Fanfiction; Smallville.

Pairings; Lex/Lana. Lex/Chloe

Disclaimer; I don't own Smallville or any of the characters portrayed in this story. This story is not for profit only for pleasure!




Lana Lang pulled out her spell book and laid it on the old wooden table. It was heavy and dusty, a huge book, written by countless generations of her female ancestors.

The Lang family had been witches for three hundred years and they had always been proud of it. It had been nessesary to hide sometimes, due to witch-hunts which cropped up occasionally, but otherwise they were known and either feared or loved by all who knew them. Some brave souls even dared to come to the Lang women for love potions and advice on many a clandestine affair, not that any of them would admit it to their friends and family.

Now, Lana sought out the council of the ancient book for herself. She wanted him and she would get him anyway she could.

He was the Heir to the Luthor dynasty. The Luthors owned all the land for miles around as well as the town in which Lana lived. This was where she had always lived – as a peasant. He was wealthy, as far above her as she could aim, but she wanted no one else.

No one else could move her like he did.

His name was Alexander, Lex to his friends. He was a spoiled and arrogant, almost never noticing anyone below him and even though he had never actually seen her, Lana knew that he would think she was below his notice.

Except for maybe a quick roll in the hay. Which is the last thing she wanted. She wanted him for life.

She resorted to the spell book now because she wanted to cast a spell on him so that he would leave the blond girl he was planning on wedding, at the alter and marry her instead.

A smile touched her full curved lips as her wide hazel eyes fell on the very spell she wanted.

Wonderful, she thought with a smirk.

She set to work immediately, throwing the ingredients into her cauldron without checking them, her mind giving her perfect recall. Soon the pot was bubbling happily above the fire, a strange, thick green smoke rising up out of it.

Lana's long gown whirled as she spun around happily, her long dark hair falling around her shoulders and down her slender back enticingly.

She was beautiful and she knew it.

All she needed was a little help, in the form of this spell; the rest would be up to her and her wiles, of which she had plenty. Her slim yet curvaceous body was everything a man could possibly desire, her lips were full and nicely curved, inviting a kiss and her face was as lovely as any angel. But her mind was her one true weapon, it was clever, nimble and quick, everything the Lang women had always been.

Lana had it all planned, tonight when the moon was bright she would steal into the Luthor castle and visit Lex's bedroom, there she would place the spell on him and seduce him. Thus making him hers.

It was a simple plan. Easily executed, or so she thought.




Lana's stealthy figure stole through the blackness along the castle wall, she knew the grounds well after having worked in the kitchens on two occasions.

There was a hidden stairwell that led right into Lex's bedchamber. It had been used in times gone by for the master of the house to smuggle his mistresses safely out of the castle, should his wife return unexpectedly. Lana used it now, her footsteps barely making a sound as she crept up the stairs with no light to guide her way.

In the pitch darkness only her eyes could see the way.

She reached the door and paused, listening quietly for any sounds on the other side of the heavy wooden door. There was none. It was late so she thought he would perhaps be asleep.

She opened the latch and stepped cautiously into the dimly lit room. The bed was empty. The sheets unrumpled and well made.

Where was he?

Lana walked forwards intent on examining the bed for signs of having been used at all, when a hand grabbed her arm and swung her around roughly. She looked up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen.

Instead of being scared at being caught, Lana simply smiled a confident and seductive smile.

"What is the meaning of this wench?" Lex demanded, his smooth, deep voice managing to sound enticing despite his displeasure.

"I came to see you." Lana said boldly. She raised her face up towards his, the dim light illuminating her lovely features.

"And who are you?" He asked, the anger fading out of his voice quickly at the sight that greeted him.

His eyes dropped to her ruby red lips and then to her breasts, which were on display in a tight red gown, which pushed her breasts upwards, as if offering them to him.

An evil smile touched his sensuous lips as the situation took a pleasurable turn. Instead of an intruder he had found a seductress.

Lex was known for his exploits with women, he had had hundreds of women throwing themselves at him since he was fifteen. Never lacking for female company, despite being completely bald due to an accident as a child. So this situation was not new to him. But he definitely liked what he saw.

"Lana." The seductress said softly.

Lex felt a strong, irrational urge to kiss her curved red lips and ravage her right there on the floor; normally he was better in control of himself than that.

He frowned.

This one was a tease and a consummate one at that.

Lana examined him through heavy lidded eyes, her desire for him suddenly swamping her body. He was delicious; his slim but well muscled body everything she had dreamed of. His intense gaze turned her insides to mush with his slightly aquiline face and straight nose leading down to a mouth that would tempt a saint.

And she definitely wasn't one.

She raised her free hand and traced a finger over those lips, boldly.

He reacted by gripping the wrist he still held even tighter.

Lana smiled and stared into his eyes. As soon as their eyes met, neither could look away. The air was full and heavy with electricity, the spark between then explosive.

As if a magnet pulled them together, their faces moved closer together until with a gasp their lips met, there was no chaste touching of lips.

Their mouths opened on contact, tongues tangling fiercely. A groan came from Lex's lips as Lana rubbed her lithe body against his already aroused flesh.

A strange, sickly green smoke left her mouth and entered his, without his knowledge, a satisfied look stole into her eyes as she kissed him.

She released her wrist from his grasp and parted his shirt, which had already been open and slid it down his arms until it fluttered to the floor forgotten.

Her arms wound themselves around his neck and she pressed herself more fully against him.

Lex found he couldn't think clearly, all he could do was feel.

Nothing seemed to matter except the beautiful woman in his arms. All he wanted was to bury himself deep inside her and touch her soft skin, kiss every inch of her endlessly.

There was no tomorrow, only right now.

"Lana…" Lex whispered hoarsely, losing himself completely in the moment.