Caroline sighed. She didn't want to get up, but she had to go. She had to find a change of clothes, and clean the Gilbert house, and figure out what to tell her mom about Tyler and... she had so much to do. And she just wanted to enjoy the last few hours with Klaus.

Klaus was thinking much the same thing. He hadn't heard from Rebekah since the previous day. And where was Elijah? Kol had to be buried still. He would save his remaining siblings from seeing another body. He had to figure out where to go from here. So much was on his mind, and all he wanted was to spend the day holding his love.

He heard her sigh and chuckled to himself, knowing that they both didn't want out of this bed. "Have somewhere to be, sweetheart?"

She pulled away from him and pouted. Klaus couldn't resist and leaned forward to nip at her bottom lip. She giggled at his move and gave him a sweet little kiss, then sighed again and glanced down. "Yes."

Klaus flipped them over so that he was on top of her and stroked her face while propping himself up over her. "As do I, love. But, I want to enjoy the next few hours together, then we will... part ways."

Caroline nodded then raised her head enough to catch his lips with hers. Klaus followed her lips down and kissed her into the pillows while settling over her body. He could feel himself growing hard again and his kisses turned from sweet love to passionate lust. He could tell Caroline was becoming aroused again, and then she flipped them over.

Caroline was over top of him and he loved the look of her, trying to play dominant, but he was the Alpha Male. He flipped them back over, but Caroline pushed him back onto his back. He looked up at her with a curious look on his face, confused as to what she wanted, but when her kisses started going down his body, he was no longer so curious. Oh... Oh! Ok then!

Caroline was leaving kisses across his stomach when she felt him tense up. Her eyes glanced up at him and his eyes were staring back down at her, completely wide. She gave him a smile and tried to keep kissing him but Klaus was as stiff as a board. She sighed and stopped in her moves. "What's wrong, Klaus?"

Klaus seemed to gulp as she looked up at him, and shook his head. "Nothing."

He seemed to stutter at the words, but Caroline began kissing down his stomach again. Her kisses reached just below his belly button and her fingers trailed over the base of his shaft. He still wasn't relaxing and she cupped his balls in her hand, leading to him trying to pull away from him.

Caroline sat up and glared at him. "What is wrong with you? Can't a girl just give her guy a blow job? I promise to not bite. And I'll try to be as good as ones you have had in the past."

Klaus' eyes were still wide as though he didn't know what to do. No Vampire had ever been so close to his manhood. Sure, there had been servant girls along the years that wanted to please their Lord, but he had always compelled them to do nothing to hurt him. But now, with Caroline, it was truly giving up all control. He just had to sit back and take the torture she gave him.

Caroline seemed to realize that he was being very serious and she stared at him in shock. What was wrong? He had been right at home, fucking her and making love to her, and even more so when his attention had been on her lower body. It was almost like he didn't know what to do with her giving him a blow... job...

"Have you never had a blow job before?"

"Not from a Vampire."

She wanted to laugh, but that would hurt his feelings. She gave him a little smile then pushed herself up to his face and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. "Just relax, babe. I'll take good care of you."

Klaus nodded and she went back to what she was doing. Her kisses began at his belly button, then dropped down to the inside of his legs. He was rock hard in her hand and she saw that he had his eyes shut now. Oh, how she longed to tease him, but she thought he might lose it if she did that. No, she would save that for next time.

She kissed the base of his shaft lightly, then let her tongue slip out from between her lips. She licked her lips, making certain her eyes were on Klaus, then looked down at his dick. She had already felt how large and hard it was in her, but now that she was looking at it, she was shocked. She bit her lip for a moment, not sure how to really start. How long had it been? Forever, it seemed. And he was much larger than any she had ever sucked.

She let her tongue touch the base of his shaft, just above his boys, and dragged her tongue up that bottom vein as if licking a popsickle. When her lips reached the head, she sucked him into her mouth and let her mouth drop back down, taking as much as she could in. Her head bobbed down and she grasped the rest of him with her hand that she couldn't quite reach. As her lips slid back up to the head, she dragged her tongue along that bottom vein again, then tried to suck as much as she could into her mouth once more.

Klaus was in hell. He couldn't touch her, couldn't taste her, just had to lay there and feel. He hated being out of control, but this feeling was... absurdly amazing. Never could he have imagined anything sucking on him quite like this. He would never get enough of Caroline, in all aspects, and this was driving him wild.

Caroline was still working her head and hand up and down on him and he looked down at her, finally able to open his eyes. Her eyes were back on him and he groaned, loving seeing her worshiping him like this. He had to grind out the words. "Stop, Caroline. Stop, and let me taste you."

Caroline giggled around his dick, sending the vibrations through him, then released him from her mouth. Klaus was ready to tackle her onto the bed, but suddenly Caroline's dripping core was in front of his face while his throbbing cock was back in her mouth. He grabbed her hips and buried his face into her scent, then started licking at her opening. God did she taste good.

Caroline had been trying to lavish all of her love and attention on Klaus, but now she was having a hard time just moving her head up and down when Klaus was using his tongue on her. He could do things with that tongue that no man should be able to, and when he slipped a finger inside of her, Caroline almost melted. She tried to concentrate just on him and block it out, but her vampire senses were going wild.

She sucked harder when he curled his finger inside of her and moaned around him. Her hand gripped harder around the base and she let her teeth graze over the red swollen head. She could feel Klaus having a hard time concentrating as she repeated the move, and suddenly she was on her back. Klaus was burying his face between her legs, but she pulled away from him.

She flipped her body around so that she was laying with her head hanging off the bed and her body openly on display for him. Klaus left where he was on the bed to standing beside her, and she opened her mouth right beside his dick. She... she wanted him to... "Fuck my mouth, Klaus, and enjoy being the Alpha Male..."

He spread her legs apart and dove his mouth onto her clit as she sucked him into her. This was exactly what he wanted. He shoved two fingers into her and curled them as he jerked his hips further into Caroline's mouth and bit down onto her clit when he felt her get wetter around him. Oh yes, she was enjoying this just as much as he was. He kept playing with Caroline's gspot and clit at the same time and she was going wild beneath him. He was going to blow in her mouth if they weren't both careful.

Caroline was having a hard time concentrating. She felt completely spread out for him with no secrets to hide. He was teasing and torturing her already tender core while she tried to suck on him with some sort of rhythm. He seemed to be enjoying this far more than her blow job had, and she made a mental note to on occasion just flop on the bed like this in the future. He would know exactly what she wanted.

He was sucking hard on her clit again and she gripped her hands onto his legs then grabbed his perfect ass. His fingers were increasing their speed and it was driving her wild. She sucked harder on him but he jerked his hips so that his hard flesh left her mouth. She was so close to the edge and reached for him again. Her lips wrapped around just the head and she sucked while she went closer to melting. His tongue continued to flick and she moaned around his cock, letting herself fall apart beneath him.

Her body was still shaking when she realized she was laying in the middle of the bed, and Klaus was sliding into her. Caroline couldn't keep her back from arching, placing her breasts right in front of his face, and she gasped out when his lips latched to one of her aching nipples. His fingers found the other, and then he was gliding in and out of her, hitting all the right places.

Where it had all been hot and lustful passion that was fast and hard, this was slow, deliberate, and loving, while still so full of passion. Her entire body felt on fire, like he was making love to every inch of her skin. His kisses were trailing all over her while his hands were caressing her body. She was returning the moves, sliding her hands over his shoulders, arms, and back. The soles of her feet were sliding down his back and hooking onto his butt, and his lips were back on hers again.

Caroline clung to him, savoring the kiss, and Klaus hooked his hands around the back of her knees and pulled her closer to him. They were holding onto each other while he continued moving in and out of her, slowly, and she thought she was in heaven. They were sharing sweet loving kisses, gentle caresses, and yet it was still so full of passion. There were so many sides to Niklaus Mikaelson, and all of them drove her wild. She wanted all of him, just as he was.

She melted underneath his touches and laid back on the pillow as Klaus began kissing across her chest again. His fingers felt like a brush stroke and she was reminded again how this man that so many considered a monster was also an artist. He created things. He saw beauty. Why couldn't everyone else see that? Why was she the only one that stopped thinking about all the terrible things he had done long enough to see all the good that was possible.

Klaus pulled her up into his arms and kept kissing her as he sat up on his knees. Caroline's legs wrapped around his waist and he continued moving in her, thrusting deeper now. They were clinging to each other, trying to savor each moment, and he slid a finger between them to flick her clit. She gasped out then moaned a yes, and he repeated the move. Her walls tightened around him and he waited a moment before repeating the move. Each flick of his finger made her grow tighter around him and he could feel himself reaching the edge.

"Please," she whimpered as she pulled away from his kiss, and he started rubbing her clit harder as he kissed her, sucking her screams into his mouth. She tightened up around him and dug her nails into his back and Klaus let himself go, exploding deep inside of her. Caroline was panting and shaking in his arms as he let them both fall back onto the bed. She was laying on top of him and he pushed her hair away from her face so he could kiss her forehead lightly.

His hands began running up and down her back and after a few minutes of catching their pointless breath, Caroline sat up. He was still inside of her and groaned from the sensation, but she just gave him a kiss on the lips and pulled away from him and the bed. She grabbed a sheet as she walked away and took a sip of what was left of his bloodied wine from earlier. She finished the glass, then smiled at him. He smiled back.

"I'll wait forever for you, love."

She giggled and ran back to the bed to give him another kiss. It tasted like her mixed with the wine and blood and he licked her tongue. She giggled again into the kiss and gave him a brilliant smile. "I won't make you wait forever."

Klaus opened up his drawers to her and she found a shirt that she claimed smelled like him and pulled it on. It reached below her butt but she still refused to leave his house like that, and he was glad no one would see her like that. He found drawstring sweatpants and rolled up the sleeves and legs on both after he helped her into them. She looked adorably drowned in his clothes. They went around his house, picking up what was left of her clothes, and he held them all hostage save for her shoes. She gave him another shining smile.

He asked to drive her home and Caroline tried to say no, not wanting him to come with her. If he did, she would never be able to say good bye. She compromised by asking him to walk her to the end of her street. They held hands as they walked, not caring if anyone saw them. They didn't really talk, and when she saw her house up ahead, and no car out front, Caroline sighed. Of course her mom wasn't home.

Klaus then pulled her to him and gave her a kiss on the lips. Caroline returned it, linking their fingers as they kissed, then pulled back and gave him a sad smile. "I promise to come find you one day, if you get tired of Mystic Falls. And I promise it won't be forever."

He nodded, then gave her a kiss on the forehead. "I'll be waiting for you, sweetheart."

She stood there, unable to let go, and he squeezed her hands tight. Tears were starting to form in her eyes. "Listen to me, Caroline. I want you to turn and run as fast as you can into your house. Don't look back. It will only hurt more if you look back."

She nodded and smiled up at him, then kissed him one more time. He let go of her hands and turned her towards her house. "Go."

She used her vampire speed and ran straight to her house and let herself in. She didn't turn back to look. The tears were streaming down her cheeks as she ran up to her bedroom and she forced herself away from the window. Caroline laid down on the bed and cried, wishing she didn't have to say good bye. Wishing that, for once, she could care about just herself.

Klaus closed his eyes as soon as he said go, unable to see it. When he opened them again, she was gone. He stood there, wishing he could follow her, but he knew better. She had chosen this, and he had to stand beside it. She would be back. She had promised. And she never broke her promises.

He turned around to walk back to his house and already had his cell phone out. "Get to my house, now. I have a mission for you. And grab that girl you are always with. Now."

He kept walking and put the phone back in his pocket, knowing that it wouldn't last forever. They both had things to do, and when they were ready, he would never let her go again.

Caroline finally pushed herself out of bed and wiped the redness off her face. She pulled off the clothes he had given her and changed into her jeans and a cute top and sweater. The clothes that Klaus had given her were neatly folded and put into a box. She slid them into the back of her closet, right beside her blue ball gown.

Her phone went off, and she checked it, seeing a text message from Stefan. They were almost home to Mystic Falls. She drove herself over there and let herself in, and went to cleaning the room up. First, that lamp. Then a good sweep for all the wood that had been splintered in the fight with Kol. And last...

Klaus was at his house, staring into his brother's coffin, holding a shovel. Two Vampires walked in and he flashed over to them and grabbed both of them by their necks. They were both afraid but said nothing, and he let his compulsion wash over them. "You will both follow Caroline Forbes. You will allow no harm to come to her or her mother. You will protect her from any danger. You will not speak to her unless you are trying to get her from danger or bringing a message from me. You will update me on anything that causes her distress OR happiness. And you will care for nothing else but to protect Caroline Forbes."

The compulsion washed over them and they went to leave his house but he stopped them. "Wait. If she ever tells her friends about me, or says she is leaving, you stop everything you are doing and go to her, tell her I sent you, and then you contact me. Put her on the first flight to me. Give her everything she wants. Just get her to me as fast as possible."

They left and went to go find Caroline. Klaus carried his brother's coffin to a cave that most didn't know of in Mystic Falls and started digging. Soon enough he had buried his brother beside Henrik. It was only fitting. Finn was buried a little deeper in. The cave that had protected them from werewolves a thousand years before... And now they could have their final rest.

Klaus went back to his house and took a shower, getting all the dirt off of himself. He went back into his art room, wearing only pants, and stared at the painting he had been working on. It was dark and deep, and not right. It wasn't what he wanted to work on. He grabbed a sketch pad and sat down on the sofa, then started to sketch Caroline, his Vampire Angel.

Caroline was scrubbing at the burned spot of Kol in the Gilbert kitchen. She had cleaned the rest of the house and was now on her hands and knees. She could still feel the warmth coursing through her body from their earlier escapades. Soon, she promised herself. Soon, she would be with him. They just had to deal with the cure, and then she could go to him.

The door opened and she looked up. Good, they were home. And soon, she could go where she was really needed.

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