean.

Further down the alley, Sam appeared and ran towards them. He pulled Dean back, no signs of being hurt whatsoever.

"Dean! Let him go!" he said, prying Ruby's knife off his older brother's hand.

"Are you hurt?" asked Dean, his attention on Sam.

"No, I'm fine. Let the guy go."

"Who is he?!"

"I don't know!" Sam pulled Dean back.

The skinny man threw his arms up in exasperation. "Don't know?! Oh come on! I'm practically family!" he exclaimed. "Is this how I'm treated?!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Sam.

Dean winced as he rubbed his head. He took a deep breath and looked at the man.

"Listen man, I don't want to start any trouble. I have a headache and everything hurts. Do us and yourself a major fucking favor by not screwing around and just tell us what are you doing here, how do you know us and just who the hell are you?!"

The man was about to speak, but then he stopped. "Let me get this straight...You don't know who I am."

"We don't." said Sam.

The man bit his knuckle a little bit and tried to process what Sam had said. "Okay...You don't know me at all." He didn't sound convinced.

"Exactly," said Sam

After thinking about it, the man shrugged. "Understandable," he replied with a nod. "I mean, this is the first time you've seen me in this form..."

"Can you just cut the crap already?!" snapped Dean.

The man held up the dog tag.

"Does this ring a bell?" he asked with a small smile, and a mischievous glint in his eyes.


Suddenly, everything connected.

Dean looked down the alley to where he had parked the Impala and saw the spot empty.

No fucking way...


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