Chapter Five.

Chloe was so excited she felt like she could burst with all the pent up emotion.

Today was her wedding day and she couldn't wait to marry the man of her dreams.

She woke up extra early to the sounds of servants preparing for their wedding feast.

Everywhere there was hustle and bustle, peoples' hushed, anxious whispers echoed through the halls. Chloe smiled to herself as she dressed in her robe and against all social conventions she decided to go and see Lex.

Just a glimpse was all she needed to strengthen her resolve. On bare feet she walked quickly through the deserted upper story halls; all the business seemed to be going on downstairs thankfully.

Soon she reached Lex's chambers, he had pointed them out to her last night when bidding her goodnight after dinner.

She smiled a secretive half smile as she quietly opened the door and tip toed in. She hoped Lex was still in.

Indeed he was in bed – but he was not alone.

Chloe gasped as she saw his bed partner.

She was tangled with in the sheets and with Lex himself. Her long dark hair was spread like a fan around their prone bodies, her head on his shoulder; a smug smile curved her lips even in her sleep.

Lex had his arms around her naked body, his lips at her hair.

Chloe felt anger like she had never felt it before.

It burned through her body, painful in its intensity.

And yet she couldn't drag her eyes away from them.

The whore was beautiful, exquisite in her perfection and all Chloe wanted to do was kill her.

She for a moment saw herself walking forwards and sinking a blade deep into the dark bitches chest and seeing a pool of brilliant red spread across her chest.

She brought herself up short as she realized that the girl's eyes were open and that they stared straight at her, unblinking and triumphant.

She didn't stir nor speak; she simply closed her eyes again as if Chloe didn't exist. Her pale pink lips curved into a pleased smirk. Chloe turned and without a word left the room, murder in her heart.

She reached her chambers and stood in the middle of the room trying to sort out her chaotic mind.

The walk to her room had made her realize that this was a game she wanted to win.

It was a game and Lex was the prize, she realized, her unknown adversary was winning so far but Chloe knew that she held the trump card.

If she walked out of Lex's life today and refused to wed him, the brazen dark haired wench would win.

No, Chloe thought to herself, not so easy bitch. He is mine!

Lex is my husband to be and not yours.

She resolutely went to her closet and took out her wedding dress, ringing the bell for her maids.

"It won't work, you know." A quiet, calm, soft voice said from the doorway.

Chloe spun around and found that Lex's wench had followed her, she stood totally brazen and uncaring in the doorway.

Her beauty was such that even Chloe had to acknowledge it was stunning.

"Get out of my room!" Chloe shouted at her, pointing at the door with her finger.

Lana smiled evilly and stood unmoved.

"You will not have him. He is mine Chloe. Leave now before you truly get burned."

Lana said sweetly, a strange smile touching her full, curved lips.

Chloe was almost speechless she was so angry at the wench's arrogance and attitude.

Without thinking she walked swiftly right up to the dark haired girl and slapped her hard through the face, it would have sent a normal girl flying, but Lana stood unmoved.

She grinned again as she touched her cut lip, licking the blood off her fingers slowly.

"You are beginning to bother me, Chloe." She said her voice still soft and unemotional.

Chloe stared at the other girl in horror as she watched her lick her fingers clean.

What was the matter with her?

She seemed otherworldly, evil even.

A cold feeling seeped into her stomach as she continued to gaze at the dark haired girl.

"Get out!" Chloe said again, her voice breaking on the last work embarrassingly.

"Its you who need to get out. Not I. I belong here, with Lex. He will marry me and ask you to leave. Is that what you wish for? Public humiliation at his hands? Just leave quietly – NOW." Lana's voice had lost its complacency. It was sarcastic and hard now.

"You obviously need a lesson in humility, wench." Chloe said, taking another step towards the small dark haired girl.

"It is you, Chloe Sullivan who will receive a lesson in humility from ME!"

And with that Lana stretched out her right arm and a bright purple bolt of electricity flew out of her pointed finger and hit Chloe squarely in the chest flinging her onto her back several feet away.

Chloe was winded but otherwise unharmed.

She stared at the other girl in horror.

"You are a witch! An evil demon! I will tell everyone! They will string you up from a tree…. They with slay you and drown you…." She ran out of threats as she saw that Lana was not in the least bit worried.

Her grin grew as she heard all of the deaths listed by the blond girl. "I have survived all of those and more, Chloe." She said walking towards her prone figure.

Her eyes now glowed with an unholy light, her lovely face was gleeful. "I dare you to call them!"

She picked the blond girl up and lifted her above her head, her strength was incredible.

She flung Chloe again, onto the bed this time. She landed in a heap, rumpled and tousled among the sheets.

"You need to leave now. Or I warn you, you will find yourself way out of your depth!"

Chloe felt fear seep through her entire body as she saw Lana leave the room unhurriedly, her footsteps slow and measured. Her long dark hair hanging around her slim shoulders enticingly, her face serene and untroubled, just as though they had only been having a talk, instead of what had happened.

But Chloe was not so easily scared and she was determined not to run. If the wench was a witch – and there was no doubt in Chloe's mind that she was – then she had to save Lex from her evil clutches.

Chloe sat on her bed unmoved, thinking of some way to win this war.

She decided that she would show up at the wedding and make her claim to all who would hear her that the girl was a witch.

She would proclaim to the entire village and the castle that the girl in Lex's bed was none other than a spawn of Satan. She would have them hang her and then burn the remains…. She would… Chloe stopped suddenly as she realized she didn't know whether to wear her wedding dress or not… what if Lex really did throw her out of the castle?

Chloe lifted her chin defiantly, she would wear the dress and if Lex didn't want to marry her and honor his promise to her then he would have to do so in front of everyone!

Then the shame would be on his shoulders.

His and that glowy-eyed tramp.

The maids arrived and Chloe went about her wedding toilet.

She would look like the wellborn lady she was and then at least, it didn't matter what happened, she would be above the dark haired tramp.

She would win somehow. It was time to do battle.