Mas y Menos –

Speedy had noticed that Mas y Menos always lagged behind whenever they passed a certain toy store. After some subtle prodding, he found out that the two of them had never had Legos to play with before, and they were always wondering what Legos were really like to play with.

The next day, Mas y Menos woke up to find five whole boxes of Legos outside their door, ready for them to use and play with.

Bumblebee never did figure out who the anonymous gift giver was.

Aqualad –

"You've never been on a roller coaster?" Speedy looked at his friend in shock.

"Well, we don't really have roller coasters underwater." Aqualad admitted.

"YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO A CIRCUS?" Speedy couldn't believe his ears. "That's it."

He got up, pulling Aqualad up next to him.

"Bumblebee! We're going out!" He yelled to his leader, so she wouldn't scold him later.

He pulled Aqualad out before she could yell back, "where?"

Pulling Aqualad along with him, Speedy hurried over to the circus that had set up the previous day. It would be gone soon, and Speedy was going to make sure Aqualad had the best experience that he would ever have at a circus.

Bumblebee –

"She's nuts." Speedy whispered to Aqualad. It was eleven o'clock pm, the twins were in bed, and the two boys were trying to get Bumblebee to go to sleep. She had been up for two days straight; and those were just the days that they had been counting.

"She refuses to sleep." Aqualad whispered back. "What can we do about it? It's not like we can force her to go to sleep."

"Just watch me." Speedy walked into the kitchen. He quickly mixed some things together, and soon had a steaming cup of hot chocolate in his hand.

"Here, Bee, this is for you." He handed the cup to Bumblebee where she poured over evidence of Brother Blood.

She looked at him suspiciously before smiling tiredly. "Thanks."

"Yep." Speedy nodded once before leaving the room.

"What are you doing?" Aqualad whispered, watching him.

"Just wait." Speedy hissed.

"SP-" Bumblebee managed to shriek out before slumping in her seat.

Aqualad turned to Speedy, wide-eyed. "What did you do to her?"

"Relax, Awkwardlad. I just dissolved a sleeping pill into her hot chocolate. She's sleeping now." Speedy crossed over to where Bumblebee had passed out and picked her up.

Cradling her in his arms, he carried her up to her bedroom, where he tucked her in before turning to glare at Aqualad.

"No one knows of this." Speedy stated

"Agreed." Aqualad nodded.