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A Vulcan's Kiss

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Chapter 47: Treebeard ON - Run, Forest, RUN!

Dear Writers of FanFiction,

We Ents haven't a clue as to what "Run, Forest, Run!" means, but we ask that you stop writing your characters to yell this at us at during the beginning of The Battle of Isengard.

We go as fast as we can, okay. Just stop.


The Ent, Treebeard

Author's Note:

Long time no see! Huh?

Hit a little case of writer's block and the typical family distractions. But I'm back :D

(I am aware that Forrest is spelled, well, as Forrest. But Forest fits better, lol.)

Also! I posted a new chapter for my Star Trek 1,000 one!shots story, so check it out if you wish.

Next Chapter: Starring Elrond and Glorfindel as they explain about the "Middle Earth Family Archives" kept in Imladris!

(Inspired by animepercystyle who left me a review requesting something about family trees! Thanks and sorry it got bumped to the next chapter!)

Review, Forest, Revieeewww! Please :D

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~A Vulcan's Kiss