For the Greater Good Chapter 13

"Not even going to take a stance kid? I don't want to kill you so tell you what, I'll only use this one finger," Tsunade twirled her finger in a circle and then pointed it at Naruto who was across from her in the isolated field.

"Such arrogance, it is a miracle that you have survived through war," Naruto began to walk forward and Tsunade was getting angrier and angrier.

"You little runt, I'm going to beat some respect into you," Tsunade charged forward fist cocked at high speeds, her steps creating dents in the ground and her hair flying back with the wind.

Naruto was unafraid; she was charging in recklessly and predictably, nothing more than an open ended move leaving gaps in the defense of the user.

Naruto jumped into the air looking down on Tsunade, she quickly followed jumping up herself but was intercepted when Naruto dropped an axe kick on her which she blocked with her arms, the force however still launched her down into the ground.

Naruto landed gracefully away from the crater that Tsunade's impact created.

Tsunade picked herself out of the hole rushing forward towards the small blonde that was enraging her with every second.

Tsunade launched herself forward again and began to let her fists fly, going at such speeds the air could be heard being displaced.

Naruto was effortlessly dodging all of her attacks finding the effort that she was putting into her attacks amusing, but he needed to do things before the invasion so he began to put his own attacks into action.

Naruto brought up his hands to catch Tsunade's fists which greatly surprised the Sannin and her assistant. He held onto them and jumped up using both of his legs to kick her in the chest sending her flying backwards.

She back flipped and landed on her feet still skidding backwards, "Your hands hurting kiddo?" Tsunade smirked and rushed forward again activating her chakra scalpels.

She began slicing at Naruto but he kept jumping backwards until he reached a safe distance and began a sequence of hand signs, a second later he let loose his attack, a giant ball of fire left his lips and headed towards the blonde women.

Tsunade jumped to the side and grabbed a tree, ripping it from the roots, she hit the fireball with it launching it away but igniting the tree as well, she then tossed the tree at Naruto which he blasted away with a Shinra Tensei.

"We should finish this Lady Tsunade," Naruto ran forward and created shadow clones which joined him in his charge, they all jumped in the air except for the original creating a diversion and attracting Tsunade's attention.

The original Naruto abruptly stopped while the others were closing in on Tsunade made her suspicious, she tried to bound away but they suddenly exploded with a large concussive force that sent Tsunade smashing into a tree and knocking her unconscious.

Naruto and Shizune walked towards her slumped over body and examined her injuries, they seemed only superficial.

"I'll take her, we should get moving Shizune," Naruto grabbed Tsunade's arms and threw her over his shoulder, he looked towards Shizune who had a worried expression on her face, he smiled at her, "Don't worry, she'll be fine."

"I know, Lady Tsunade has been through much worse… You seem really strong Naruto, how are you only a gennin?" Shizune inquired, interested about the boy who just blew up a Sannin.

"My father believed I was too young to take on higher responsibilities and danger, so I could not advance further until I graduated the academy like the others in my age group," Naruto explained, hoping his father would let him take the Jonin exams after making Chunnin rank.

"I haven't seen Minato in quite a long time, he was still a Jonin when I was in the village, now he is one of the most feared and respected ninja in the world, a Kage, impressive for the playful kid I once knew him to be." Shizune remembered those times and his kind smile, but then she remembered his girlfriend now wife, the scary as hell Kushina Uzumaki that only Minato seemed to know how to tame.

"Don't worry his status has not changed him, he is still as childish as ever, he only becomes the S rank shinobi when the situation demands it, and this coming invasion is going to demand it." Naruto kept striding through the clearing until he reached a road that was a direct path from the town to Konoha, the trail would be no less than a day's walk.

Along the way Shizune and Naruto talked about each other's lives, they learned a lot about one another and found that they had some things in common like interest in gardening and medicine creations or poison creations. They shared each other's concerns about what the invasion would do to Konoha and before long they had reached the main gates of the village. They exited the tree canopy to find a large clearing between the forest and the village.

Things looked very different however, the walls looked fortified, the Sealing Corps was out on the walls putting up barrier fuinjutsu and droves of Konoha shinobi were entering the village at the time.

Naruto could sense Anbu were in the trees probably looking over the work being done and scouting for spies.

"I've never seen so many shinobi on the walls before, are these preparations for the invasion?" Shizune asked looking around as the activity was bustling, which was also strange because it was early morning, at the point when activity in the village would begin to rise.

"I think so, the village is one of the strongest with a shinobi roster of sixteen-thousand, the largest in the elemental nations, and it would take a while to even get half of that back into the village." Naruto walked passed a couple of Konoha shinobi who were whispering and wondering as to why the Hokage's son was carrying the Sannin Tsunade over his shoulder.

"We should get going to my father's office, he will want to know that Tsunade is here, he'll tell her how she can help best." Naruto passed the hordes of shinobi in line waiting to be checked for entry into the village, he reached the checkpoint manned by a platoon of chunnin.

"Identification," the chunnin said without looking up, waiting to see an identification card that was given to chunnin and Jonin but instead received a shinobi registration number that only gennin had.

"Registration number, 012607" Naruto said as the chunnin looked up, the chunnin typed in the number into the large computer that was on the desk that would bring up the profile of the ninja that the registration number belonged to.

After typing it in he saw the photo of said ninja, he looked up after finishing the paperwork he was previously focused on and was surprised to see the screen in front of him, a Gennin allowed four weeks of unrestricted leave by the Hokage himself, he then looked at the photo to see a serious face with piercing eyes and long blonde hair, a black clothed Konoha headband on his head. Looking to the name he saw "Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto" and then he looked up to see the boy.

The chunnin saw he was rather tall for his age, what was stranger he now noticed was that the Hokage's son was carrying a woman over his shoulder next to another woman that was holding a pet pig.

After staring for a few seconds a raised eyebrow from Naruto brought him back to his senses, "Sorry, go ahead," the chunnin motioned to the side of the desk so he could pass, the trio began walking passed the checkpoint and into the village.

Inside was much more different from the outside, it looked normal; people were beginning to open their businesses and were starting their day.

The trio began to walk towards the Fire Tower passing villagers and shinobi alike.


"Wow, that is one interesting story," Minato said looking at the unconscious Tsunade laying on the couch in his office, as he sat behind his desk, Naruto and Shizune standing in front of him giving their report on what happened when Naruto went to get Tsunade.

"Indeed it is, she tried to kill me, twice," Naruto looked at Tsunade from the corner of his eye.

"Well she'll be a great help to the village if Suna and Oto attack. On that note I've already gotten half of our shinobi forces in the village, a fourth are patrolling the Land of Fire and the rest are still on missions in foreign lands." Minato now turned to look at Naruto, "Now you've been gone for a little less than a month so tell me, what have you been doing Naruto. It better have been worth it with the beating your mother gave me after I told her you were gone."

"Can I tell you after the end of the exams, it's actually a lot that I've done over the month, and I want to train a little bit before the finals to at least warm myself up and get me back into the mindset." Naruto wanted to check out what he found for himself first.

"Sure thing, you have a lot to catch up on, Sasuke and Naoko have been training really hard the last month, Sasuke has been training with Kakashi and Naoko has been training with Jiraiya, she's signed the Toad summoning contract, do you want to sign it too?" Minato asked as he began flipping through intelligence files from the Anbu Black Ops Division.

"No thanks," Naruto didn't know how many contracts he could sign, his eyes gave him an unlimited number of beasts he could summon but they were little less than mindless attack dogs, so he moved to leave when his father spoke.

"Are you sure? It can be a great asset," Minato looked up wondering why his son wouldn't want to sign the contract.

"Yeah I'm sure, thank you father," Naruto walked out of his father's office, leaving Shizune and Tsunade.


Naruto arrived in a clearing separated by a mountain from Konoha, the day was reaching its apex, the sun was high in the sky, and the wind was blowing nicely. Naruto unstrapped the scroll on his back and began to unroll it, he bit his thumb and slid it across where the summoning contracts were held, and four scrolls erupted in a puff of smoke.

He looked over all of them and was interested in signing each one, Dragon, Phoenix, Owl, Wolf.

Naruto unrolled the Dragon contract first and noticed that nobody had signed it, with what he thought was such a powerful contract he wondered why nobody had tried to sign it.

Biting his thumb Naruto signed his name on a spot and put blood on all of his fingertips and then placed it on the section below.

"Let's see what this thing can do," Naruto went through the necessary hand signs and thrust his hand on the floor.

The seals began to erupt from his hand and spread onto the ground below, spreading in an intricate circle of writing and symbols, some unknown to him.

In an explosion of smoke something began to erupt from the ground, it was burrowing out of the soft soil below.

When it was finished it was massive, towering over Naruto, it was large, larger than the main gates of Konoha and he was sure that if the field was not separated from Konoha by a mountain, the whole village would be able to see it.

Naruto getting over his shock saw that it looked ravenous, it had black scales, a giant tail with a sharp end, massive wings, he was sure that this thing could blend into the night itself.

Naruto observed more details as it put itself on all fours, it had two large horns, long sharp nails that could shred apart anything, its nostrils were pushing out hot air, and its teeth were as sharp as razors.

"Who has the nerve to summon me…?" Came a dark voice which sounded old and powerful.

"Me, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, one of the last of the Uzumaki clan." Naruto walked forward somewhat nervous but he didn't show it.

"I can smell the fear on you boy, don't put up a disgusting façade with me, what do you want," the dragon came closer, coming face to face with Naruto.

"I want to be your clans summoner, I want to hold the dragon summoning contract, I also wish to sign other summoning contracts," Naruto spoke as firmly as he could.

"You seem to think it is your right to become a dragon summoner, however it is not, to become the summoner of the dragon clan is a privilege none have earned, you must earn that right by fighting me, the Lord of the summons of the Dragon clan, I am Ryugus," The dragon reared his head up and began to laugh, it was unlike anything that Naruto ever heard.

"Fight you? How the hell am I supposed to fight you, you're a giant dragon!" Naruto took a few steps back; he had fought biju before but never before had he fought a dragon, he didn't even know what they could do.

"Not my problem kid, don't blame me if you die," Ryugus spun around and whipped his tail, the jagged edges threatening to slice apart Naruto, it was moving quickly, cutting through the air.

Naruto activated his dojutsu and blasted the tail away with a Shinra Tensei, but he didn't want to get injured and he wanted to show the dragon who was boss. Naruto quickly activated his susanoo, his perfect guardian in the imperfect form, a rib cage appeared around him, in seconds the legs of the rib cage emerged, the head soon followed, and after that the four arms came to life.

In a clearing surrounded by trees a giant black dragon stood across from a fully formed susanoo.

"Interesting ability child, but it will take more than a chakra monster to defeat me," Ryugus flapped his wings and took flight, now hovering in the air he reared up his head, a second later he opened his mouth and blew out searing waves of fire.

A storm of flames erupted from the dragon's mouth and surrounded the susanoo, behind the phantom warrior Naruto felt a searing heat that he was unaware if the susanoo could handle.

Seconds later when the flames died down, what was left was a mess, the ground was scorched, the susanoo was on its knees, it looked like it was melting, dripping chakra, after his susanoo he had very little options to take down an opponent of the dragon's size.

Going into action quickly Naruto created hundreds of clones, they all looked at the dragon and began to charge it, Ryugus was unaware that as soon as the clones got close enough they would explode with a mighty force.

"Puny attacks like these will do nothing to me, I am the Lord of Dragons child, you will die impaled by my claws," the dragon rushed forward, bounding across the space between them, he began to swipe at the clones of Naruto but as soon as his claws slashed the first group his hand was blown backwards, and when he saw the others charging he hesitated, the other Naruto's bounded forward ready to explode.

When they reached the minimum proximity to cause effect they began to explode all around the dragon pushing it backwards slowly.

"You are a fearsome adversary, and you would make a great ally, so I'm going to finish you with dignity and earn the right to become your summoner," Naruto clasped his hands together "Secret Wood Style Jutsu: Deep Forest Emergence."

"You will not defeat me, and I will not show you mercy," Ryugus was about to attack again but a rumbling from the earth in front of him stopped him in his tracks. He looked down curious but was shocked when giant wooden tentacles and trees erupted all around him and began to wrap around his arms, legs, neck, and tail.

Ryugus tried to struggle but the more he tried to struggle out of the grasp of the wood and the more trees and tentacles that he broke, the more wood encircled him bringing him down until he couldn't move, and it was almost burying him in the earth, straining the dragon's body until it couldn't move.

Naruto was focusing so hard and exerting so much chakra to create the wooden confines that sweat was dripping from his face, he was starting to feel exhausted trying to keep the Lord of Dragons down.

Naruto started walking forward still keeping the wooden shackles on the dragon, until he was face to face once more with the fierce looking creature that was snarling at him.

"Do you yield Ryugus, I can finish you off right here, right now, I can have another summon by my side, and the Uzumaki clans side." Naruto kneeled down towards the dragon and looked him in its blood red eyes.

"I yield, you are now a summoner of the Dragon Clan, Dragons will join you in battle when you call, and we will fight alongside the Uzumaki Clan. But do not take our power for granted, we will not fight by your side if you summon us for foolish things, nor if you disgrace our clan. Farwell," Ryugus then turned to smoke, returning to wherever he came from.

"Well that was horrible, I've never seen a susanoo fall so easily, I wonder what else dragons can do," Naruto was wondering what the mythical beasts could do as they just took down something that not even the strongest of shinobi could handle, the susanoo was destruction incarnate, but the dragon took it down with a single barrage of flames.

Naruto wiped his face with his sleeve, getting rid of the sweat and dirt on him. He walked towards the other summoning contracts and hoped that they wouldn't be as hard to acquire as the dragon.

Naruto unrolled the other summons and began with the Wolf. He went through the same process and bit his thumb again; he signed his name and put his imprint.

Naruto summoned the Boss of Wolves with a massive input of chakra but did not see what he was expecting, it was a large creature, larger than any wolf he had seen, and it was as big as a creature he had once seen, a rhino, it was furry and was dripping saliva from its mouth which resembled a pit of razors with all of its jagged teeth.

It was growling and it began to step closer on all fours, sharp nails digging into the ground with every step.

"Who are you boy, I suspect you wish to become my summoner if you have brought me here, so I will get to the point, what makes you think you are worthy of having the tribe of wolves at your disposal," the large wolf was walking circles around the gennin.

"I will bring glory to your tribe, you will become a renowned summon of my clan when I revive it, the Uzumakis. You will always have a summoner, and you will always have partners and my loyalty," Naruto walked towards the massive wolf and put a paw on its front right leg, "So, what do you say?"

"You seem to be a level headed young man, very well, the wolves thrive for battle, we will come to your aid when you call, we will put our lives on the line for you, but if you do not put your life on the line for us, we will leave you to stand alone, I am Cornell," the wolf was about to leave until Naruto stopped him.

"Thank you Cornell, I will honor your terms," Naruto let the wolf return to his home and was happy that this summoning was easier to get than the dragon one.

Naruto looked up to see that the sun was about to fall, he thought that he had accomplished enough for the day so he began to seal up everything and started to head home.


It was already night time when he reached the home of his parents; he opened the door and heard his family speaking in the dining room.

"Hey guys," Naruto walked in to see Minato, Kushina, and Naoko eating ramen at the table, he guessed since he was the only one that had the ability to cook in the household, his absence subjected them to daily meals of ramen.

His mother looked up after hearing his voice, noodles dripping from her mouth; she spat all of them out onto the table.

"I'm going to kill you!" Kushina rushed forward and kicked Naruto in the chest launching him into the wall behind him. "Your father told me you were leaving for a month without saying goodbye, and then you got here in the morning and you don't even come to visit me and tell me if you were okay!"

Kushina was now holding her son by the collar, and slapping him left and right as he was taking the beating on top of the rubble from the wall.

"Ow, I'm sorry mom, please stop hitting me I'm sorry!" Naruto's face was red from the beating he was getting.

"Momma that's enough we need to be fresh for when we have to compete in the finals, you can't just beat him up, me and him and Sasuke are some of the best gennin participating, we are going to bring so much clientele into Konoha, we can't not be at our best." Naoko tried to argue in favor of her brother.

"Fine then, but don't think you're off the hook mister, you are in some serious trouble when you and your sister finish the chunnin exams," Kushina ended her statement with another slap to Naruto's face.

"Yes mother," Naruto picked himself up and dusted himself off, caressing his cheeks "I'm going to sleep, see you guys tomorrow."

"Yeah momma me too, tomorrow I'm going to train really hard, the finals are in a few days," Naoko began to follow Naruto upstairs.

"Babe I'm going upstairs too, see you up there," Kushina began to follow her kids leaving Minato eating his ramen, which to him was disgusting, he had no idea how his wife and daughter could eat it every day, he missed his son's cooking.

Something then came to mind, "Aww man, who's gonna clean up all that rubble," Minato then began to put his mind to work thinking of ways to avoid cleaning that mess, he finally came up with the most brilliant plan ever, he would hire a gennin team to clean it up, they would be ecstatic to take a job no matter how bad it was inside the Hokage's house.


It was the day of the finals and the preparations for the invasion were over, they were indeed formidable, enough to take on a large scale siege.

They had enough military personal in the village to take on any other village in the Elemental Nations, but not only did they have the quantity, but also the quality, with squads of renowned shinobi preparing for the defense of Konoha, the battle was sure to be quick and decisive.

The little military power increase that was visible was excused under the guise that it was increased protection for the nobles and lords visiting Konoha to see the Chunnin Exam Finals, and partly that was why some increase occurred.

People were rushing around with the increased activity in the village, most flocking towards the stadium, taking seats in the stands, the nobles and lords protected by loads of bodyguards in their own private section.

In the participants box was Naruto, Naoko, and many other gennin shinobi that got into the finals by beating an opponent in the preliminaries.

Naruto was sitting calmly in his seat close to the back corner; across his back was the Blade of the Sage of the Six Paths. He had completed the blood offering a few days earlier and almost sliced off his hand from how sharp the blade was, but he began training with it days before with a kenjutsu scroll he had found in Uzu.

Naruto looked intimidating to the rest of the group and he had learned that he would be facing Kankuro, Temari's brother for the first round of the finals.

The proctor was below, Gekko had survived his encounter with Kabuto but he hadn't found out who the other spy was.

"Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, Kankuro of the Desert, please come down to begin the first round matches of the Finals of the Chunnin Selection Exams." Hayate's voice wrung through the arena.

A second later Naruto appeared with a shunshin, leaves swirling around him. His appearance spoke of nothing but pure elitism and confidence.

Kankuro joined them a few seconds later, he was protective of his sister and she had shown an infatuation with the boy. Temari had told him he was nice and he was very strong, well now it was time to test out that statement for himself, he would knock down the kid three years his younger by a peg.

"Participants are you ready?" Hayate looked between Naruto and Kankuro receiving a nod from both of them. "Very well, begin!"

Neither of them moved but Kankuro's impatience would lead him to make the first attack, he jumped backwards and detached the crow from his back "I'm going to beat the hell out of you kid and embarrass you in your own village."

Unwrapping the puppet from its bandages he tossed it a few feet in front of him and connected it to him by chakra strings to his fingertips. His deceptive puppet took its stance and jumped for Naruto, metal spikes erupting from its body parts aiming to rip Naruto to shreds.

Naruto weaved through Kankuro's attacks jumping backwards and dodging each strike that came near him. Naruto knew Kankuro's fighting style in and out, puppets were weak when fighting against groups, and since a puppeteer needed his hands to control the puppet, the puppeteer is the greatest weakness to the puppet offense.

Naruto reached a safe enough distance and crossed his arms over his chest unimpressed by the Sand ninja's single technique. "You should learn more than just puppetry, what would you do without your tool, would you like to find out?"

Naruto pulled out a black Hirashin kunai, he launched it at the Crow, and tried feeling the familiar beacon that was his chakra, he activated it and less than a second later appeared where the kunai was, above the Crow's head. Naruto quickly snatched the kunai from the air and simultaneously formed a Rasengan in his hand; he thrust it downward at where the Crow was.

Kankuro unable to react in time looked on as his puppet was blasted into dozens of pieces and ploughed into the ground.

"So, what will you do now?" Naruto landed swiftly while the surprised Kankuro looked on.

"You know the Flying Thunder God!? And the Rasengan!? The legendary techniques of the Yondaime Hokage!?" Kankuro was shocked.

Kankuro and every Suna shinobi that would take part in the offensive had read extensive intelligence reports on any and every possible threat that they could face that Suna knew about.

Sunagakure had plans and profiles and contingencies to every possible threat that the invasion could face.

Kankuro found it odd that nobody got a briefing on how they were going to take down the Hokage, or both of the Hokages for that matter. All that they were told was that they would be handled, he just believed squads of their Jonin and the Kazekage, his father would handle the both of them. Mostly because they were both extremely dangerous and the Hirashin was one of the techniques they estimated would create the most casualties, what had almost completely decimated the forces of Iwagakure in the previous war.

The fact that the son of the Yondaime knew the technique was a major unexpected variable, and if he could use it as proficiently as his father, it would no doubt be a devastating problem also.

Naruto looked across the short distance at a petrified Kankuro, amused at the expression that he was making, but his entertainment would have to wait, the invasion was coming and his father needed him somewhere.

"I need to be somewhere so I'm going to have to cut this short," Naruto put out his hand and pulled Kankuro towards him with a Bansho Tennin only to punch him in the stomach when he was close enough. Knocking the wind out of the boy with the face paint he fell to his knees and onto his side unconscious, drool slipping from the corner of his mouth.

"The winner is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze!" Hayate called out toward the cheering crowd and then called for the medics for the unconscious Kankuro.

Naruto created a shadow clone to go to where his father needed him; the original was headed towards the participant waiting area to wait until the invasion began.


Minato was in the Kage Observational stand along with the Mizukage, and Kazekage.

"That was an impressive display Lord Hokage, I was not aware that you taught my future husband how to perform your legendary original techniques," the Mizukage looked onto the walking blonde with a seductive smile on her lips. "And what was that technique that he used to pull the Suna shinobi towards him? I have never seen anything like it."

"I would also like to know what that technique was Lord Hokage, and I was unaware that you taught him your techniques, other shinobi with those tools at their disposal can be quite dangerous. Not only that but in the hands of a weaker shinobi than yourself, other villages may get their hands on him and extract the information of those techniques." The Kazekage commented.

"He is my son, I would trust him with my life and my techniques, after all they are both my legacies in a sense. As for that technique, it is one of his unique abilities," Minato told his two fellow shadows, Minato then leaned to his left where the Mizukage Mei Terumi was sitting, "You should know something… I haven't told Naruto about your arranged marriage to him, nor have I told my wife, so you should tread carefully around the subject when you see them."

"Care to tell me why you have not told them Minato, it was your councils idea to arrange this marriage," Mei was angry that the Hokage hadn't owned up to the agreement, something which the alliance between Konoha and Kiri depended on.

"Honestly I'm scared of what they'll do to me. Both of them have a ruthless dark side when they are crossed, something my son inherited from his mother and something his mother just always had." Minato thought back on all the times he had done only the slightest thing wrong to earn him severe punishments, he was one of the most feared men in the world but to him nothing was scarier than his family.

"But enough of that for right now, may I have a private word with you?" Minato motioned them to head into the hallway, excusing himself from the Kazekage, "Do you remember what we were talking about earlier?" Minato said vaguely for worry that the Kazekage might hear.

"Yes, but it has not happened yet, so maybe you were wrong," Mei looked around the arena and just saw an ecstatic crowd cheering on the fighting ninja below.

"Not yet anyway but just as a precaution, don't drop your guard around the Kazekage, the danger that he poses is not something to take lightly, and I will not attack him until I am absolutely sure that Sunagakure has betrayed us." Minato shifted slightly to get a better look at the entrance to see his guard Raido, and the Mizukage's guard Ao.

"Understood Lord Hokage," Mei also shifted herself to get a better look at the fight going on below.

"Raido, I need you to deliver a message for me," Minato beckoned his bodyguard over with two fingers.

"Yes Lord Hokage?" Raido came to bend over to hear the message of his Hokage privately.

"Go to the Barrier Department and tell Kaito that under executive orders I want the Kami no Shoheki activated, tell him my son will be the power source and to await his arrival, and until you here commotion from here, I want the village wide alert system on standby to warn any of our shinobi that may be coming in or anybody inside not to cross the village's threshold." Minato told his long time bodyguard his orders.

"Sir, are you sure? We don't even know if the threat is real, the Kami no Shoheki is an extreme and secret measure, if we use it now other villages will become aware of it and the element of surprise will be wasted." Raido was unsure of whether the threats to the village were real, but luckily it was not his place to make the big decisions, that was Hokage's responsibility.

"It is just a precaution Raido, we ninja live on the principles of preparedness, if nothing happens no harm will come to anybody, I have made sure of it." Minato was about to finish the conversation when his bodyguard asked him a very serious question.

"Sir the power source for your creation will take tremendous amounts of chakra, how will your son be able to power such a thing, I thought your daughter was to take the place of the power source once she was able to access the chakra of Nine Tailed Fox Demon." Raido spoke concerned for his charge's son.

"It was the original plan yes, but she cannot tap its power yet, and it is only fitting that my son be the power source, it was his ability that gave me the idea for the Kami no Shoheki," Minato said with a hand on his chin.

"Understood sir," Raido began to walk away towards the center of the village to complete his mission.


As Raido ran across the rooftops looking at the peaceful village, he hoped the Hokage's plan would work, he had lived during a war as a child, he knew that it was one's duty to kill and to die for their village, but it didn't mean that he liked it. Peaceful times where parents died before their children were beautiful to him; it was a disgusting thing to see parents outlive their children. And if the Hokage was right, they may soon be in facing times of chaos.

Over the month since the beginning of the Chunnin Selection Exams, Minato had been moving in most of the shinobi forces at Konoha's disposal. Only a few weeks ago he had informed them of why.

Minato's teacher, one of the famed Sannin, Jiraiya the Toad Sage, had intelligence that would indicate a major military offensive that would be conducted by Sunagakure, and a new village that they knew little about, Otogakure.

The Hokage was sure that there was an attack incoming and so now Raido was sent to inform the Konoha Barrier Team, a secret part of the Konoha Shinobi force that they would be activating the S class weapon of the Yondaime, something few knew about beyond the Yondaime and Sandaime Hokage's and the leader of the Barrier Team Kaito.

Once Raido had reached the secret underground facility in the center of the village near the Hokage tower, he walked down the hallways.

The Barrier Team resided in a large chamber with two levels. Streams ran from the upper level into a large basin on the lower level. Above the basin was a large sphere representing the barrier. In front of the sphere were four conical pillars in a square formation. Behind them was a stairway to the upper level, shielded by a large screen with the Barrier Team symbol on it. On the upper level was a small lounge area where the intercepting team would await instruction.

"Sir Kaito, Lord Hokage has authorized the activation of the Kami no Shoheki, as soon as his son arrives he will become the power source," Raido spoke to the man at the head of the room, behind him was the stone tablet with the Konoha Barrier Team symbol behind it.

"Understood," The man known as Kaito got up from his seated position to look behind him where the symbol was." Will you pass me a kunai Raido," Raido took out a kunai from his pouch and tossed it to Kaito who caught it and walked forward, he cut the palm of his hand and then placed it at the center of the symbol. The large symbol began to glow and then began to pulse awaiting a power source to activate.

A few minutes later Naruto reached the Barrier Team Headquarters and found the detection team waiting for him. "Sorry I was late, I was preoccupied," Naruto began to walk down the steps after making sure the seal that he placed on his father and the seals he had placed around the village were still functional.

"It is no problem Sir Namikaze," Kaito beckoned the boy forward.

"Naruto is fine Kaito," Naruto walked to where the barrier team leader was and awaited instruction. It was amazing that he didn't know about his father's creation before, it was his own ability, the Shinra Tensei that gave his father the inspiration to build the Kami no Shoheki, and it was genius. Naruto never would have thought showing off his ability to his father would lead to such a large change in the future, but this one was for the better he thought.

"Naruto, all you need to do is jump into the sphere, the barrier will automatically activate and begin to siphon of your chakra to power itself… Are you sure you have enough chakra to power this thing?" Kaito looked at the small boy wondering how he would do it, Minato's original plan was to have a Jinchuriki, his own daughter Naoko, tap into the power of her Biju to help power the barrier. It took tremendous amounts of chakra and he was unsure if the boy would survive.

"Don't worry about me Kaito, I am more than adequate to power the device," Naruto prepared himself to jump into the barrier, but wanted to have a talk with the Sanbi before he jumped in, and so he closed his eyes and entered his mindscape.

"Sanbi, I need your chakra to power the Konoha barrier, it will be available to me right?" Naruto spoke to the swimming turtle until it paused in its strokes.

"My chakra is always available to you you idiot, now leave," The Sanbi kept on swimming not giving his host a second glance.

"Very well…" Naruto opened his eyes and found himself back in the large chamber, and saw Kaito looking at him strangely. "Sorry about that, I needed to check something first," Naruto then jumped into the large sphere made of water and felt an enormous pull on his chakra system.

Author's note thingy-

Sorry I haven't written in a bit, dealing with college stuff and high school stuff, and I was sick so yeah…