"So, I suppose we have a lot to talk about." Grissom said as he took the seat next to Sara once again.

"If you say so." She responded, forcing herself to make eye contact with him. Nick and Greg had gone to get something to eat, leaving her completely alone with her estranged husband.

"Sara, you should have called me. You know I would have flown back, this isn't something to take lightly."

She laughed, hoarse as it sounded. "You can't be serious, can you? I've been trying to get you to come home for months. I missed you and what did you say to me? Not even over a phone, but an email, you tell me that I should move on. You were 'setting me free'. Of course I'm not going to believe you now, and just so you know I don't need your help with any of this. I've made it this far by myself and I'm sure as hell not asking for anyone's help now. Especially not yours."

Grissom ran a hand through his hair and tried to hide the pain clearly etched on his face. He was in pain, and he knew it would take a lot more than a few words to repair what he had done. Sara was the only woman he had ever loved, and still did. He tried to make it work, but his research got the best of him.

"I can explain this." He mumbled. "Sara, I was tired of hurting you, and like it's been with us for years I had put my work before you and your happiness. I wanted to set you free because I didn't want you to always be waiting for me to come home when I knew, as I'm sure you did as well, that it would be a long while before I could get back to you. When you were with me, researching, it was easy and we were never apart. But when you accepted the offer to come back to Vegas, to the lab, it felt as if you were choosing work over me. It's now that I realize that's exactly what I'm doing to you."

"Wow, all that just to tell me something I already knew."

"Dammit Sara, I'm trying to work this out. This is one situation I've never had to deal with before. I do still love you, all I've wanted was the best for both of us."

She was silent. Had he just said he still loved her? Then why would he do this to her, make her feel so guilty when she had been happy all along?

"Gil…I…" She took a breath. "I gave you everything I had, I gave you my life, and now that you're back…all because you were told I was pregnant…it's just difficult to believe you're here for the right reason."

Carefully he took her hand, and to his surprise she didn't pull away. "Please, tell me what to do. I'm no good at any of this. I thought retirement would bring me peace, but clearly we've had a problem communicating. This…situation changes everything. I've realized what I've given up and I'll do anything to get it back."

Sara shook her head, trying to hide her tears. He was still wearing his ring, and she had long taken hers off. She knew, somewhere in her heart, that he had not completely given up. They technically were still married. She pulled her hand from his and regained her composure.

"I could never ask you to give up what you love in order to make me happy. I know your research is everything to you."

"I'll find something closer; the university is always looking for people like me to assist them. Sara, I've been blind. We can be a family; I have more than just you to worry about." He looked down at his hands. "I heard what you've been through."

"How? When?"

"Jim had sent an email, and I didn't have the opportunity to get to it until a few weeks ago. I've been trying to contact you, to see if you were alright, but you wouldn't answer. I assumed you were angry with me."

"I was, still am." She placed a finger under his chin and forced him to look at her. "But if you're serious about staying, I can work on forgiving you. I can't promise anytime soon, and you'll have to work for my trust again, but I will try as long as you do."

Hesitantly, and with the first genuine smile she'd had in months, Sara kissed her husband.

Hours later, Grissom was attempting to sleep in the same chair he had been in since his talk with Sara. Nearly asleep, his phone began to vibrate and careful not to wake his wife, he went into the hall to answer.

"Gil, I'm about five minutes from Desert Palm, are you with Sara?" A familiar voice asked.

"Yes, but I'll meet you in the lobby."

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