To who once loved me:

It burns the deepest part of my soul to have gained the knowledge of you moving on. I had always believed I would have done so first. How foolish of me to leave you yet yearn for you. My thoughts gather back to the night when I first left you. Everything appears so dark. How could I?

You were the first to have made me feel that way. You accepted me for the way I was and were willing to put up with me. Do you remember your confession? I remember it clearly; you told me you loved me. I feared putting my heart on the line and believed that you would have only been a fling. However, I wasn't aware our relationship would have been much more. Our first date, I remember it clearly. I snuck out to see you with my dignity in one hand and my gift for you in the other. I prayed that you wouldn't have been fabricated, but real. I feared my chances of being stood up. However, when I saw you, the look on your face was priceless. It was filled with such joy. You grabbed me, held me. It was the first time I was ever held that way. Oh, it felt amazing. I never wanted you to let me go. Your hand on mine, I cannot describe the sensation I felt. And our first kiss, how amazing it was. Your lips placed upon mine, it generated a spark.

The years I have spent with you could never be replaced. However, I sincerely apologize for how I treated you. It wasn't infatuation, it was real. I'm sorry for all the lies I produced. I can't help but want to turn the clock back to when we were in love. I ruined it and I'm sorry. I apologize for the fact that I can't remain your friend. Seeing you with her fills me with jealousy. I think, "That girl used to be me."