Sabo woke up to the sounds of the children that made up the straw hat crew. They were already up and about. Sabo looked out of the room, Usopp was helping Nami with large baskets of oranges, bringing them to Sanji who was making juice and snacks. He searched a bit more and saw Luffy and Zoro, the girl was watching her first mate train, doing her best to imitate his movements. He listened a bit.

"Luffy, if you're trying to copy me, your form is off." Zoro said with closed eyes. Luffy puffed out her cheeks. She shifted her body to match his. Zoro sighed, walking to her and moving her arms and body to straighten like he was. Then he went back to training, glancing over every now and then to watch Luffy's eyes locked on him, trying to move at the same time and pace.

"Zoro! This is boring!" Luffy groaned, giving up.

"Luffy-chwan!" Sanji floated over with a tray. Luffy grabbed a plate and a cup of juice, taking a sip.

"So good! Thank you Sanji!" Luffy smiled. Sanji knelt before her before spinning off.
"Nami-swan!" He was saying. Sabo watch Usopp nearly fall as Sanji jetted past, pampering Nami with treats and juice.

Sabo turned his gaze back to Luffy.

"Zoro! Give it!" She yelled, Zoro had taken her drink and downed almost half. Luffy jumped at him, Zoro smirked and moved, placing the cup on her hat. Luffy grabbed it and drank the rest, unsatisfied. "No fair!" She poked Zoro's side roughly. Zoro winced and poked her side as well, Luffy jumped and laughed some. Then immediately covered her mouth when she saw Zoro's grin. Zoro poked her side again. Luffy laughed a little. Zoro poked her continuously, making Luffy jump and laugh. She was pinned to the ground, Zoro tickling her sides.

"So easily defeated captain." Zoro smirked when Luffy tried to kick him away.

"Zoro! Stop it! Stop! Zoro really!" She laughed and squirmed, trying to break free "Usopp! Help me!" She yelled between laughs. Sabo's fist tightened, remembering.

Ace had Luffy pinned.

"Ticklish huh?" The boy laughed, running his fingers up and down Luffy's sides. The small girl was squirming and laughing.

"Ace onii-chan! Stop it! Stop! Ace onii-chan really!" She was laughed and squirmed, trying to get away "Sabo onii-chan! Help me!"

Sanji was there now, pulling at Zoro.

"That's no way to treat a lady! Moss-headed pervert!" Sanji said. Zoro stood, glaring at Sanji hard.

"What was that!?" he yelled, Sanji then helped up Luffy.

"Are you ok? Luffy-chan?" He smiled at her. Luffy was still giggling, she nodded. Zoro had his arms crossed, glaring at Sanji. "Quit glaring at me!" Sanji turned and yelled. Zoro stuck out his tongue. The two began to fight. Usopp tackled Luffy to the ground, tickling her.

"No! No! Usopp! Bastard!" She laughed. Nami was on the upper deck, yelling at everyone to knock it off.

"We're a day away from the grand line and you're all acting like idiots!" She shouted. Sanji stopped.

"Yes, Nami-swan!" He sung, leaving an angry Zoro behind as he made his way back to the kitchen.

"Usopp! I still need help!" Nami demanded. Usopp released Luffy and scurried up to grab another basket. Zoro looked at Luffy, Luffy looked at Zoro, the two burst out laughing before Zoro had walked off and settled at the head of a ship for a nap. Luffy skipped over and sat on the ships head above Zoro, watching the sea. Sabo leaned on the rail. The ship was at peace again.

Sabo went to change, going into his bag and rummaging around. His finger brushed against a picture, one of Luffy in a fluffy red dress, him and Ace in matching black tuxedos and Garp standing behind them in his usual attire. He smiled, the his eyes widened.

"Luffy... maybe, if she see's something from her past..." he jumped up, running onto the deck where Luffy was sleeping next to Zoro now.

"Luffy! Luffy!" He called. Luffy stirred in her sleep, inching closer to Zoro who lazed his arm over her with a look of contentment on his face. Sabo must have let his temper get the best of him, he grabbed Luffy's arm and pulled her up and away from Zoro. Luffy opened her eyes in surprise.

"Sabo?" She yawned.

An angry look crossed Zoro's sleeping face as he yawned and woke up, patting the ground beside him where Luffy was. He looked up at Sabo, who was glaring back at him and holding Luffy protectively close to him. Zoro reached for his swords, gaze narrowing. Sabo noticed the ship seemed to have a hostel feel to it. Sanji was leaning against the kitchen door, bangs covering his eyes. Nami had a hand on the pieces of her staff, Usopp was in the crows nest, sling shot aimed at Sabo. Luffy looked up at Sabo with brown eyes.

"Sabo?" She said again. Sabo relaxed, still keeping his hold on Luffy. He sighed, letting her go and holding up the picture. Luffy studied it. She smiled. "Grandpa!" She grinned. Sabo smiled at this.

"You remember?" He asked. Luffy nodded.

"Yep! That's me, and that's Grandpa." She pointed to the two people. Sabo's smiled fell, the picture wasn't enough. The ship still had the hostel air, but it lessened a bit at Luffy's calmness.

"You don't remember the two boys?" Sabo asked. Luffy tilted her head.

"No. Why? Who are they?" she asked.

"The blonde one's me. The black haired one is Ace, your eldest brother." Sabo explained. Luffy nodded and smiled.

"At least I know you're not lying about being my brother." She said, slipping the picture from Sabo's hand. "Can I have it?" She asked. Sabo smiled.

"Of course." he hugged her. Luffy inhaled a bit and moved closer to Sabo, settling in his warm arms.

The crew went back to what they were doing. Zoro sat cross-legged, waiting for Luffy to come back so he could nap in peace. But she stayed close to him for a little while, something in her subconscious telling her that being near Sabo was a good thing. Zoro yawned.

"Luffy." He waved her over. Luffy looked over at Zoro as he yawned again, causing her to yawn as well.

"Oh yeah... nap." She stood shakily, slipping away from Sabo. She scrambled over to Zoro and settled next to him. Zoro pulled her into his lap and narrowed his eyes at Sabo as he wrapped Luffy in his arms. Sabo looked Zoro over and narrowed his eyes as well. Zoro didn't know what had come over him. He had been feeling strange every since Sabo had come onto the ship. He felt like he was acting childish, he was 16 for god sakes! But that didn't stop Zoro from burying his face in Luffy's hair and falling asleep, holding her firmly in his lap.

Sabo stood and walked to the orange garden to see if Usopp needed help with the baskets. He was trying to get his mind of Zoro. He passed Nami.

"Uh, do you need help?" he asked. Nami looked back.

"Oh, yeah." She muttered, sliding a basket over gently. "I think Luffy is warming up to you." She said as Sabo picked up the basket, then she looked over her shoulder. "But that doesn't mean we all trust you."

"Zoro defiantly doesn't." Sabo muttered angrily.

"Zoro?" Nami turned fully, she peered over to see Zoro and Luffy and giggled, scrambling to the rail and looking between the bars. The fifteen year old watch Luffy try to stretch, the annoyed look that crossed Zoro's face, then the two settling again. She looked back to Sabo, who was watching with growing anger. "I get it." She stood, grabbing a basket and walking along side Sabo.

Sabo looked over.

"Get what?" Sabo asked.

"Zoro been feeling threatened." Nami explained.

"Threatened?" Sabo inquired. Nami nodded.

"Well, Zoro usually has Luffy's undivided attention. He's been getting really protective since Sanji joined the crew you know." She giggled. Sabo glanced at Zoro, the green haired boy lazily opened his eyes and glared at Usopp who was attempting to wake Luffy. Usopp hesitated, then smiled nervously and turned, walking away. "See? He's probably deprived of spending time with Luffy." She chuckled to herself. "And now, you've come along. So he has to share Luffy's attention. And, well, you might as well be asking him to share his sake." she laughed, as they set the baskets near the kitchen, grabbing an empty one Sanji had put out. She looked at Sabo. "If you want to spend time with Luffy, you'll have to go an extra mile." She poked the boys head before walking away.

"If Ace was here..." Sabo muttered. "Zoro would be charred an extra mile behind us." he stomped away. Ready to go that extra mile for his little sister's attention.