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"Where is Elijah?" She asked in a way Damon couldn't interpret. Her eyes held a mixture of worry, anger and disgust but her face remained composed. Her composed face reminded him of Elijah when he killed those werewolves at the Salvatore Boarding House. He was so calm. It was as if, he didn't just rip hearts out of a few werewolves. The way he placed that moonstone on the table, it was as if he was placing a candy on the table. His stance was so calm, yet frightening. And so was hers. Her heartbeat was there, beating ever so lightly. So she was a human, he thought. And it was oddly calm for his taste. Normally, when women talked to him, their heart would beat faster. He thought it was because of his extreme hotness. Which was kind of true. So, he was a bit disappointed when he heard her heartbeat slow and steady.

They were sitting at the Mystic Grill's infamous bar. Apparently everything cool and dangerous always went down at the bar. Or the Boarding house. She had requested to meet Damon. Yes, requested. That's what Andie said. She met Andie through Jenna apparently. And had asked to arrange for a meeting with Damon. Andie didn't say anything else. And as she conveyed this message to Damon on phone, he wasn't able to compel her to give the details.

As he struggled to not stare at her beautifully toned curvaceous body, she gulped downed her whiskey. "Now, how would I know?" Damon said with a struggling nonchalant expression. There was something frightening about this lady. Damon couldn't bring himself to call her a girl. That wouldn't be right. Not just because of her body. But the way she walked in. The way she carried herself. The way her voice was so impassive yet full of concern when she asked about Elijah. The way she met her beautiful emerald green eyes with his cerulean blue ones. One could say they were mesmerizing. They held a glint of warmth in them. Warmth that her face didn't show.

"Well, I know for a fact that he was last seen at this grill, talking to you and your girlfriend. So, if you're not as dumb as I think you to be, you will give me an honest answer. Sooner rather than later." She said. Again with that impassiveness. Wow, she really had her way with words, He thought.

"You know, I have been known to do plenty a dumb things. Things I don't have to do. But I still do. " He retorted with his all-too-familiar smirk. It wasn't the first time she had seen that smirk. She was quite familiar with that smirk. It held memories of a distant relative. She pushed those memories to the back of her mind as she gave him a smile. A cold one. One that sends shiver down your spine.

"I pegged you for a smart guy. Now, I didn't want to get my hands dirty but seeing as things aren't going to be so… simple, I am afraid i will have to find some other way." She said tilting her head a little.

And then he decided to do something stupid. Like he mostly does. He met her emerald eyes and commanded "Who are you? What do you want with Elijah? And what is your name?" He stared at her but her pupils didn't dilate. Great. Just fucking great. She was on vervain. Like anything would go right once in his immortal existence. He thought, mentally kicking himself for not judging better. Then again, he was never known for his better judgement. He was always known for his impulsiveness.

She laughed mockingly. It was almost a chuckle. Her pearl white teeth showed as her perfectly plump crimson lips departed each other. "You vampires, think you can do anything you want. Don't you? Like the world is at your feet. Compulsion doesn't work on me. As you must have guessed." She said judging the confused yet irritated look on his face.

"Well, the world is at our feet. Besides a little stake what's to stop us from reaching the moon?" He mock glared her. She was really getting on his nerves. All this mystery surrounding her was making him curious. And curious Damon was just as dangerous as pissed Damon.

"Aren't we a little cocky." She smirked and shot another glass of whiskey down her throat. Damm, she could take her liquor. It was barely 5 minutes since she walked in and this was her 4th glass of whiskey. Damon was impressed. Yet again. But now he had it. He had to know about her. He impatiently asked, "So, what's your name? I haven't seen you around here before, I would remember such a pretty…. Face." He smiled through his eyes lustfully. It was astonishing how Damon could go from compelling someone to flirting with them in a matter of seconds.

She snickered. "I don't owe you any answers. But, since I am in a good mood, I will however make a deal. 10 questions in return for 1. I only have one condition, Honesty. You lie to me, consequences won't please you."

"Let me get this straight, you are willing to answer 10 questions and I only have to answer 1? Seems like you are either very smart or severely stupid. Anyway, my gain. Deal." He said, almost immediately.

She waved her hand in response as an indication for Damon to go ahead with his questionnaire.

"What's your name?"


"Pretty name. What are you doing in Mystic Falls?"

"Looking for Elijah."


"He seems to be missing. That's why."

"What gives you the impression he's missing?"

"He's nowhere to be found."

"You are very cryptic. Now where did you get vervain from?"

"I didn't get vervain from anywhere."

"Right. So did Elijah give you?"


"If he didn't give you and you didn't get it from anywhere, then why didn't my compulsion work?"

"I have a special resistance power against your compulsion."

"Are you human?"


"What are you?"

"A supernatural creature."

"What kind of supernatural creature?"

"The kind that isn't afraid of vampires."

"And what kind would that be?"

"Your 10 questions are over. My turn now." She said while toying with the rim of her whiskey glass. If Damon wasn't so annoyed at her for not giving away any useful information and ducking each and every question with an useless answer, he would have found that seductive. But he was, annoyed. Pissed.

"You didn't really give any honest answer to my questions." He snarled barely containing his irritation.

"Well, I believe I was honest to you. There's nothing that I said, that was untrue. So, my one question in return for your ten is that, where is Elijah?"

He smirked, thinking he will give her a taste of her own medicine, he knew what she was going to ask the minute she offered the deal. "In Mystic Falls." He then triumphantly gulped down his drink before looking at her face for any kind of irritation. He expected her to be irritated, just like him, when he didn't get his desired answer. But instead he noticed her smiling. What was up with this woman?

"Thank you." She said before paying for her drink and leaving quite a tip as she stood up to leave.

He couldn't contain his curiosity any longer, "What are you thanking me for? I didn't really give you anything." She smiled again. And said, "You gave me enough." She started to walk away. She was just about few inches away when Damon grabbed her hand and glared at her. She slowly pulled her other hand towards Damon's hand that was gripping her left arm a little too tightly and unclasped his fingers. She then gave him a look that said don't-you-dare-touch-me-again. And walked out of the grill without giving any verbal response.

As he heard her heels click their way out of the grill and into the parking lot, he took his cellphone out from his pocket and dialed Rick.

"We have a problem." He whispered angrily.

"What's it this time?" The hunter asked, sounding a bit tired. He was tired. Not physically but mentally. Every day in mystic falls seemed to be worse than the previous one. Jenna was mad at him. Elena was facing a real danger from an unknown mystery called Klaus. And they had daggered one of the most powerful vampires to ever exist. Yup, tired is exactly what he was.

"There's this woman, she's looking for Elijah. She's not human. And she's very… odd."

"Not human? What is she then?"

"I don't know. I just played the 10 questions version of 20 questions with her and all I got was that her name's Charmeine, she's a supernatural being that isn't afraid of vampires and is looking for Elijah."

"Well, what do you need me to do?"

"Gather the Scooby doo gang. Meeting at my place in an hour. "


"And Rick.."


" Bring every kind of possible supernatural-freaks-killing weapon you have in your pantry."

"Be there in an hour." The hunter then hung up and rubbed his hand over his face in exasperation.

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