Sara Sidle always had a big heart. As long as you didn't get on her bad side she would do anything for you, and everyone at the crime lab knew it. It was only natural that she returned the empathy that her colleagues had given her when they discovered Grissom had asked for a divorce. Nick had recently become engaged, and she had taken him to dinner in celebration. She had done the same for Greg after his most recent book was published.

Sara smiled, which she had been doing more often as time went on, and took a seat in front of D.B.'s desk. He had asked her to meet with him in order to get her yearly proficiency report out of the way, promising to make it as painless as possible. "Thank you, Sara for making the time." He said as he pulled the proper forms and set them on the desk in front of him. "First, I'd like to let you know that the incident a few months ago is going to be kept as vague as possible. I'm sure that everyone would understand considering the outcome."

"Thanks, it's much appreciated." Sara replied, the smile from her face fading slightly as her abdomen began to cramp. In her way, she played it off as naturally as she could but it didn't go unnoticed.

"Are you alright?" D.B. asked.

She nodded, her way of urging him to continue. "Probably just hunger pains. Haven't really had the chance to eat today."

"Right, I hear you. We'll hurry this up. Over the past twelve months your performance has remained consistent, other than a few minor and isolated incidents you've show superior work and the results show."

As she listened to his words and nodded in understanding, the pain didn't cease. If anything it had gotten worse and Sara knew that something was wrong. She closed her eyes briefly and when she reopened them the room blurred. She faintly heard D.B. say her name, asking if she was alright, but she fought to get out any words.

"Something's…wrong…" she mumbled before collapsing to the floor.

"Sara?" D.B. was immediately by her side, checking for a pulse. Nick had seen what had happened from the hall and rushed to the office. "Nick, call 911. Her pulse is weak and her breathing is shallow."

"What the hell happened?"

"I don't know, but we need to get her to the E.R. right now."

It only took twenty minutes before Sara was admitted to Dessert Palm. The doctors and nurses were quick in their work of running tests and drawing blood, rushing to find something that would explain the sudden decline in Sara Sidle's health.

Nearly two hours passed before a doctor came to speak with Nick and Greg, the two who had dropped everything in order to be by Sara's side. "Are you the next of kin?" He asked.

"We're all she has at the moment." Nick said.

"Good enough for now. I'm Doctor Reiss, I'll be Sara's primary care giver while she here. Do you think you can answer a few questions for me? They're rather personal regarding Ms. Sidle."

Greg nodded "We can try."

"Alright, first one is rather important and it would be fantastic if you knew a date. How far along is she exactly?"

"Far along…what do you mean?" Nick asked.

"Pregnant. I've estimated twenty-five weeks but I can't be entirely sure." The look on both the men's faces caught the physician's attention and he was careful choosing his next words. "You didn't know, did you? I take it neither of you are the father."

They both shook their heads, and Nick cleared his throat. "No, we aren't. But I have a feeling I know who is."