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1 Year Before

Adam Moonlit, a young man with ocean blue hair and proclaimed as the best scientist in all of Divine Levianta, stared out of the backseat passenger window with boredom. His chin was propped up on his right fist as his azure eyes took in the passing scenery of the country side but went unregistered in his mind as he thought about the circumstances which had brought him here.

The Senate had placed him in charge of Project MA and according to all of their research they needed a candidate with great magical power. He had heard rumors that there was a potential candidate titled 'The Best Witch of this Country' living in Nemu village and that was why he was now traveling across the country to a place with outdated technology to convince (bribe) the subject of agreeing to participating in Project MA. If this witch was as greedy as all the other failed candidates then all he needed to do was throw some money at her with the promise of making her queen of Levianta and his job would be finished before his given three days were up.

"Sir," Adam's eyes snapped over to look at the driver through the rear view mirror, "we've arrived."

Adam gave him a curt nod and stepped out of the sleek black vehicle. He subtlety stretched his stiff muscles from the long drive and assessed the small village. Nemu was a quaint little place located to the east of the capital. It was mostly a farming village with its open fields and roaming herds of animals here and there. He could already tell that the village hadn't caught up with the latest technology yet due to the cobblestone cottages with thatched roofing, dirt pathways, horse drawn carriages, and the lack of electronics.

Adam retrieved his traveling bag from the driver and ordered, "Be here in three days time to take us back to the capital."

"Yes, Sir," The driver gave a half bow and got back into the car and drove off. Adam sought out the only inn in the village and after he had set his belongings down in his room he immediately began his search for the candidate. He had first asked the inn keeper of where he could find the witch, but since the inn keeper had recently moved to Nemu herself, Adam had to take his questioning elsewhere.

He approached an old burly looking man who was busy chopping fire wood to begin his questioning. Adam cleared his throat to catch the old man's attention. When the old man kept swinging his axe down, Adam walked a little closer and tapped the man's shoulder, "Excuse me. I'm-!"

Startled, the old man quickly turned around and brandished his axe over his shoulder, ready to swing it if necessary.

Heart in his throat, eyes widened in fear, Adam raised both hands in the air and backed away from the menacing man, "Whoa, whoa! I mean you no harm!"

The old man assessed Adam with his lone eye, the other was covered by a black eye patch, and deeming that the newcomer was telling the truth he relaxed his grip on the axe and set it down. "What do ya thin' yer doin' sneakin' up on an old man like tha'?"

Adam breathed a sigh of relief and lowered his hands to rest at his sides, "I apologize for startling you, but I'm looking for a woman who's called 'The Best Witch of this Country'. Do you know who she is?"

"Aye, I do. Her name's Eve Zvezda. What do ya need her fer?" The old man's eye narrowed in suspicion.

Adam placed on his most charming smile, "I come from the capital and my company is short handed at the moment so we're looking for people with magical power, specifically witches." The explanation came easily to him since it was only half true.

The old man grunted, "Hmph. Tha' Eve 'as always wanted ta leave Nemu an' visit the capital. You'll find 'er upstream by the bank. Can't miss 'er since she 'as green hair an' all." He dismissed Adam by picking up his axe again and resumed his chopping.

Adam followed the old man's direction and soon enough he found a young woman with flowing green hair sitting on the bank. She was wearing a light cotton mint green sundress that went down to her knees and a simple pair of brown flats. He had to admit that this female was quite pretty to look at. She had glossy teal hair, smooth pale skin, large emerald eyes, a pert nose, and plump pink lips. This time Adam made sure to make a lot of noise so as to not scare her like he did with the old man.

Eve heard the snapping of dried twigs and the rustling of grass and turned her head to see a handsome young blue haired man maybe in his mid to late twenties coming towards her. She got to her feet and brushed off bits of grass and dirt from the back of her dress. The man was now in front of her with a smile on his face and stuck out his hand for her to shake.

"Hello," he greeted, "you must be Eve Zvezda. I'm Adam Moonlit, it's a pleasure to meet you."

Eve hesitantly placed her hand in his and shook it. "Yes, it's nice to meet you too, Mr. Moonlit. May I ask how you know me?"

"Adam's just fine." He released her hand and got right down to business. "Rumors of the best witch in the country have reached the capital and I've been sent here to look for you."

Eve's eyes widened in shock, "It's true that I'm named as the best witch and to be known in the capital is quite surprising, but why are you looking for me?"

At this Adam turned up his charm and his smile became even more dazzling, flashing his pearly whites at her, "I have a proposition for you, Eve. My company is in need of a very talented witch for a project we're currently working on and I believe her to be you. If you agree to come with me, I promise that you will be rewarded quite handsomely."

Eve looked at Adam with doubt. "What kind of project?"

"I'm not at liberty to give you the full details, but do know that it's very important and if it succeeds then there will be many positive changes probably on a national scale and it will all be thanks to you."

All of this sounded very strange to her and she was having a hard time believing the words coming out of his mouth. However, she did believe that he was from the capital because he was dressed quite differently from the rest of the villagers. He wore a navy dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top button was unbuttoned to display a good portion of his neck and prominent collar bone, a pair of crisp black dress pants, and polished black shoes. Her eyes strayed to his bare collar bone and she couldn't deny that he was very attractive and a little flattered that such a handsome man came all the way to the country side to see her, but she still had her reservations about him. There was just something about Adam that put her on edge; almost like he was with holding something important from her.

Eve stared back into his eyes and replied to his proposal, "It's always been my dream to see the capital," Adam's smile grew even bigger, "But I can't go with you. I'm sorry to have wasted your time for coming out here."

His smile vanished at her refusal as his eyes narrowed at the petite woman in front of him. He was shocked that she had rejected him so easily. Perhaps she hadn't heard the part about making her rich? He tried again to persuade her, this time adding an even better offer, "Please Eve, my company is in desperate need of you. We're willing to pay you," Adam took out a note pad and pen from his shirt pocket and scribbled something on it, "this much." He handed her the slip of paper. Eve's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when she saw the obscenely large amount of money he was willing to offer. She looked back up at Adam wordlessly, her mouth dropping open slightly.

He nodded back at her and continued, "And that's just before you even begin the job. The number could easily double, even triple after the project has been completed."

Eve stared at this man in complete disbelief. He was out of his mind to offer such an outrageous number and that was just for starters! Speech failed her. Her mouth opened and closed multiple times before she was able to move her suddenly heavy tongue to make the proper syllables.

"This-this is quite generous of your company, Adam," The hand that held the piece of paper trembled as she extended it back out to him. Adam calmly took the little slip back. A victorious smirk was curling at the edges of his mouth. He was positive that he had her hooked now, however, her next words dashed those thoughts, "But once again I'm sorry. I really can't accept this."

Instead of a victory smirk it was soon replaced with a displeased frown. Just what was so wrong with his offer? He was attempting to make her rich beyond her wildest dreams and she was still turning him down? He had to know why.

"And may I ask why? If it's been your dream to visit the capital then why do you persist on refusing?"

Eve swallowed thickly. She couldn't outright say that she didn't trust him so she settled with a different, albeit weaker excuse instead, "The village needs me. Since I'm the best witch the villagers rely on my magic to heal the sick and injured and help them with their daily duties. I can't abandon them when they rely on me so much."

"And maybe that's why you should accept my offer. If the villagers depend on you as much as you say they do then don't you think they're becoming too dependent upon your magic? Perhaps it's time to separate yourself from them to give them a chance to survive on their own." Adam countered easily.

She was feeling cornered by his swift rebuttal. Yes, she wanted to visit the capital quite badly. Having been born and raised in Nemu, Eve had never left the village before and she was envious of the few villagers who had managed to save up enough money to make the trip to the capital themselves. This was the perfect opportunity to see the capital herself and was tempted, very much so, to take it. She didn't care about the monetary compensation just going there would be a reward in and of itself, but once again there was the issue of Adam. She didn't trust him, plain and simple as that.

"I'm really very sorry, but it's just as I said before, I can't leave the villagers. Now please, I'd like to be left alone." Eve beat a hasty retreat, leaving Adam to stand at the bank all by his lonesome. He crumpled the piece of paper with his fist and tossed it down onto the grassy ground. He stared off into the flowing water as his thoughts mulled about. Eve was proving to be a more difficult candidate than all the others. If she hadn't been swayed by money then what else could he use? This was going to be harder than he initially thought, but he wasn't too worried. After all he did have three days and he was certain that he'd be able to persuade her by the end of it.

Adam was completely and absolutely frustrated. It was already the third day and he was no where near close to getting Eve to come with him. He had tried everything he could think of from bribing her with an even larger amount of money, offering her the finest jewels and clothing, and even going so far as to supply her a brand new, fully furnished home in the capital and a shiny new car; all paid for and under her name as soon as she said 'yes', but no. Eve was as stubborn as they came and nothing had worked on her.

After she had rejected him twice during their first meeting, Adam had given her time to think over his proposal and approached her again the next day. She had refused him again and Adam began just shy of stalking the teal haired woman. During his remaining time in Nemu, Adam had religiously observed the young witch. He witnessed her perform small doses of magic such as healing minor wounds, levitating heavy sacks of flour, repairing broken equipment and sometimes even all at once! He was convinced that she was the perfect candidate for Project MA.

On the third and final day, Adam confronted Eve once more. He had half a mind to drop to his knees and beg her to go with him, but his pride wouldn't allow that. Adam stood besides the back passenger door as he watched Eve come closer to him. He had asked her to meet him at his car as a last ditch effort and in the off chance that she might magically change her mind and agree to go with him, but he knew that wouldn't happen even if a very small part of him had hoped it would.

As soon as she came close enough he greeted her, "Eve. I'm surprised that you even came to see me off. I thought you wouldn't come near me ever since you told me to stop bothering you two days ago."

"I'm just as surprised as you are, Adam, but I guess I just needed to confirm for myself that you really are leaving." Her words were cold but Adam couldn't help think that she was a picture of radiance. Eve stood before him in another cotton sundress, a pale blue with pink and purple flowers dotting the skirt, her hair wasn't tied up in the traditional pigtails but left down and loose to trail along her back like an aquamarine waterfall, and she was wearing her simple brown flats again. A pretty pink blush rose to Eve's cheeks when she noticed Adam hadn't stopped staring so intensely at her and averted her eyes to look at a tree that was behind him.

He watched her blush a lovely shade of pink and saw her bashfully turn her gaze away to stare at something behind him. A thought suddenly occurred to him. Perhaps he'd been going about everything the wrong way. It was obvious that material objects didn't appeal to her like it did to the others, but she was aware that he's a man and that could work to his advantage. A predatory smirk curved onto his lips and his eyes darkened at his new plan.

Eve shuddered. She wasn't sure if she should be wary or somewhat excited at the look he gave her.

Adam gently took her small hand into his larger one and brought it to his lips. He laid a soft kiss to the back of her hand and murmured into her pale skin, "I'm not giving up just yet, Eve. I swear I will be back and I know you can't say 'no' forever." He kissed her hand one last time, released the appendage, and smoothly went into his car.

Eve swore she could still feel the lingering glide of his lips against her skin. Oddly enough she was anticipating what his return would foretell as she stood in the same spot unmoving, merely watching the black car drive away and with it carried the man who had disrupted her peaceful life for the past three days.