Full Summary: At birth, Sawada Tsunayoshi was taken away by a hitman called 'The Silent Killer'. 'The Silent Killer' or Li renamed Tsuna as Kurihira Taka. During the incident when Taka was seven years old, his Sky Flames was activated. How will Taka's life turn out now?

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"Talk" – Italian

{Talk} – The Language only Mafia Bosses and his/her Right-Hand Man/Woman know

'This' – Thoughts

Arc 10: Epilogue

Chapter 62 – Epilogue

The next day, Molte woke up early and prepared breakfast for Mukuro and his gang. Molte had a little breakfast too and went to check on the three drunkards from last night.

As Molte suspected, the three were having a bad hangover. He gives them each the medicine for the hangover and left them in Tazaru's care.

Molte returned to his apartment at around 10 a.m. to see the dining table cleaned and Mukuro and his gang were waiting for him. Molte signed and started training them for the future…

~ KHR ~

A few days later, Federico was killed through unknown circumstances and only his bones remained just as Molte told Timoteo when they met in the 'The Clams Restaurant'. A day later, a funeral was held for him and it was raining heavily.

Timoteo was seen crying over the grave stone while hugging it and Coyote stood beside him, holding an umbrella over him and himself. Schnitten and Brow stood behind their boss while holding their own umbrellas to protect Timoteo from enemies that wants to kill him on one of his weakest days.

Suddenly, there was a voice. "I have come as I have promised Vongola Nono-sama… on the day of Federico's funeral," and the boy slowly walked towards Timoteo.

Schnitten and Brow wanted to take their guns out but Timoteo knew the voice and signaled them to stop. Timoteo turned around to see Molte carrying a bouquet of flowers. He was wearing a suit and fedora, but he did not wear his glasses and he did not bring an umbrella with him. Giotto was invisible behind him, watching everything that is sadly happening.

Molte puts the bouquet of flowers onto the gravestone and smiled sadly. 'Another life was lost… I am sorry for not saving you. I cannot prevent your death… but with your death, the future of the mafia world will be much safer…'

Molte stood back up and touched Timoteo's shoulder. Coyote, Schnitten and Brow became tensed and was ready to take their weapons out. One second later, Molte's hands were pinned to the ground by a crying Timoteo. But before Timoteo even pinned him down, Molte had moved to a position to let Timoteo pin him down easily.

All their umbrellas were thrown away and they run to their boss. "Boss…!"

"Why?" and the three guardians running towards their boss stopped because their boss asked such a question to a child. "You knew and you did not stop it! Why?" and Molte felt Timoteo's tears fell to his clothes.

The guardians' eyes widened and looked to Molte.

Molte released his breath and closed his eyes. "I told you in the restaurant that this will happen no matter what, your first two sons' death as well."

Timoteo's eyes widened and grabs Molte's jacket. "You knew about those two as well?"

"I attended both of their funerals as well, hidden by the shadows of the forest."

Timoteo's was completely shocked. "W-What…?"

Molte freed one of his hands and pulled Timoteo's head closer to him while whispering. "I am sorry for not saving them… with their deaths, the mafia world will change for the better."

Timoteo got up and shakes him. "You could have still stopped it! All three of my sons! You could have faked their deaths! Do you know how hard it is to lose a relative? To know that the person you loved died like this!"

Molte's face darkened and a line of tears fell from his eyes. "I do! I know how hard it is losing a relative! My father was killed right in front of me when he tried to save me! I would have saved your sons, but I could not." 'I did not want to see you like this, grandfather…'

"Why? Why could you not?"

"Because if I were to do that, this world will fall apart!"

Timoteo's eyes widened. "How is that possible...?"

{It is true. I cannot explain it to you now… not yet… For now,} and Molte sits up. Timoteo was surprised and let go of his jacket. The three guardians were surprised as well that he could do that when he is having Timoteo's weight on him.

Molte continued. {Let your anger, sadness and everything go. Cry on my shoulder if you like and move on. Your guardians will be worried of you do not. You should act like a normal father just this once, crying for your sons' death. I will protect you just this one day…} and hugged Timoteo.

Timoteo's eyes widened as his Hyper Intuition told him something. 'My Hyper Intuition trusts him…' and he leaned onto Molte's shoulder. {Thank you…} and he started to really cry for all three of his sons' death.

Molte just held him and smiled sadly again. Giotto was saddened by this as well. The three guardians were confused and did not know what to do. They picked their umbrellas back up and look back at the scene while guarding their boss from danger.

~ KHR ~

~ A few hours later ~

The rain stopped.

"The rain has finally stopped…" and Coyote kept his umbrella.

The two other guardians did the same as well.

Molte saw that Timoteo was leaning on him, fast asleep while smiling. "It seems Nono-sama has fallen asleep after crying."

Coyote looked at Molte more carefully. "I knew I saw you before, you are the boy boss told me about from the restaurant. The only difference is that you are not wearing your glasses."

Molte smirked. "Yes, that was me. Do you have a car around? Being soaked in water for too long is not good for one health, especially Nono-sama. He has been through a lot of stress…"

"Yeah, we need to go. Schnitten, help me carry boss. Brow, get the umbrellas."

"Okay. / Sure..."

Brow went to collect the umbrellas while Coyote and Schnitten went to carry Timoteo out of Molte's embrace. But it seems Timoteo is not letting go of Molte anytime soon.

Coyote face-palmed and Schnitten sweat-dropped.

Molte signed. "Nono-sama…" and he looks to Coyote. "Is the car nearby here?"

"Yes, the driver is Brow after all."

"I have no choice then. I will carry him there. We will have to hurry back to your Famiglia's HQ. I can feel he is having a fever."

"What?" and Coyote touched Timoteo's forehead. "It is really hot! Brow goes prepare the car! Boss is sick!"

"Okay!" and Brow runs to prepare the car.

"Schnitten, help him out!"

Schnitten nods and runs after Brow.

Coyote turned to Molte. "And you…"

Molte shifted Timoteo and carried him bridal-style while standing up. "Hmm~"

Coyote signed. "I do not want to know."

Molte looks to Coyote. "I need to ask first, is Xanxus-sama home right now?"

Coyote was confused about his knowledge but still answered him. "No, boss sent him along with his Varia team on a mission, they will only come back a few weeks later."

Molte nods. 'That is good…' "Lead the way to the car, Coyote-sama."

Coyote nods and leads Molte who was carrying Timoteo bridal-style to the car.

~ KHR ~

Molte and Coyote reached the car. Brow was sitting in the driver's seat with Schnitten sitting beside him.

Coyote opened the door to the car and Molte went in. Coyote went into the car too and closed the door.

Brow then started driving back to the Vongola Famiglia's HQ.

~ KHR ~

~ Vongola Famiglia's HQ ~

Brow drove the car to the door entrance of the building. Coyote opened the door and let Molte come out too.

Coyote pushed the entrance of the double doors opened and they were greeted by many voices. "Welcome back, masters."

Coyote nods and walks to the stairway, Molte followed behind him. Many of the servants were shocked that a kid is carrying their boss.

A servant walked up to Coyote and bowed. "Coyote-sama, why is the-"

Molte cleared his throat. "Coyote-sama, where is Nono-sama's bedroom?"

Coyote looked at the servant, and then at Molte. "I will lead you there," and he turned back to the servant. "I will explain later."

Coyote signaled Molte to follow him and he did.

~ KHR ~

~ Timoteo's bedroom ~

Coyote opened the door and let Molte walks in before closing the door. Molte puts Timoteo onto the bed to rest and sits beside him.

Molte whipped his forehead. "Where are the doctors?"

Coyote's eyes widened and cussed. "This is bad. They were overworked last night by Nono ordering them to find out if those bones really belonged to Federico. They have only gotten the results early this morning and are now resting."

Molte tsked. "I guess I have no choice."

"What are you planning to do now?"

"I will heal Nono-sama. I do not think Shamal will want to come since I am also here."

"Shamal? Trident Mosquito Shamal…? How do you know him?"

"I have my own connections. Coyote-sama, do you trust me to heal him?" while Molte pointed to Timoteo.

Coyote signed. "I have no choice right? Boss even showed you his weakest moment and cried on you. That is rare for him, he will not even cry on me."

"Yes, please do not tell anyone else about this."

"Tell them what?"

"That Nono-sama cried on me, and I was the one who really healed him. If there are curious of who healed him, tell him that Brow healed him and I was just an illusion."

Coyote was shocked. "You are an illusionist?"

"Yes, and this may not even me my true form. Do you still trust me?"

"Since boss has not let go of your hand even right now, I will have to. Make sure to heal him, okay?"

Molte smirked. "Of course Coyote-sama..."

Molte started to heal Timoteo without using his dying will flames as he did not want anyone to know he knows about the flames. After he finished healing Timiteo, Timiteo needed to rest for about a week. Molte went back to his apartment and showered. Next, he went back to training Mukuro and the others.


To be continued…

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