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A Vulcan's Kiss

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Chapter 12: Sarcastic!Legolas - "Thranduil Abuse"

Dear Writers of FanFiction,

What in th- forgive me! I will return shortly, Thranduil has taken out the whip again...

Man ceril? An ngell nîn, daro!*


Prince Legolas of Mirkwood

Author's Note:

Seriously, guys. What's with Thranduil being an over-abusive s.o.a.o. (Son of an Ork)? Legolas is wondering too.

[- translation* "What are you doing?! For my joy, stop!" addressed to the authors who write Thranduil as abusive.]

Oh my squirrel. We got OVER 90 reviews last chapter! Thank you all so much, it means a lot! :D

Next Chapter: Starring King Thranduil, who makes a stand!

I'm out!

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~A Vulcan's Kiss