Symptoms of Jealousy by Rachel Dare

by MyFavoriteMistake

Summary: With Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the Camp's dearest Oracle, bored out of her mind at her school, things tend to happen. One of it is a list called Symptoms of Jealousy by Rachel Dare. But she got help to write it from some people, a god and a goddess, who are bored too. The god of the sun, Apollo and the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Dedication: For my best friend Abby and my sis, Anna.

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Author's Note: A random two-shot. I'm just very bored. This fanfic was really Abby's idea (Abby is really awesome.) but she told me to write it. She helped me with the list too. Anyway, this is my first fanfic here in this fandom. Characters may be OOC. Set after the HoO and Gaea was defeated. I haven't edited this. So I warn you;

This fanfic is unbeta-ed. So expect spelling and grammatical errors. English is not my native language.

It was just a normal day in Clarion Ladies Academy. Currently it was their break from long lessons of teachers. Rachel Elizabeth Dare sat on her chair in their classroom which was currently unoccupied. She sighs as she twirled her pen. Then, she pulled out her notebook from her bag and doodled at the back of it. She drew a stickman with a bolt, then another with a trident, and another with a helm. Then, she draw a set of stickwomen with an owl, then with a mirror, another one with wheat, then one holding a moon, and last with peacock feathers. Then, another set of stickmen with a caduceus, wine glass, fire and sun. When she finished, she realized that what she drew was the twelve Olympian gods. She sighs and ripped it from her notebook. When she crumpled it slightly, thunder boomed from the outside. She muttered a, "Sorry." and straightened it, folded it neatly and kept it on her pocket. She sighed again.

"Stop sighing." A voice said beside her. She jumped slightly and looked at the speaker. He looked about eighteen with sandy hair and outdoorsy good looks. He was wearing jeans, and sleeveless shirt. You would think he's just one of the teenagers you see at school. The only thing un-mortal about him is that he is literally glowing like the sun. Another person was there too, a very beautiful lady. They both radiate power.

"Lord Apollo. Lady Aphrodite." Rachel said looking very surprised. "What brings you here?"

"Well..." Aphrodite said. "I just want to give you a makeover. I need a new model of my newly-bought makeup. Let see..." Aphrodite rummaged on her bag with makeup.

"We're just passing by. I'm bored to death at Olympus." Apollo said. "All are busy to stop and see my awesomeness and listen to my haikus." Lady Aphrodite scoffed and said something like, 'awesomeness… not really… troublesome… idiot… haikus…'

"Um... Thank you for passing by Lady Aphrodite, Lord Apollo, I'm busy, you see and I have a lot of things to do so-" Rachel said a little nervously while silently praying on her mind, 'Please, anyone who is listening from Olympus don't let Apollo recite haiku here. And please don't make Aphrodite give me a makeover'

"You are a bad liar." Apollo said. "I know you don't have anything to do, too." Apollo said. "So I've come up with a haiku-"

NO! Rachel thought.

We are very bored.

Boredom can sometimes kill you.

Don't stop the music.

Rachel looked at the sun god. "Don't stop the music? What it's relation to boredom?" She exclaimed out. Apollo shrugged. Aphrodite scoffed.

"My awesomeness is kicking in." Apollo said.

"It's not awesome, Apollo" Aphrodite said. Rachel just sigh, and then turned to her notebook. Suddenly, her phone vibrated. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and saw a message from Annabeth.

From: Annabeth Chase

To: Rachel

Rachel! HELP!

Rachel raised an eyebrow. Annabeth doesn't text her for help. "It must be with Percy." I muttered.

To: Annabeth

What is it? Is it about Percy?

Apollo scooted over beside Rachel to see who her texting is. Aphrodite went to her other side.

From: Annabeth

Well, there's this newbie from Aphrodite Cabin. I saw her with Percy and she was flirting with him! What should I do?

Hmmm... Aphrodite girls... They are really troublesome and nasty flirters. Rachel thought. Aphrodite smiled.

To: Annabeth

Talk to him.

Rachel send it. Seconds later, a new message arrived. This girl really has fast fingers.

From: Annabeth

But he's changing the subject when I ask him!

Rachel smirked

To: Annabeth

You're jealous.

Rachel send it. She laughed mentally as she imagined Annabeth's face. Aphrodite is smiling wider.

From: Annabeth

Rachel laughed. Aphrodite said, "Aw. How cute"

To: Annabeth

You're jealous.

Rachel repeated her message.

From: Annabeth


"She's in denial." Aphrodite said. Rachel nodded.

To: Annabeth

And you're in denial, too.

From: Annabeth


Hmp! Fine! Don't text me! I'll figure this out myself!

Aphrodite smirked. "Athena's daughter is jealous." Apollo grinned. Then snapped his fingers.

"I know what we are gonna do today." Apollo said.

"You sound like Phineas." Rachel said.

"Fine- who?" Aphrodite said curiously.

"Phineas." Rachel said. "P-H-I-N-E-A-S. From Phineas and Ferb."

"Anyway, what's the idea you've come up with?" Aphrodite said. Apollo pulled Rachel notebook and stole Rachel pen from my desk.

"Hey!" Rachel protested. Apollo scribbled a few words.

"Symptoms of Jealousy" Aphrodite said and squealed. "This is fun!" She stole the notebook and pen from Apollo and wrote number one.

1.) A person is jealous when they are mad or irritated for no reason when someone said his/her boyfriend/girlfriend's name with another person.

"Nice." Apollo said. "How about we give examples from each number?"

"That's a great idea." Aphrodite said and wrote.

"You know Annabeth, Percy and Rachel went to the movies." A son of Apollo said. "He told me to tell you."

Annabeth glared at him. "And why do I care if they are in the movies?" She spat.

"That really happened?" Rachel asked. Aphrodite nodded.

"I observe them once in a while." Aphrodite said.

"It's my turn." Apollo said while grabbing the notebook.

2.) A person is jealous when he/she were mad if she sees you with another girl/boy.

Katie and Will are walking side by side. They were laughing and very close to each other.

On the background, Travis Stoll punched the base of the Zeus's Fist.

"Will Solace. You're going down." Travis said.

"Wait. There's no dent in the Zeus's Fist, yet!" Rachel said.

"Oops. Well, it's on the future. I slipped." Apollo said sheepishly. Rachel looked at him and sigh.

"It's my turn-" Rachel said.

"No! Let me!" Aphrodite said and grabbed the notebook.

3.) A person is jealous when his/her boyfriend/girlfriend left without a reason.

"Where are you going, Jason?" Piper asked.




"Tell me specifically or I'll force you to say it." Piper said threateningly. "And I can assure you it's going to be painful, indeed."

"You're making that up!" Rachel exclaimed.

"Of course not! I told you. I observe people. Especially my daughters and sons." Aphrodite said

"Fine." Rachel said. "I believe you. And I believe it's my turn."

4.) A person is jealous whenever his/her bf/gf is spending more time outside with friends—especially you know there's another boy/girl with him/her.

"Why are you late, Perseus?" Annabeth said really angry.

"I'm with the others. We canoed through the lake."

"And who's with you?"

"Rachel, Leo, Piper, Hazel, Frank, and Jason." Percy said. "And Reyna, too."

Annabeth flinched. "Reyna and Rachel?"

"Yep." He said.

"I'll write another number." Rachel said.

5.) A person is jealous when he/she is possessive of his/her partner. i.e making him/her spend time with him/her more.

"Hey, Percy." Grover and Rachel said. "Wanna go to the movies?"


"No." Annabeth said. "He's spending time with me." She grabbed Percy's arm and force him to go with her.

After Rachel wrote that, the bell rang.

"See you, Rachel." Aphrodite said. "Keep that list 'kay?" I nodded. "We'll continue it tomorrow?" I nod again and she left.

"See you at camp. I'll drop by." Apollo said before flashing out. Rachel was left alone with her notebook, her pen and what's that? Is that an album?

She opened the album and saw pictures. Pictures of her friends.

On the first page was "Symptoms of Jealousy". It was printed on it. Rachel's eyes widened.

All pictures of her friends looking irritated and a description was beside each. On the second picture was Travis looking at Katie and Will. Then she saw a button like a 'play' button on a video on each side of the picture. When she tap the second picture, it moved and has sounds. On the side of it says,

2.) A person is jealous when he/she were mad if she sees you with another girl/boy.

Katie and Will are walking side by side. They were laughing and very close to each other.

On the background, Travis Stoll punched the base of the Zeus's Fist.

"Will Solace. You're going down." Travis said.

When she continues of scan the pages, a note fell. It says.

This is a proof of all the current examples on the list. Every number we wrote and every example will have a video. It will update itself.


~Apollo and Aphrodite xoxo

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