Disclaimer: Of course, nothing has changed so I still own nothing besides my character, G, and the situations he is undoubtedly going to find himself in. Other than that, Rockstar is the monopoly. Enjoy!!

Shining Light in a World of Despair: Enter the Unlikely Hero

Throughout the world in the seedy, cesspools of humanity where despair and corruption are known there exist a certain type of person who exists only, miraculously, to help others. G is one such person. His war zone and personal Hell is none other than Liberty City. A massive, bustling metropolis ruled by gangs where no one is safe. Thugs roam the streets, preying on the innocent, if truly there are any left, and tough guys constantly try to make names for themselves.

You see, in a place like this, in a situation as hopeless as this, is where G thrives. If you have a problem, you can go to him and he will take care of it, provided you have to get out. You see, that is what G does, he gets people out.anyway possible. Making escape possible for others, and occasionally a sizable "donation" are G's only rewards for this public service he performs. But, what happens when the person that most needs to get out is G himself?

The door is closed, the meter is running, enjoy the ride through this city, and through the life of an unlikely hero.