Sasuke x Naruto(one shot)

At Sasuke's house, around 1-2 AM

"S-Sasuke...ahhh...wait not yet...ah-ah-AHHHH" Naruto sutterd as Sasuke kept pounding deep inside him ignoring the blonde whith a small smirk visible on his pale yet beuatiful face.

Naruto gasped as Sasuke hit his sweet spot dead on over and over again. "Sasuke don't...ahhh-ah...ignor Teme!"

Sasuke then leaned over and pulled Naruto into a loving kiss making Naruto's heart skipped a beat at the sudden kiss and blushed an even deaper shade of red as he kissed him back.'This feels great, he is just so damn sexy!' Naruto thought to himself, but then he felt Sasuke slip in his toung roaming Naruto's mouth making him gasp and break the kis sfor the need for air.

Sasuke looked down at Naruto lustfully and smiled, not a smirk. A genuin smile! "Na-Naruto, you." Sasuke wiperd the last part but Naruto heard it! 'Sasuke...he-he-he loves me?!'

Naruto was panting heavily as was Sasuke. They were both near their limit."Sasuke...I-I too" After finishing his sentence he pulled the raven into a kiss. Sasuke's eyes shot open, but not for long as he kept thrusting into Naruto still hitting his prostate, and kissed Naruto back. But no toung or anything. It was a sweet, loveing kiss. But even so it made Naruto's heart flutter.

Sasuke pulled back from the kiss and pulled Naruto onto his lap, putting them in a sitting position with Naruto's leg either side of Sasuke's hips.
They didn't speak, they didn't need to.

They just staired into eachothers eyes, but then Naruto couldn't hold it any released his hot sead over his and his lovers belly. Then a few seconds later Sasuke filled Naruto's insides. After a few more thrust riding out his orgasm, Sasuke pulled of Naruto and laid him on the bed.

Sasuke embraced Naruto into a hug, he decied he would change the sheats and have a shower in the morning. After about ten minutes Sasuke fell asleep still hugging his lover who was quite happily snuggiling into Sasuke cheast; he could heir Sasuke's heart beat.

It was like a lulabie, wich helped Naruto fall into a deep, calm sleep.