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Flag 01: Y**** K******** Route Part 1

"...Aren't we supposed to be 'going to the past', or something along those lines?" asked Keima Katsuragi, the reality-hating protagonist of the story. Apparently, the glowing stereotypical magic circle the size of a table-top didn't serve its purpose, unless its purpose was to illuminate the forest. Keima, PFP in hand, surveyed the scene. Some of the Goddesses, like Apollo, looked surprised, while some, like Diana, had their eyebrows scrunched up. Mercury, however, was her usual stoic self, enjoying the silence with eyes closed. The Capturing God took a leaf out of her book, and enjoyed the silence too: by playing games. At least till he was interrupted by Vulcan.

"I don't understand," mumbled Vulcan, the eldest of the six Goddesses. The doll walked/floated over to the rim of the circle, the part with all the runic etchings carved into it. Inspecting it, Vulcan found everything to be in order... "Everything's in place! Then what in the world went wrong!? Was it due to a lack of power, or maybe Keima's infidelity? Why isn't it workin- wait... who in Goddess's name etched 'portal' in where 'teleport' was supposed to go!?"

Then the earth shook. The sudden vibrations made Keima accidentally select the wrong choice, resulting in the loss of Love Points. "Damn Real! Now I have to restart the route all over again! At least now I can skip the dialogue I've already read-"

The exploding magic circle interrupted him. Since the gamer was right in the center of the circle of magic, he was the one who flew the highest. Keima was lucky that the intensity of the magic didn't cremate his still-living body. Of course, that wasn't going to stop him from hitting the ground from a thousand feet high. That was Elsie's job.

"~Auah! You could've gotten yourself hurt, Kami Nii-sama!" said Elsie de Lute Ima, hoisting her Capturing Buddy up by the ankle. Keima sighed. The crappy game known as Reality really loved to screw him over, didn't it?

"Could you please set me down, Elsie?" said Keima. He didn't want to risk dropping his PFP from the colossal height he and Elsie were at. Elsie removed one hand from Keima's ankle, and saluted, the bug demon giving the Capturing God a playful grin.

"Okay, Kami Nii-sama!" cheered Elsie. The cold air flew past Keima as he and Elsie made their descent. Of course, Elsie chose the glowing white hole in the ground as her landing pad. Before Keima could fall in, he made sure to sound off his distress.

"Elsie, you bug demon, put me down over there!" exclaimed Keima, flailing his arms around comically. Elsie let out an "Oops...", and spun around, tossing the Capturing God right next to the hole. Keima, sensing the sudden tension in the air, pocketed his PFP, and shifted into his analytic mode. The glowing blue hole was just that: a glimmering blue circle with a seemingly infinite blue... space in it. It was as if there was a whole new world there, and for some reason, Keima had to resist the temptation to dive in. If he guessed right (which he probably did), the hole lead to something... different from reality. Why else would his body be drawn to it? Suddenly, a blue staircase started to shimmer into existence at the rim of the rift, its end out of sight due to the deepness of the hole.

"Wait... didn't Vulcan say that 'portal' was etched into the magic circle?" thought Keima aloud, piecing the clues together. "Portal, staircase, different from Reality... got it." The portal in front of him was a portal to a universe - maybe even universes - that was different from his, and with the staircase appearing out of nowhere, that had to mean that something out-of-this-world was going to appear. And if Reality really hated him... "Everyone, behind the trees, now!"

"Why, Keima?" asked Apollo, question marks appearing above everyone's heads but Keima's. Keima sighed. He didn't have time to explain the situation to any of them. He was going to have to do something to force them into the forest, and he wasn't going to like it. Instead of replying, the bespectacled boy sped to Apollo's side, and pressed his lips against hers.

"Let's run away together," whispered Keima. Without waiting for a response, the boy grabbed the blushing Medium's hand, and dragged her into the murky depths of the forest, a group of angry, cussing ladies on their tail. After about twenty-five meters (and when Keima's stamina ran out), he stopped, spun on his heel, and held his hand out in front of him, halting his pursuers. Once all the agitated women stopped, he pointed over to the rift in space. "Before you murder me, take a look."

Out of the blue, a brown-haired girl emerged from the portal's grasp. She had choppy brown hair that reached her shoulders, and her deep green eyes meshed with the moonlight to form an air of elegance. Yes, that was a good word to describe her: Elegant. The girl carried herself with pride, and it showed - her posture, for example, was perfect, befitting even the finest princess. Keima didn't care about any of her so-called "elegance" though. It was the fact that she wore a Mai-High uniform that caught the Capturing God's attention. He cursed Reality even more. 'Just as I thought,' thought Keima. 'A girl appeared. And if Murphy's law holds any truth-'

Doro doro! The sound of a Sensor going off alerted everyone to the fact that the girl who had just appeared out of nowhere had an Escaped Spirit in her. Keima sighed for the nth time that day. Once she was five steps away from the staircase, the blue portal closed itself up without a trace. It was like it had never even existed. Luckily, the girl noticed neither the Disappearance of the Blue Portal nor the alarm of the Skull on Elsie's head. "Elsie, tag her. Haqua, bring up her profile."

The two devils diligently went to work... till Haqua stopped. "W-Why am I at your beck-and-call again!?" Keima had to resist the urge to facepalm. Time was of the essence, and Haqua's little Tsundere act wasn't helping. Keima whipped out his phone - which he never really used - put it up to his ear, and said, "Nora, could you do me a favor-"

"Never mind, I'll do it!" quickly interjected Haqua. Everyone (excluding an oblivious Elsie, of course) had a comical drop of sweat on their faces, as Keima had the urge to facepalm yet again. "Anyway, her name is Yuuko Kinoshita. Seventeen years of age, she is a high-school junior at Fumizuki Aca- wait, the information just changed!"

Keima attributed the sudden changes in data to Yuuko's out-of-the-blue appearance in Maijima. Whoever kept order among the Cosmos apparently changed some of her details, to fit Keima's universe better. Of course, that meant transferring her to his school. Just as Yuuko started to walk away from the forested area, Keima said, "Please continue, Haqua."

"She goes to Maijima High - the same one you and the others go to. She has a younger brother, but... loves beating him with her 'fist'. I have no idea on why her fist is in quotes, by the way," continued Haqua, cutting Keima off. He had to applaud her for being able to tell what he was thinking, even if she had cut him off. "Anyway, she's also a Yaoi fangirl who likes walking around the house in only her underwear..."

'D-Damn Real! What kind of heroine reads BL books!?' screamed Keima in his mind, clutching his head. 'If a company had made a game with this kind of heroine, I'd personally have it brought to its cursed knees! Ugh, I'll just pretend that it's a quirk that sets her apart from the rest. It a crappy quirk to have, though.' The group of nine were forced to wait through the awkward silence till Yuuko left the scene. Once the mysterious lady was out of sight, the group emerged from the shadows.

"...W-What happened?" asked a nervous Minerva, hiding behind Diana. The fellow Goddess nodded in agreement, and turned to Keima, her expression asking the question for her: Will you please explain? Keima sighed, and pulled out his PFP, seeking shelter behind the stories the PFP held within.

"...I'll explain at the house."

In Keima's room (which was soundproofed by Haqua), he told everything he knew to everyone. After the explanation, everyone still seemed to have questions to ask. Who wouldn't? The story was mostly theoretical, with a bunch of hypotheses filling up the holes. Of course, Keima planned to fill in the holes with cold, hard facts later on. The story goes like this: The girls come from another dimension to meet their God, who Captures their hearts, sending them back to whence they came. Then, somehow, it would affect the miasma surrounding Mai-High.

"Now if my theory is correct," said Keima, Capturing the attention of the harem of girls in his gaming room, "the miasma should have stabilized. Otherwise, there would be no connection between these new heroines and the miasma, tossing my hypothesis down the drain. Anyway-"

"K-Kami-sama!" cried out a tired Elsie, tapping on the windowsill. Mars, the person closest to the window, reached for the window, and lifted it up, letting in the bug demon. Luckily for her, she had just enough control to stop herself from colliding with Keima's game collection. "I checked the school. All the black gas just disappeared!"

"Wait wait wait," said Haqua, shaking her head. "If the new heroines are stopping the miasma, then why are we trying to send them away?" The Goddesses nodded in approval. Even timid little Minerva and lazy Mercury agreed with the valedictorian. It seemed that the Capturing God was cornered... or was he.

"Then the Weiss within her wins," said Keima, pointing out a severe flaw in Haqua's logic. It was the whole point of the Escaped Spirit Squad. What kind of Escaped Spirit Squad doesn't Capture Escaped Spirits!? "It's like a bad disease. Even if we try to regulate it, eventually, it'll grow, and once it does, it'll be pretty hard to stop. And even if we could control the Weiss's growth, I'm pretty sure that just having only her won't stop the miasma."

"D-Damn," replied Haqua. Then a ringtone cut through the thick tension. Apollo blushed, and picked up the phone. Everyone (including Elsie this time!) had an overly exaggerated drop of sweat on their faces as Apollo talked to whoever was on the other line. At the end, Apollo sighed, and snapped Kanon's pink phone shut.

"I'm sorry sisters," said Apollo, getting up. She dusted off herself, and continued. "But I have to go. Kanon's manager's about to reach Kanon's condo, and if she isn't found there..." She didn't need to continue. Kanon Nakagawa was the top idol, and if she wasn't found in her condo room, all sorts of scandal might pop up, bringing down the pink-ette's career in a flash.

"Just keep Kanon safe, okay?" added Keima. Kanon smirked, and nodded, jumping out of the window. When he turned back to the group, they were all glaring at him. To be more specific, they were glaring at his favoritism. The offended girls quickly vacated the room, with Diana and Haqua smacking him before leaving. After a record time of ten seconds, only Keima and Elsie were the room's occupants. Smirking, Keima laid back, and brought out his PFP, saying, "And that, Elsie, is how to empty a room."


Yuuko Kinoshita: From the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu franchise. A homage to my TWOSK story

The Disappearance of the Blue Portal: A very flimsy reference to the Haruhi Suzumiya movie

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