For the Greater Good

"Stop toying with the prey Naruto they bore me, let us seal the Jubi and complete the Infinite Tsukuyomi." Said Madara

"Whatever you say Grandfather, honestly they are starting to bore me as well, who would have thought that the Five Kage of the most powerful hidden villages would fall so easily along with their entire shinobi forces combined." Responded Naruto.

"I agree, Hashirama would be disappointed to see how we extinguished their Will of Fire so easily, his descendant that Senju with the big breasts pales in comparison to what we could do back then, even his weakling brother made me have to pay attention to what was going on. And that brat Onoki still has not learned how to dance well enough with me." Madara sighed.

Overlooking a massive battlefield stood two figures atop a colossal beast with one large eye and tentacles for arms. Both in crimson armor, similar to a samurai's, worn over a black suit and pants with shinobi sandals. The armor constructed from metal plates formed to protect their bodies around the chest, waist, shoulder, thighs, and back, they wore fingerless black gloves. Both had Gunbais on their backs and a Nodachi type sword strapped to their hips with red and black hilts.

The most intriguing thing about them were their eyes, their eyes contained a ripple like pattern centered around a dot, around that dot were three tomoes symbolizing their power over both the abilities of the Sharingan and the Rinnegan.

Beneath them were a slew of bodies, with cuts and holes and burns and broken body parts, most dead. Within that graveyard staggered the Five Kages that stood against Naruto Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, the Akatsuki, and the many that they had revived to fight for them using the Edo Tensei.

The Raikage Mighty A, young Kazekage Gaara, Hokage Princess Tsunade, the Mizukage Mei, and the Tsuchikage Onoki. All banded together to fight against Madara's plan to take over the world by releasing the ten tails and using their infinite Genjustu.

"We won't let you do this Madara! We will save this world from your darkness, your curse of hatred. We are the Kage of our villages, it is our duty to defend our people, we will not allow you to do this!" Screamed a heavily wounded Tsunade, the diamond shaped mark on her forehead gone, her ability to stay standing quickly fading along with her hopes of protecting what her ancestors had fought so hard to build, and her loved ones Nawaki and Dan wanted so much to protect. Only the hope that reinforcements from the other divisions would arrive soon to help them kept the five battered Kages standing upright.

"It is over Tsunade, you were always going to lose, you are too weak, now be gone the lot of you." Says Naruto and without moving blasts away the last hope that the world had to survive with a Shinra Tensei.

"Finally we can begin, Naruto this role belongs to you, you must be it's jinchūriki since you have both the blood of the Uchiha and the Senju running in your veins-" Madara was interrupted by him sensing something coming from a mile away, he quickly realized it was about a couple hundred more shinobi racing toward their location.

"I sense them too. Come Grandfather I want to test the power of the ten tails before we project on the moon, who knows when we will be able to slaughter this many shinobi, if ever again." Said Naruto.

"Dancing is entertaining Naruto, but not if your opponent can not dance on a level similar to yours. Besides I thought you were in this for peace and for what happened to your parents, not for the killing." Madara questioned.

"I suppose you have rubbed off on me old man. Let us complete this and be done, this has been years in the making I just want it to be over with." Replied Naruto.

"Very well."

As Naruto released the weight seals on his armor and began to take it off, Madara proceeded to make the preparations for their plan drawing intricate seals on Naruto's entire upper body.

"Be prepared Naruto, this may be painful, you are not a young baby therefore your chakra coils have already hardened themselves it may take a lot more for you to adapt to the massive power this beast contains." Explained Madara.


Madara began to perform hand seals and the Shinigami appeared behind Madara.

"I recognize those seals Madara, are we really using that sealing jutsu, wont it take your soul?"

"Please Naruto, I bow to no one, not even the God of Death himself. Shiki Fuujin!"

Suddenly the Shinigami's eyes turn red and his hand passed through Madara's chest into the Jubi they were standing on. The ground began to rumble and the Shinigami began to glow extremely bright, surprisingly Naruto was able to see it.

"What the hell is happening!" yelled Naruto.

"I don't know!" replied Madara

Suddenly the light engulfed everything in a dome.