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No One Bites

Distracted as hell by what he was doing, not only because Blake knew just how to touch to bring himself the most pleasure, but because of the way Bane was looking at him through the glass while watching his every move, it took Blake a moment to realize that the other man was also moving, and then the shower door was opening and Bane was stepping into the shower with his clothes still on, the materials getting drenched as Bane moved in closer to the shower, caging Blake back against the tiled wall with Bane's size making it impossible for him to escape.

His hands leaving his body, self-preservation instinct kicking in just a little too late to save him, Blake quickly moved to brace those hands against Bane's chest in a completely futile effort to push the other man back as he glared at him, the water lashing out at Bane the way he wanted to, though Bane seemed completely oblivious to the spray that made the oddest sounds as the water bounced off the mask Bane was still wearing.

"I didn't say you could join me."

"I don't need your permission." Was Bane's raspy response, the man's right hand moving now too across Blake's wet thigh and then around to stroke the curve of the detective's ass, which had Blake hissing like a pissy cat in response. But even he didn't expect Bane's next move, Blake's eyes going huge as a strangled out gasp left his lips in response to Bane slipping one large finger inside him.

Digging his nails into the wet cotton of Bane's shirt, Blake wanted to verbally tear the mercenary to shreds and would have if he could have. Unfortunately he was too busy grinching his teeth to keep the sounds he wanted to make in his throat, though he wasn't even entirely successful there as Bane's finger moved with determined purpose against his already sensitive outsides, finding the spot guaranteed to get a reaction of him and exploiting it for all it was worth.

Dammit, dammit, dammit. That was all Blake's brain could think to rage over. So big. Bane's finger felt so big, he was so big, crowding him like this, using his strength and size so completely against him while those eyes, those beautiful eyes bore into his, glowing with the absolute certainty that he had every right to do this. That he was his to touch this way. And try as he might Blake couldn't ignore the coming orgasm either, because there was nothing he could do, so completely was he at Bane's mercy as Bane added another finger, the stretch bringing a burn to the pleasure that gave it added claws and hooked him completely and broke what little control he had left.

So when he knew it was too late Blake shifted his hands up so that he could dig his fingers into Bane's shoulders, and as the climax hit him he lowered his head and bit down hard on the spot where Bane's neck met shoulder in one final show of defiance.

And even while his own system relayed the pleasure of his orgasm, Blake couldn't help but feel, thanks to being sandwiched between the cool tile and the furnace of Bane's body, the telltale shudders that coursed through Bane's body, saw even through his own haze the shocked pleasure in Bane's unfocused eyes. And heard the garbled groans through the mask that the water didn't drown out.

Under normal circumstances, given how pissed he still was at Bane, Blake would have made a crack about the other man's easy trigger and all that suggested, but he was a little too busy staying upright at the moment to do so.

Turning into a pile of hormonal goo would undermine what little standing he had left.

Resting his forehead on Bane's shoulder for a moment, Blake allowed himself a small moan when Bane removed his fingers, knowing his ass was going to be sore but not really caring at the moment. He wanted those fingers back inside him, and that concerned him way more.

Talk about putting a bow on the day thus far. Merry Fucking Christmas.

Lifting his head when he figured he could look into Bane's eyes without swooning like some fairy tale princess, Blake met Bane's gaze squarely through the water dripping into his eyes. "Enjoy your torture?"

Having taken a step back to give him a little more room, Bane's hand was gentle as he pushed back Blake's wet bangs, remaining silent despite the question.

"Since you aren't in the mood to talk you might wanna get out of here before that tin can on your face rusts and you end up being even harder to understand than usual." Having found his sarcasm, thank God, Blake deliberately closed the space between them so that they were chest to chest again, the water hitting him more fully as an add jolt of awareness.

"It's not made of tin."

Rolling his eyes Blake muttered over the fact that Bane continually focused on the wrong portion of their conversations. And then he informed Bane that he could suit himself, and gave the mercenary his back as he turned his attention to retrieving the shampoo, pouring some into his hand and then turning his attention to rubbing it into his hair.

Bane stayed where he was the whole time, watching him bathe, and only when Blake was done did he turn and step out of the shower so that Blake could do the same.

As soon as he was out Blake wrapped a towel around his waist even though it was a lost cause at this point, then retrieved another. And threw it at Bane.

"Dry off before you get sick and die on me. Who knows what your men would do without you around to hold their leashes."

Blake waited for the crack about how that was the only reason he would care about Bane's health, and wasn't sure what to think when it didn't come and Bane just walked out of the room without a word.


Leaning against the counter as he watched Blake heat up leftovers for the both of them, Barsad debated what to say and how to say it since he really didn't want to have to say anything at all. But Bane was in the gym, wearing soaking wet pants and nothing else while he worked out like a man possessed, and when he'd tried to interfere and point out the obvious hazards of what he was doing Bane had literally growled at him, and threatened to tear his head off his neck if he didn't leave him the hell alone. He'd been dead serious. And now here was Blake, looking peeved and moody, not at all in the Christmas spirit despite the fact that the idiot had been obsessing over this Christmas thing since he'd realized its imminent arrival. He had also noticed, and wished he hadn't, the slight hitch in the other man's stride as he moved around the kitchen, not to mention the slight winces when he'd had to squat down to get something from the lower shelves in the fridge and cupboards.

The detective's sleeves were rolled up, and he'd gotten a good look at all the skin Blake was currently showing. There was no sign the man had been restrained, beaten or had been in a fight. The only obvious wound on Bane had been bruising from a bite on his neck. Add in his own beliefs when it came to Bane's code where rape was concerned and he was either looking at a case where the two had had sex and were hating each other and themselves over it, or had almost had sex and something had gone wrong. He did not want to think of all the ways that could go wrong, especially since he'd put his money on Bane being the one who screwed things up out of eagerness and inexperience.

"Careful, keep making faces like that and your ugly mug might get permanently uglier."

Giving Blake a look that conveyed how unfunny he thought the other man was, Barsad was about to tell Blake to hurry up with the food when his senses, tuned to always know where Bane was, clued him into the other man's presence. And so with no time to second guess himself, Barsad took a leap of faith.

"So are you and Bane pissed at each other because you had sex, or because you both want it and keep pissing each other off to keep your hormones in line?"

"And that would be any of your fucking business because…?"

"Because I said I'd kill you if you become a threat to him."

Turning away from the microwave Blake gave him a scorching look. "You know, for once it might be grand, to have someone understand, the fucking fact that I'm a fucking hostage here! If you damn well don't want me around then just let me go or put a bullet in my goddamn head! If he's off PMSing wherever he is, then that's because he's an assehole who thinks everything I do is to fuck with him. Which is not my fault!"

Layering on the sarcasm Barsad smirked. "And let me guess, you want the usual things before you'll forgive him for your latest fight. Flowers, chocolate, promises he doesn't intend to keep."

The twitch of Blake's lips showed he was struggling not to smirk, losing the battle so that he ended up smiling just a little bit. "Dammit. You're good, I'll give you that. You piss me off almost as much as he does."

"You and I would both sooner walk across the ice then fuck each other. That helps."

"It does indeed." Blake snorted out. "And I get that he's naturally more cynical and dark then I am, and that his people skills go to crap on a one on one level, but you seriously need to make him get a fucking clue when it comes to the fact that I am not some fucking Mata Hari before we kill each other."

"You'd fail if you tried."

"You know what I mean, Assehole."

"No one's ever wanted him for himself. Only what he could give them. You might factor that in."

"Yeah, I know he had the life from hell, which I wouldn't wish on anyone, and the shit I had to deal with as a kid seriously pales in comparison, but-"

When Blake just stood there without finishing his sentence, wearing the oddest look on his face and obviously a million miles away, Barsad waited a good three minutes and then snapped a finger in front of the other man's face.

That got Blake's attention. "I hate when people do that."

"I hate when people trail off in the middle of a sentence. Where'd you go?"

"I just realized how completely and totally I'm Fortune's bitch this winter. And karma's a bitch too, FYI."

It was Barsad's turn to be slightly amused, though he remembered well what it was to be Fortune's bitch. "I would agree with those statements. Had an epiphany, did you?"

"Yup." Blake shook his head, joining Barsad in leaning back against the cupboards so that they were almost shoulder to shoulder. "There's been this nagging voice in the back of mind for a while now, this feeling that there's something very familiar about the way Bane behaves around me when he gets all 'You're just trying to manipulate and use me' on my ass. It's me. He's me when I was a kid, and stuck in foster homes. This is my payback, karma smacking me in the ass for being such a little shit back then."

Barsad couldn't help it, he literally roared with laughter over the comparison and accompanying mental images, his arms wrapping around his waist to try and hold his merriment in.

When he stopped though, the dim remembrance that Bane was nearby finally kicking in, Barsad tried to take what Blake had just said a little further before he busted another gut. "So now you know how he's feeling, and why he reacts as he does."

The scowl Blake gave him made it clear that yes, yes he'd connected the dots in his mind.

"Fine, fine. I'll cut him some slack. Your point's been made, Assehole. He has the maturity of an emotionally stunted twelve year old when it comes to me. I got it."

"A little older than that, since he does want to fuck you."

"That I know, thanks."

"Yeah, I noticed. You really clamped down on him."

Jaw dropping Blake stared at him, his skin flushing bright red as he sputtered and sputtered some more before understanding dawned. "Oh, you meant…the teeth…yeah, it seemed like the thing to do at the time."

In direct opposition to Blake's reaction Barsad noticeably paled. "Okay, yeah, let's stop talking about this now. The mental images are getting to be too much. If you guys are fucking, or when you are, I'll poison you both if you start telling me the details." And thank God, Barsad mentally added, that he'd dismantled the bugs he'd found in Blake's room while the other man had been watching his movie with Bane last night.

Blake's grin turned decidedly evil. "I'll keep that in mind the next time you piss me off."

"Now you're the assehole."

"And you're the lackey to my emotionally stunted…bane."

Wisely they turned their attention to the food after that, and Barsad knew exactly when Bane left them as well, hopefully to go upstairs and get changed.


Bane had showered and changed into a fresh pair of khaki pants, not bothering with a new shirt at the moment as he sat on his bed with his back pressed back against the headboard, his hands holding Osito on his lap. He couldn't help but think of what his bear had looked like prior to his arrival in Gotham, badly stitched together and looking very much the worse for wear. Then Blake had gotten ahold of him and now he looked neatly put together, the red sweater making Osito appear far prettier and somehow happier than he'd looked in a very long time.

Talia thought he couldn't trust Blake, that the detective would do whatever it took to seduce him into setting him free or letting himself be used. But Talia didn't know Blake the way he did, knew him only through the data they'd collected on the cop and his own comments about him. The conversation he'd overheard earlier, that Barsad had wanted him to hear because Bane knew his second would have been aware of his presence, suggested that Barsad didn't agree with Talia. That he thought Blake's desire for him was as genuine as his own. Barsad was wise and not easily fooled, not to mention he'd spent actually time around Blake, to the point where the two were somewhat friendly to the other, insults and all.

And on this particular mission he would be wiser to trust Barsad than Talia because she was so emotionally invested in the destruction of Gotham and its occupants. Barsad only cared about what was best for himself, Bane, and the success of his orders.

Yet perhaps Blake had charmed Barsad too, so that his second didn't realize that like Bane he was falling under the spell Blake seemed to have casted over him so effortlessly. It was a possibility he couldn't ignore, even though Blake wouldn't appeal to Barsad in the same way. Or would he? The cop seemed to have a talent for making the formerly uninterested very interested.

A knock at the door.

Setting his bear back on the bedside table Bane gave leave for to enter, assuming it would be Barsad. But it was Blake who came walking into his room with a tray in one hand, switching to holding it with both hands when he was through the door.

As he got closer Bane saw that there was a large plate on the tray, loaded down with food that he guessed was from the feast Blake had made the day before for Christmas. There was also a bottle of water, a smaller plate with cookies on it, and a folded piece of paper.

Walking over to the bed Blake set the tray down beside Bane's stretched out legs. "Barsad said you wouldn't drink anything but the water, the note's him signing off on the fact that he supervised me putting this together and that I didn't add any poison. I thought that might be necessary. If you aren't going to eat it tell me know and I will. I don't like food being wasted."

"Was this his idea, or yours?"

"Mine. You gotta eat, and I made a lot." Blake shoved his hands in his pockets in a show of agitation. "Do you want it or not?"


"Okay then, eat up. I'll see you when I see you." Turning around Blake headed for the door, intending to leave him alone since they both knew Bane wouldn't take off the mask and starting eating until he was gone and couldn't see.


Glancing over his shoulder Blake gave him a questioning look. "Yeah?"

"I'm…sorry…if I ruined your Christmas."

A thoughtful pause, and then Blake flashed a grin in his direction. "A really good orgasm isn't going to ruin my holiday, far from it. Now hurry up and eat that food before it gets cold."

Bane didn't try to stop Blake this time, watching the other man leave and shut the door behind him, waiting until Blake had time to walk away before he removed his mask and set it aside, grabbing the tray and setting it on his lap.

The brief and to the point note Barsad had written regarding the food made his smile widen, and the food…well it warmed him from the inside out and kept him smiling for the duration of his meal.