Sakura smiled at the fans cheering for her. Opening her mouth, she let the melodies flow out from her lips, enchanting them. Her heart was warmed by the chants coming from them when she was finished. This was what she needed. Just knowing that her songs affected them was enough for her.

She closed her eyes, before opening them to reveal her bright emerald pools. Scanning the crowd, her eyes spotted a young girl, maybe of about 12 years, staring at her with clear admiration in her eyes. Smiling softly, Sakura walked in her direction on the stage, and leaned down towards her.

"May I know what your name is?" She asked softly. Her smile widened as she saw the girl's cheeks redden in embarrassment. Stammering, the girl quietly replied, "M-mayumi."

"What a pretty name for a cute girl. Can I call you Mayumi-chan?" By then the crowd was silent as Mayumi flushed a deep red before nodding happily.

"Ok then, minna-san, here's a song for Mayumi-chan here!" Sakura grinned and stood up, sending a wink to the bewildered girl. The crowd cheered as Sakura let her feelings out in a beautiful song that reached out and grasped everyone's souls, sending to them the warm feelings that she had.

"Arigatou gozaimasu. I'm honored that I was allowed to perform here." Sakura bowed politely. The manager of the arena beamed at her. "No, I must thank you, Sakura-san."

After a few short farewells, Sakura headed towards the exit, where the paparazzi were already waiting. Cameras flashed and questions were raised, but Sakura simply smiled kindly at them and walked past, to where a large limousine was waiting for her. Suppressing a groan, she stepped inside, to direct an annoyed look at her beaming manager.

"Tomoyo-chan, I thought I told you that bringing a limousine was too fancy! A simple car would've been fine!" Sakura told her as her manager, best friend and second-cousin all-in-one rolled her eyes. She was used to this conversation.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Sakura-chan? You're the number one singer in Japan, for goodness sake! Other stars would be begging for a limo like this!" Sakura knew that Tomoyo was right, yet she didn't back down. It was true, Kinomoto Sakura, known as "Emerald", was a rising star in Japan. Within one year, she had captured the hearts of all of Japan with her songs and her pure love of music. Her auburn hair that reached her waist, the bangs curling into her face highlighting her striking emerald eyes, made her simply beautiful. Yet, it was her kind heart that captivated people the most.

"Oh! That reminds me, Sakura-chan, you have a new project!" Tomoyo suddenly said. Sakura's eyes gleamed in happiness at the idea of a new project. If only she knew that those words would be the beginning of the biggest moment of her life.

"You're doing a project together with China's top singer, Li Syaoran!"

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