A/N: Thank you for all the hits and reviews! Originally it was this chapter that inspired me to write a Project MA fic. I wanted to write a story about Eve's pregnancy, but couldn't do it without a series of events on how they met. Backwards isn't it? So with this concludes Now, Then, and In Between and I have to admit that I teared up at the end (for many reasons). For this chapter I tried my hand at writing in a drabble-ish style. I hope you all enjoyed the ride and Adam's evilness! ;)

1 Month

During the first month of the pregnancy, Eve was overcome with a severe bout of morning sickness that left her bedridden most of the time. On her good days it felt like a bad case of food poisoning. On her worst days she glued herself next to the toilet, unmoving in fear that the moment she stepped away the need to empty her insides would slam into her like a carrier truck.

She was sitting up in bed, blankets tucked up to her waist and an open magazine lying unread on her lap. Adam had already left for the lab leaving Eve all by herself in their (a surge of giddiness always went through her at that thought) apartment. Eve heaved a sigh. She was so bored! She wanted to go outside and take a stroll around the local parks; however, the doctor had ordered her to bed rest until her morning sickness abated. Another deep sigh escaped. She discarded the magazine and lay down on the soft mattress, squirming until she became comfortable. There was nothing else for her to do except take a nap. Maybe when she woke up, Adam would already be home. She could only hope.

She woke up by her grumbling stomach demanding that she have a late lunch. Rubbing her eyes to clear the remaining traces of sleep from them, she gasped as she took in the sight of the bedroom. There were vases upon vases of different flowers littered on top of every available surface. Daisies, tulips, roses, lilies, orchids, bellflowers, and anything else in a variety of colors decorated the beige bedroom. And Adam was sitting next to her, hands hidden behind his back and a gentle smile directed at her. The afternoon light drifting in through the window cast a golden hue around the room made her feel like she was in a dream.

"Good afternoon, love," he kissed the tip of her pert nose in greeting. "I know you want to go visit the park but can't because of your morning sickness," he revealed his right arm holding a bowl of strawberry ice cream, "So I thought I'd bring the park to you and one usually has ice cream when admiring nature." He gestured with his right hand holding the ice cream and with his left to the flowers.

Eve's eyes swam with unshed tears as she threw herself at his chest. Screw the outdoors! Who needs it when she had someone as thoughtful as Adam?

2 Months

Finally, Eve's morning sickness lessened to some degree that she was no longer confined to bed rest! To celebrate this, Adam suggested that they take a small trip to his favorite place south of Levianta called Eldoh's forest in Elphegort. The smell of pine and rich earth brought memories of Nemu and combined with the small caresses of magic along her senses; Eve instantly fell in love with the forest. She twirled and frolicked along the grassy fields and giggled when she splashed Adam with cool water from the stream. As much as she enjoyed living in the capital she couldn't help but feel the most at home in Eldoh's forest.

As they sat in a clearing watching the setting sun with Eve sitting in between Adam's legs and her back leaning against his sturdy chest, her hands resting on her still flat tummy, she had never felt as peaceful as she did at that moment. Adam seemed to be content as well for he leaned down to nuzzle her neck and trailed soft kisses up to her ear and whispered, "When this is all over, we'll hold our wedding here in Eldoh's forest."

The little flutters within her may have been from the happiness of his proposal or it may have just been that the twins wanted to bask in their mother's joy. Either way, warmth bloomed in her chest and spread outwards as she tilted her head upwards and captured his lips in hers just as the stars appeared to witness her acceptance.

3 Months

Eve had always been a petite person and by three months a small, round baby bump made itself known on her tiny frame. Morning sickness no longer bothered her, however, her body was now wracked with mood swings and odd cravings and the only person she could safely take it out on was none other than her poor fiancé, Adam.

That was why at 2:39AM, Adam was rudely awakened by the tiny tealette literally kicking him out of their warm and comfortable bed to go on one of her crazy food cravings quest. He grumbled half heartedly under his breath as he got dressed and left their dry apartment to trek around the city in the pouring rain for salsa and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Where he was going to find a bakery that was opened at close to three in the morning he didn't know, but he was determined to get those cookies even if he had to wait outside in the cold wetness until they opened because well… Eve's mood swings can be terrifying he admitted to himself.

He returned home at quarter to five (he managed to run into a baker just as he was getting ready to make his morning goods and bribed him to bake a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies) to find Eve waiting for him in the living room. She visibly perked up as she took his wet jacket and the proffered plastic bag of her goodies. She reached into the bag for the jar of salsa only for her smile to melt away and her bottom lip trembled.

She raised her wide, glistening green eyes to his blue ones. Dread filled Adam.

"It's mild," she whimpered like it was the end of the world. "I wanted extra spicy."

Adam sighed. Without a word he shrugged on his damp jacket and placed a kiss on her forehead as he turned around to brave the rain once more, the sound of his wet shoes squeaking behind him.

He shook his head. The things he did for her.

4 Months

A sharp jolt lancing up Eve's side nearly caused her to double over in surprise. Adam was beside her in a flash. His mouth spewed out questions – "What's going on? Are you alright?" and "Is it the twins? It must be the twins!" - before his mind could tell him to shut up and assess the situation calmly.

He was bending down to lift her up bridal style when Eve's arm shot out to grab his hand and placed it on her small bump, her hand over top his to hold him there. They stood like that for a minute neither moving nor speaking. Confused and seeing that Eve was perfectly alright, Adam was about to pull his hand away when he felt it. There, right under his palm, a tiny almost imperceptible kick.

His jaw dropped open and he looked at Eve, an unasked question in his azure eyes. Her answering grin confirmed his thoughts that he really did feel what he did when another, much stronger, kick pressed against his palm. Eve laughed in delight.

Adam knelt down on his knees until he was at eye level with her belly button. Both of his hands were placed over top her baby bump roaming around her expanse of skin as the second twin decided to join in the merriment as well. Apparently their unborn children thought it would be wonderful to use their mother's womb as the perfect way to voice their newly acquired mobility, but Eve didn't mind. She was too overjoyed at the feel of their children moving for the first time.

After a while the press of kicks under their hands slowly died down. Azure eyes were still wide in amazement. He slowly brought his arms around Eve, holding her loosely and rested his cheek against the swell of her stomach while she ran her fingers through his ocean blue hair.

They didn't know how long they stayed like that for, but for just that moment it felt like time stood still.

5 Months

"This is going to feel cold." Adam warned.

No matter how many times she went through this, Eve was always a little shocked when the cold gel was squirted onto her exposed midriff. They were back in the lab where the eggs were implanted within her for her routine checkup, and today was the day that they would find out the gender of the twins. Adam told her beforehand that there was a chance that the twins could face away from the camera and they wouldn't know their genders until her next checkup.

Adam spread the gel around using an ultrasound wand as they both watched the monitor display a splotchy black and white video. Wonder filled the mother-to-be as the image of the twins filled the screen. They were laying one on top of each other in a sixty-nine position, heads and feet curling towards their chests. Suddenly the bottom twin moved to face the screen, flashing itself to its parents.

"Ah," Adam softly exclaimed, "Looks like it's a boy."

Not wanting to be outdone, the top twin followed its brother's movements and revealed itself as well.

"Another boy. We're having two boys." Adam pointed out as he pressed a button and a picture of the ultrasound printed out. He moved the wand around to make sure the twins were growing properly and then pushed a different switch on the monitor. The steady rhythm of the twins' hearts beating in tandem filled the room like an echo.

Ba-Ba-thump-thump Ba-Ba-thump-thump Ba-Ba-thump-thump

Unexpectedly Eve was overcome with shyness as she softly spoke, "Um… I-I would like to name the boys if that's alright?"

"Oh? And what have you picked out?"

"Cain, for the first born and Abel, for the second."

Adam nodded his head to show his approval. They sounded like fine names. "What were you going to name them if they were girls?" he asked curiously.

"Lilith and Mary."

"I see. Well either way they're suitable names for the twins." Adam praised. She beamed at him as they lapsed back into silence.

It wouldn't be too long now before his sons were born and he could make Eve his wife. Strange. Since when did he start thinking the Twin Gods as his own children? And referring to the candidate as "Eve" for that matter? As he watched the mother-to-be bask in the sounds of the beating hearts, one thought came to him.

Since when did his act turn out to be real?

6 Months

It was during her 26th week of pregnancy when it happened. They were out shopping for a crib and color swatches when Eve fell to her knees clutching her large belly, screaming and crying out for Adam.

"Adam! Adam! Something's wrong!" Warmth sluggishly trickled down the insides of her thighs. Lifting up the hem of her dress, they both saw the trail of dark red blood dripping down her legs.

"Oh God! Oh God!" Eve repeated like a mantra. Everything seemed like a blur after that. They arrived to the lab and quickly changed her into a medical gown. Doctors and nurses came rushing in, all speaking too fast for Eve to understand or she was just unable to understand during that moment.

A hot flash of pain flared through her abdomen causing her to cry out some more. The worst set of cramps imaginable seized her womb; it almost felt like they were throbbing in time with her frantically beating heart. Adam was at her side then; holding her hand and offering a piece of solidarity in this hellish nightmare.

"...Bleeding too much-"

"Twin Gods... Danger..."

"...Consider... Operation?"

Distorted words from various voices surrounded her as she drifted in and out of consciousness. The sharp taps against her cheek and Adam calling out to her forced Eve back to reality.

"Eve! Stay with me!" With great exertion her emerald orbs focused on Adam. "You have to listen carefully, Eve! You're in labor and we can't stop the contractions. You must deliver the twins right now."

Sobriety hit her in an instant. "What? But I can't; it's too soon!"

"There's no other choice! Your life along with the twins' is in danger!"

Before she could reply, her womb squeezed in another set of contractions.

"They're coming! It's time for you to push!" The doctor instructed.

All too soon, a mixture of Eve's grunts, groans, moans, and the doctor's continuous shouts telling her to "push" produced a cacophony of noise. She fell into darkness after she gave the final push. The loss of blood coupled with the exhaustion of delivering twins forced her into unconsciousness.

When Eve woke up and inquired about the twins, the news she received nearly made her black out again.

"I'm so sorry, Eve. The twins... They were stillborn. There was nothing we could do; absolutely nothing." Adam informed her. His voice was laced heavily in regret and devastation.

"N-NOOOO!" Eve's wails rang throughout the room and down the hall. Adam wrapped his arms around her, cradling and rocking her like a newborn; their hearts suffering the heavy loss.

Her womb had never felt so empty before.

2 Weeks Later

They fled. After Project MA was deemed a failure, Adam abandoned his position and any thoughts of revenge all for the sake of Eve. She had broken down. She refused to believe the twins were stillborn and accused a woman in red (a sinner) of murdering their children. Everyone turned a blind eye to the truth and they didn't stick around long enough to see the aftermath. He wanted them to get away from Seth, the Senate, the memories, and anything else associated with Levianta to start a fresh.

He was wracked with guilt. It was his fault. All of it. Due to his miscalculations, the twins, his sons, were already born dead and he had deeply hurt the one woman he came to love with his entire being. She readily forgave him, but he was unsure if she truly meant it or if it was Venom talking. All he could do to atone for his sins was pledge his love to her and cater to her whims until his dying breath.

So here they were, having their wedding in the woods, in their favorite place; taking their vows in Eldoh's forest, just as he promised.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Nature was the only witness to their union. Dawn broke, and the moon and stars disappeared into the southern sky marking a new beginning.

Present Time - EC 001

A terrifying bear was chasing her. These fruits were hers; she found them and she knew that if she brought them back then he would be so happy! To no one, no one, will she ever hand them over to.

She ran deeper and deeper into the dark forest. The full moon, so captivating with its hypnotic luminescence, the only source of light she had. Faster and faster she ran, but the bear was still behind her; tears streaming down its face, her face, and the fruits were crying as well.

Finally she arrived! Home sweet home. Her precious cargos, tucked carefully against her breasts were warm, so very warm. And there he was smiling gently, but after he saw the fruits she held, he made a very sad face.

"Listen, our children are already not part of this world. Please return these children to their own mother's side."

These warm, tender fruits (children) squirmed against her. Realization struck her hard and she screamed and screamed and screamed. Oh God, just what had she done?! With her own hands she committed an unforgivable crime, but still she wanted to keep these blushing fruits no matter what.

"You can still fix it if you do it now," he implored.

"It's no use! Because already…"

Outside their home laying face down was no longer a bear, but a woman's corpse. Horror dawned on both their faces as he closed his eyes and prepared to bury the body.

God, if this is the price to pay to bring her, them, happiness then he will do so. He would do anything to make it up to her.