My New Life Away From Edward

Chapter 1


So this is my life I can't sleep, eat or think clearly my body is wonky and the boyfriend who said I was mate dumped me so what do I do, I try to find Edward send emails to him and he don't reply so I got sick of it and chased Peter & Char down and they said I could come to them but here are the emails if you want to read them before we continue with the story.

Bella & Jasper

Emails from Bella


Dear Edward

My life since you left has been horrible I can't sleep I feel sick and I can't eat.

When you said you don't love me or care for me I knew it was true because why would someone like you even love something like me I am plain, ugly, fall over all the time, so I can see why you don't want me but why would you even attempt to try was it some bet or dare or was it really because you couldn't read my mind or because I am your singer why Edward why leave me it's just not fair.

I wanted to spend eternity with you but you just tore my heart out and left me in a forest for the vampires and the wolves yes I did say wolves and vampire, Victoria came as well as Laurent, they tried to kill me first it was Laurent in our field but big mother fucking wolves killed him, then when I was at your house just to look Victoria was there but the wolves chased her off, but I suppose you don't care or you would have stayed but you didn't so I will say talk to late love.

All yours forever Bella. Xxxxoooo


Dear Edward

I am still sick and sleeping is getting hard my tummy hurts and I don't know what to do? Please help me.

All ways your Bella xxxooo


Dear Edward

I am getting worse and I don't know what do, please help me or send someone like your dad I am being real I missed my period and if you add up my other symptoms I think I am pregnant.

All ways yours Bella


Dear Edward

I have got bigger I would say yes I am having your baby but you are not replying if I haven't heard from you soon I am going to see Peter and Char to see if they know what to do.



Dear Edward

I am going to meet up with Peter and Char you seem to not care and I should have realised you were telling me the truth when you dumped me.

So this is my good bye I am going to get help and move on with my life.

Not yours Bella


Dear Edward

I haven't heard from you and I gave you time even though I had to suffer in the process, you are an immature fuckwad and you are allowed in this child's life and if I don't survive the birth Peter & Char are raising the baby as their own, So stay away and have fun in your long fucked up life.