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Dean looked down at his shoes. "Well…"

Baby lifted both his hands up. "Well...?" he asked, smirking.

"Fine, you're…" Dean sighed. "You're my car."

Baby grinned. "Damn right I am."

"Well, if you're gonna have a body for a while, what should we call you? Name wise. Impala?" Dean asked.

This whole time...He has been calling his car Baby. Treating her with love and affection, caring for her like she was family.

And his Baby turned out to be a guy.

This was a fact that he was still trying to process in his mind. He always thought of the Impala as a female. He cherished her more than anything in the world.

But it's a guy. Granted a very hot guy, but still a dude.

"No. You're going to call me Baby, whether you like it or not."

"But... but I thought of you as a she, a sexy lady, not..." Dean searched for the right title and gestured to the man...car, whatever. "Mr. Leather Jacket." Okay, that was really lame. "A guy," he said finally.

"Yeah, don't you think its been weird for me? You've been saying 'Isn't she a beauty' and 'Baby, I missed you' and all that weird lovey dovey crap for years, but I got used to it. It's my name, a part of me. Even though it turns out I'm actually a dude. Though if I may say so myself, I'm still a beauty, and I know for all that I owe you my thanks."

"For what?" asked Dean.

"Taking such good care of me, of course. You've done a great job with me. But I'm still going by Baby."

"Why can't we call you something else? Like Impala? There are people named after cars," stated Dean.

"Yeah, people with names like Mercedes and Porscha. But have you ever heard of someone called Impala?"

Dean hung his head, thinking about it, he realized Baby was right.

"Oh yeah...so Baby it is?" he asked, defeated.

Baby grinned. "It's always been."

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