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Chapter Two

Kagome couldn't believe she was going to be late again.

The rest of her week had gone by semi-smoothly. Her regular classes were going well enough considering she was still grossly behind her classmates. It was her exorcism classes that were a little weird. They had, had a series of substitutes after her first day at cram school. Then that dammed demon, Mephisto, had appeared suddenly last night in class. And she was stuck going to Kyoto for a mission with a bunch of strangers.

She had been hoping to be excluded, first week and all. But nope, they all had to be there. And they all had to get to the station on their own.

Racing through the crowd, Kagome barely made it onto the train before it took off. Sighing in relief, she quickly paled when she saw that she had interrupted the mission briefing. Grinning sheepishly, she muttered a quick apology and hastily made her way towards the rest of her classmates in the back, who all seemed rather down themselves.

They were an interesting bunch to say the least. She wasn't particularly close to any of them. The blond Tamer came off as mostly timid and miserable, while the purpled haired girl just seemed like she had an attitude problem. Actually she reminded Kagome of a more hostile version of Sango.

The three monks mainly stuck to themselves (when the rooster head wasn't trying to start a fight with her for not being "serious enough" that is). But from what she could tell, the pink haired boy was the friendliest out of the three, if a bit of a pervert. The shorter one mainly followed the big one, who she assumed to be their de facto leader. And the second year was more of a loner, like her.

Seemingly oblivious to the tension, Kagome quickly spotted an empty seat next to some half-demon she had not yet met. He looked a lot like Okumura-sensei. And she would have thought they were brothers if it weren't for the fact that the boy in front of her had a strong demonic presence and Okumura had none.

Smiling brightly, she took the seat and introduced herself, "Hello, haven't met you yet. I'm the new student, Kagome."

He seemed stunned for a moment, but quickly perked up. "Hey, I'm Okumura Rin."

Huh, how about that? They were related after all, odd.

Instead of commenting though, she nodded her head. She ignored the thickening tension in the cabin and the half-demon's odd family life to watch the scenery flash by as the train started to move. She hadn't been to Kyoto in years, not since her father had still been alive. Back then he and her grandfather were always taking her along with them to various temple visits, and Kyoto had been a frequent stop.

She was rudely snapped back to the present by loud yelling.

"Who did you say was a coward, huh?" Kagome looked up to see the monk's ringleader towering over Rin and the surly girl.

"Hmm. Then what do you call yourselves then," Izumi condescendingly replied.

"You bitch," Bon yelled angrily in response.

Before Kagome knew it they were all being punished for their outburst. She vaguely wondered what had started it all.

"All of you get the baryon punishment," One of the older exorcist's announced, a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

Groaning, Kagome sat at the end, behind the second year with the puppet. She eyed the oddly shaped weight in her arms wearily. There was something suspicious about them.

"Wow, we haven't progressed at all," Renzo nervously chuckled, his feeble attempt at dispelling the heavy atmosphere.

"What's the deal with you guys anyway," Kagome moodily asked, irritated that she was being punished alongside the others.

Bon shot her a nasty glare.

"More importantly, why did sensei leave Okumura-kun like that? If anything happens…It'd be dangerous," Konekomaru suddenly exclaimed in fear, ignoring her comments.

"Konekomaru," Rin muttered, the hurt clearly etched on his face.

Kagome's eyes narrowed as a sudden spike in demonic energy filled the room.

Konekomaru's weight shot up and landed on the back of Shiemi. Kagome sat back with the second year and watched as everyone attempted to pry off the weight. She ignored the pang in her heart when she saw Renzo's staff.

When the monks failed, Kagome was about to get involved when Rin stepped up. She soon learned why everyone was so weary of him. Blue flames flared up around the half-demon, surrounding him completely. A chill tinkled down her spine but Kagome ignored it. The blue flames were not harming anyone, simply increasing Rin's strength.

She caught Bon about to stop him and swiftly intervened. She grabbed the stubborn monk before he could throw off Rin's concentration and he caused any real damage.

The flames made quick work of the baryons.

Bon wrestled out of her grasp and ignored her in favor of confronting the half-demon. "Those blue flames can kill people!"

Normally, the old Kagome would've stuck up for Rin, but she had no clue of what was going on between them. She was the newcomer there, the outsider. So she chose, for possibly the first time in her life, not to get involved.

While the rest of the class watched the impending fight, Kagome suddenly felt another flare up of energy headed straight for Bon. Acting fast, she pushed the monk out of the way as she grabbed a sutra from her pocket. With a flick of her wrist she flung it at the weight, destroying it instantly.

"Jeez. When the real deal comes along, you guys plan to hamper each other like that, too? You'll die," Shura scolded them appearing out of nowhere, her sharp gaze lingering on Kagome.

She ignored the older exorcist and followed her classmates back to her seat.

Kyoto was exactly as she remembered it, dull.

"What did you say about our home," Bon demanded, making a swipe for the collar of her shirt.

She easily dodged and chose to stand closer to Rin. Everyone was still avoiding him. So as they boarded the bus, she took the available seat next to him. He shot her a funny look, as if he had expected her to start avoiding him.

"I don't care you know," she quietly spoke and she didn't. After surviving for so long in the Feudal Era, she prided herself on being a good judge of character. And Rin definitely was a good guy, son of Satan or not.

Some of the tension in his shoulders melded away. He gave her a smile that seemed to light up his face. "So, you're the new kid? I heard my brother mention you earlier this week."

"Yep," she easily replied. "Just switched schools."

"Have you always been able to see demons," he curiously asked.

She found it easy to talk to him, easier than it had been in a long time to talk to anybody. "Yeah, it's a family trait. But my dad taught me to ignore it when I was a kid, didn't want me to be too scared."