Catherine stepped out of the taxi within sight of the hospital doors. She was dressed casual, and her hair was longer than Gil remembered. He'd be lying if he didn't think she looked good, much more relaxed than when she worked for the lab. The FBI had been a good fit for her.

"Hello Gil." She said with a smile, pulling him into a hug as she entered the hospital.

"Catherine, you look well."

"Thank-you. It's nice having some time to yourself every once in a while. How's Sara?"

The smile Grissom had managed for her fell. "They're still running tests. I don't know what to do Cath."

"Well lover boy, let's go see her then we'll go for a walk. Sound good?"

He nodded and he led her to Sara's room.

Catherine knocked on the doorframe, getting Sara's attention. A smile formed on the younger woman's lips. "Catherine! What are you doing here?"

"I was in the area, heard you weren't feeling so hot. How are you doing now?"

"I feel better but the doctor says I can't go home just yet." She paused, looking from Catherine to Grissom. "He told you didn't he?"

Catherine laughed. "Nothing gets past you. Still one of the best investigator's in Vegas, huh?"

"I guess so. It's good to see you."

"It's great to see you sweetie. Rest up, I'll be back later. Gil and I are going for a walk."

"Make him eat something while you're out." Sara said as they left the room.

They walked down the street, past the brightly lit store fronts and small casino's that only the locals went to. These were streets all the CSI's knew well, not from crime scenes, but from taking walks like these from the small diner a few blocks away.

"What's going on Gil? Why did you want me here?"

"Because you're one of few people I can trust. I take your advice to heart."

"We have known each other a long time. Then again, you've known Sara a long time as well."

"I've made a stupid mistake Cath. I told her to forget about me, that with the way I traveled it wasn't going to work the way she wanted it to."

"You didn't…"

He stopped and turned to face her. Holding up his hand he continued. "I apologized. We discussed it."

"Then why are you unsure as to what needs to be done?"

"Because I don't want to give up my work, but I know I need to be with her…and the child"

He was torn, Catherine could see it in his face and hear it in his voice. She knew how much his retirement from the lab meant to him, yet again she knew if anything happened that made Sara unhappy it would kill him. She thought for a long few moments before offering her usually fool proof Catherine Willows advice.

"Find a job with the University, or look somewhere in the surrounding states for a job in the entomology or anthropology department but before doing any of that talk to Sara, see what she wants. I know you Gil, and I know you'd do anything to keep her happy. You're stubborn brain thought in the most logical way… if you disappeared from her life she could be free and not live with the loneliness due to your dream chasing.

In all reality, she just wants you. We've all known that for years, it just took you far too long to figure it out for yourself. Don't take this out on either of you Gil, talk to her and set this all straight. You can still chase your dreams, just do it in a way that's respectful to her."

For once Grissom did something very uncharacteristic, he pulled Catherine into an embrace and hugged his dear friend tight. "Thank you so much Cath. I knew I could count on you."

She smiled and returned his affection. "Anytime either of you need me, I'll be here."

They walked back to the hospital, Catherine buying Grissom a hot dog from one of the food carts on the way back. As they reached Sara's floor, her doctor was exiting her room.

"Mr. Grissom, I'm glad I caught you."

"Is Sara okay?" He asked, concern more than evident.

"She's fine, they both are. In fact the rest of her results are in and I'm pleased to say we're releasing her in the morning."

Grissom sighed, relieved. "That's great."

"Now I've advised her and I'm going to tell you the same, considering her age and what's already taken place I've placed her on bed rest until her next appointment, which will occur every two weeks and from that point on I'll determine whether or not she's be able to return to work. If I do, she's on light duty until that little one is born."

"Understood. I'll be sure she's taken care of."

The doctor smiled, excusing himself.

"See Gil? Everything will be fine."

He forced a smile. "Yes, it will. Now if you'll excuse me Catherine, I need to see my wife."

"Give me her house keys. I'll check on Hank and make sure to bring her some clothes for the morning."

After retrieving the keys from Sara, and being told she was more than welcome to make herself at home for the night, Catherine said her goodbyes and was off.

"How are you feeling?" Grissom asked.

"I'm fine. Much better now that I can go home."

She was still wary of his presence and he knew. He stood not far from her bed, staring at the floor like an awkward teenager on his first date. Sara smiled and shook her head.

"Come here." She shifted to surrender as much of her hospital bed as she could then motioned for him to join her. "It's not our bed, but it's the best I can do until tomorrow." She took notice of his uneasiness. "It's been to long Gil."

After consideration he slowly took off his shoes before crawling next to her, shifting until he was as comfortable as he could get. Sara rest her head on his chest and sighed.

Carefully he placed a hand on her abdomen, not long after she put her hand over his and soon they were asleep.