Rumplestiltskin, through and through, was a coward. Running from the war had been his first mistake, since meeting Milah, marrying her, could never be condemned as

one, not when that union gave him Bae. Driving that dagger into an all too human-like chest was his second. His third slip-up, so awful it could be called a sin, was

letting go of his son's hand, watching in utter fear as Bae faded into the portal of green light, his screams of betrayal simmering into painful silence. He could list at least

a thousand after that. He could consider when he ripped Milah's heart out. He could, of course, but he won't. He won't because the two sins of his life outweigh a million

mistakes. His son, the one he released so carelessly, was the only person he ever loved. Other than Belle. Belle was a brief flicker of light amidst an ocean of darkness.

She was the hesitation when he laughed, the hitch in his breath, the warmth in his heart. She was everything and he pushed her away, ignored the tears that fell from

her crystalline eyes. She gave him hope that he could be more than a cowardly spinner and he snuffed it all out. The two great sins of his life were so heavy that they

broke him.

These vignettes were written with the assumption that Belle was mistreated during her captivity and it goes slightly AU a little ways on because God forbid these two should actually have a happy ending in the show. ) All rights got to their respectful owners. Please R&R! Feedback is very much appreciated.