Harry looked at Hermione with a far off glare. She had been lying, petrified for almost three weeks. He had visited every evening that he could and often did his homework while in her presence. Tonight he had gone over strategies for defeating the current Hogwarts drama as something was petrifying the students, more specifically, the muggleborn students. The only two people that were not muggle born that had been affected were Penny Clearwater and Pansy Parkinson. Penny had been escorting a Muggle Ravenclaw back to their dorm and Pansy had been bullying a first year muggleborn from Hufflepuff, when both were caught by the threat.

Harry had absently grabbed onto Hermione's hand and felt something grasped within it. He stopped his day dreaming and removed a slip of paper. He opened to find a definition of a Basilisk from a page torn out of a book, knowing that Hermione would never damage a book unless it was important. Harry read through it twice and then it hit him. This is what is harming the students; a Basilisk was roaming the halls.

Harry remembered where Hermione had been found on the second floor near the girl's bathroom. That is also where the original first message and victim, Mrs. Norris, had been found. Harry quickly kissed Hermione's cheek and then whispered in her ear. "Hermione you are the most brilliant and the prettiest girl in Hogwarts…" Harry hesitated and then added with a grin "I hope in another year I gather the courage to tell you how much I care for you and make you my girlfriend." Harry kissed her cheek again.

Unknown to Harry or Mrs. Pompfrey, Hermione's petrification was limited and her hearing and higher brain functions were working just fine. She could not react to any stimulus but she knew when someone was speaking to her. Hermione very much wanted to hug Harry at that moment when he told her how he felt.

Harry raced from the hospital, a man on a mission, and found Professor McGonagall. She was just leaving her office and seemed to be in a hurry. Harry yelled out to her "Professor, Professor I think…"

Professor McGonagall stopped him completely "Mr. Potter I do not have time for this at the moment a student is missing."

Harry started again "But I know…"

McGonagall lost her patience "Potter, I have to go find Ginny Weasley, she is missing. This will have to wait." Harry leaned back against the wall stunned and before he came out of it the professor had left. Harry looked quite shaken by this news and before him stood Ron.

"Harry did you hear that Ginny is missing? You have to help me find her." Ron stated with fear.

Harry looked at him "Yeah, that is what I have been trying to do but no one will listen."

Ron looked confused "I just found out she was missing three minutes ago, how could you know."

Harry rolled his eyes "I couldn't know." Harry held up the paper "But Hermione knew what was causing it. She left us this to find the chamber and I think I know where it is. I was getting the Professor to help but she blew me off completely."

Ron sounded very shocked "You know where the chamber of secrets is and what is hurting everyone?"

Harry chuckled "Yeah, well Hermione knew what was harming everyone and I figured out where the chamber is, its' a Basilisk." Ron's eyes got huge.

Ron turned away "Harry, we have to get help. If that thing has Ginny it's a big problem."

Harry grabbed the paper and then walked towards the defense classroom "No, crap Ron. It says the Basilisk is very hard, if not impossible to kill. A rooster would work but the person who opened the chamber has killed all the ones at Hogwarts. I saw Lockhart in his office on my way here maybe he can help us or at least witness what we are doing."

Ron snorted "Oh that is brilliant. He will open the chamber and then leave us to clean it up."

Harry turned "Well he is an adult professor and could authorize us to do things without getting in trouble, at the least."

Professor Lockhart looked up from his quick packing and found Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley looking at him. Ron spoke first "You are leaving the school?"

Lockhart responded "Well, I received an urgent message from my editor that I am needed elsewhere, so I must resign."

Harry stepped closer to him "You are such a fraud!" Harry grabbed Lockhart's hand that was reaching for his wand and Ron saw this and grabbed the wand from his pocket. Harry added "It is impossible for someone to be in two places at once and in your books to do what you did, you would have to have done that to do what you claimed."

Harry stepped back and pulled his own wand and pointed it at the very scared professor "This time you are going to be around to live out what you write about. We are going to the 2nd floor girl's lavatory."

Lockhart began moving "Why there?"

Harry smiled "It is where the chamber of secrets entrance is most likely hidden."

Lockhart's eyes got huge "You are making me enter the chamber. We should get some help."

Ron smirked "We have all the help we need professor. We have the witch's weekly best smile to help us."

Harry chuckled "Five times winner or so I have heard some ponce tell me over and over again this year. I hope your smile is brilliant enough to kill a basilisk."

The three made it to the lavatory and within minutes, with Myrtle's help, they had it opened and slid down the dirty tunnel. When they came out Lockhart grabbed Ron's broken wand and attempted to obliviate them but the spell rebounded on him and then caused a cave in that separated Harry from Ron and the Professor.

Harry continued on and entered the chamber while Ron took care of Professor Lockhart and tried to open the tunnel. He immediately saw Ginny lying on the cold floor and knelt beside her. She was very cold and looked pale."

A young male voice came from a darkened alcove "It is only a matter of time until she is gone." He stated as he grabbed Harry's wand from the floor.

Harry smacked himself for letting his wand go. "Who are you?"

For the next five minutes Tom Riddle Jr., aka Lord Voldemort maintained a monologue of how brilliant he was. Harry rolled his eyes more than a few times until Riddle released the Basilisk to kill him. Harry ran but could only reach a column before he heard the snake getting closer. He hid quickly and heard the great snake's cries of pain.

The shadow on the wall before him showed Fawkes had ripped the eyes from the basilisk. Harry ran from his spot to be chased by the bloody creature through various tunnels. He returned to the main chamber where Fawkes then gave him the sorting hat with the sword of Gryffindor.

Riddle upon seeing the sword tried to hit Harry with a spell that Harry got lucky and reflected back to Riddle, knocking him out by being thrown against the wall. He reached down and snatched his wand but before he could do anything else the snake screamed announcing he had returned to the chamber.

Harry finally was able to run the sword in the snake's mouth as he attempted to bite him. A fang broke off into Harry's arm and the other grazed his scar on his forehead. Harry realized that Tom Riddle was now awake and began to come toward Harry. Harry pulled the fang from his arm and then used the Fang on the book to raise himself up.

Riddle clutched his stomach as if in great pain. Harry looked surprised and then noticed that Tom was looking at the diary with fear in his eyes. Harry looked back down and noticed that the fang had pierced the cover and black ink was oozing from the book itself. Harry quickly deduced that Tom and the diary were linked somehow. Without hesitation he plunged the fang back into the book two more times. Harry then felt an odd sensation as he looked into Tom Riddle's eyes.

Harry saw images, flashes of memories and then he suddenly found himself moving very fast down a glowing tube until he reached another room. It was a room filled with chaotic images, darkness, and flashes of lightning. Many of the images were of an older and different looking Tom Riddle. It seemed like forever that strange images kept flashing before his mind. He finally realized that it was really the same images flashing over and over. Harry realized that one of those images was the very diary he found in the chamber.

Riddle began to scream as he exploded into multi colored splash of light and magic. Harry then felt a great pain come from his scar and passed out before he knew what had happened.

Fawkes came back to Harry where he cried into his arm wound and then cried onto his forehead. As soon as the Phoenix tears hit Harry's forehead, Harry sat up and let a blood curdling scream loose from his throat. At the height of the scream a black mist seeped from his forehead and the legendary scar sealed closed.

In Harry's mind he found himself face to face with a much older Voldemort who had grabbed him and then started to cast spells at him. In Harry's mindscape, Voldemort was suddenly pulled from the scene by an invisible force and tossed into the heavens. Voldemort's fearful eyes and scream faded from his senses as Harry watched him leave.

Harry's mind soon realized that something significant had just happened as his magic manifested itself as an all white Harry before him. The White body shape soon turned into a duplicate Harry who smiled at him. The magic grinned "Hello me!"

Harry stood shocked "Hello me?"

The magical Harry placed his hands on hips "Yes, I have been trying to talk to you for years but between the binding placed by your parents and that piece of Voldemort that became lodged in you I have been too busy to make myself known, until now."

Harry looked concerned "I had a piece of Voldemort in me?"

Magic Harry smile faltered "It was a very vile piece of his soul and you were its unwilling container and it consumed a major portion of my resources to keep it contained in your scar all these years. He has been trying to take you over since you were a baby and I have held him in check. Now that he is gone and your Magical binding is banished, you my friend, have full access to your magic."

Harry then noticed that the magical Harry had been growing since they began talking. He was now, in comparison to Harry, twice as tall. Harry asked him "Why are you suddenly growing?"

Magic Harry laughed "Harry you are very powerful and because I have been working harder than most other children to sustain you, your magical core has matured far faster than normal. Your binding kept you at 25% of full use and I had to work at 300% efficiency to keep Voldemort out. In the process I have become self aware and have grown more than ten times the rate of the average wizard or witch. Even Merlin's core was not self aware when he was alive.

Harry smiled "So what does this mean?"

Magical Harry smiled "Well while you sleep tonight I will work diligently on gathering as many books from as many different libraries as I can find and then I will work on your Occulmency shields. Within three nights you will have learned to merge me into your subconscious and into your conscious. I never need sleep, nor do I have any other goal but your best interests, after all I am you in a magical form."

Harry laughed "I guess it doesn't get any better than this, does it?"

Magical Harry replied "Nope, It does not. I am going to heal all of your wounds, aches, pains and the malnourishment I dare say that no one will recognize you at the start of next year's feast." Magical Harry then placed an evil leer upon his face "Vernon and Duddikins are in for a very rude awakening your first day back. Your accidental magic will have a distinct upturn now that I am fully free."

Harry looked worried "What about the restriction for underage magic?"

Magic Harry answered "It is tracked by your wand which you shall not need any more. Harry there is one other thing I want you to accomplish before you leave school this year. Tell Hermione how you feel about her. You deserve her and she wants to be with you."

Harry looked very embarrassed "How…"

Magical Harry "I am you but not as emotionally abused as you have been. Harry I am an emotional reflection of what you could have been, search your core to see how it should have been. Magical Harry then smiled at him "I know what your heart wants, what it needs and she needs you as much as you need her. Harry she has not had it easy and her self esteem is at rock bottom, more than yours. She thinks that a bushy haired bucktoothed know-it-all is not good enough to be with the famous boy-who-lived."

Magical Harry looked sad "In her mind she will never be pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough for you. She is wrong and I will help her as much as I am going to help you. After all I am you and I know I love her."

Harry's mouth was opened and then he thought about what his magical self was saying. He knew that he could not deny the truth. He could feel the good emotions from Magical Harry and began to understand how much he did love Hermione. Magical Harry twirled a wand in his fingers "It is time for you to go back into the real world and I have lots to do."

Harry felt his eyes flutter open and he looked up at Ginny who was crying over him. He sat up "How long was I out?"

Ginny shook her head "I don't know. I don't even know where this place is or what it is." Ginny then pointed to a big mass three feet away "Harry is that a Basilisk?"

Harry stood up and without thinking answered "Yeah it is. I had to kill him to save you." Harry then picked up the diary and then helped Ginny up. He suddenly found himself in the hospital wing which is where he wanted to go. Ginny looked around "How did we get here?" Madam Pompfrey came out of her office and pulled Ginny to a bed to diagnosis her.

Harry didn't reply as he hadn't heard her ask the question. He knelt besides Hermione and then he touched her hand before he closed his eyes. Magical Harry began to work and found himself in a stone quarry with a stone Hermione standing before him. He smiled and then walked up to her and with none of his normal reservation kissed her lips before breathing air into her mouth. The other Harry mirrored what Magical Harry did.

The stone Hermione first found her mind awakened, then she began to sense things, and finally she felt lips on hers breathing into her mouth. She could not see but enjoyed the warm kiss. She didn't realize her arms were free until she placed them around someone's neck. When her nose began to work she knew from his scent who was kissing her.

Magical Hermione leaned back and grinned "Not that I mind your kisses but what are we doing Harry?"

Magical Harry smiled "I am breathing life into your magical core from mine and bringing you back from being petrified by a basilisk." Harry then chuckled "I always believed the Princess should be revived with a kiss. It is much more romantic, don't you think?"

Magical Hermione smiled and then laughed. The real Hermione loved those fairy tales but had too many doubts from those that made fun of her to share them. Magical Harry's smile faltered as he looked at Magical Hermione "You are going to fix that about her aren't you?"

Magical Hermione closed her eyes and then smiled "Yes, I will but for this moment right now I have a handsome prince that has awakened my heart and I need…" Hermione smirked "No, I desire some more kissing to fully regenerate and revive me."

Magical Harry smiled "No you don't… you just want to snog is all."

Magical Hermione laughed "Potter this is my mind and my rules. Snog me now or else." Hermione dipped her head forward and then closed her hands behind his head. Before they knew it they were snogging and moaning to each other.

The Magical Hermione pulled away from him quickly and was breathing hard. "Harry I have to stop because I really want you in all the ways a twelve year old is not ready for."

Magical Hermione looked into his eyes "God, this is going to be really hard when you are around. I think I love you."

Magical Harry grinned "I know I love you and as for being hard, I think I am to suffer that fate down below."

Magical Hermione just began to laugh and then leaned forward to snog him again. She leaned back "I am so happy Harry. You make me happy. Did you know that Hermione and I heard everything that Harry said to us while petrified? He told her all the things he was afraid to say while she is awake."

Magical Hermione stepped back "The real Hermione realizes how hard that was for him after he told her how his relatives treated him. Harry even cried and it broke our heart. I believe she will take the lead, at least I will try to get her to."


Hermione eyes fluttered open and she took a tentative breath and found Harry kissing her and breathing into her mouth. She could breathe but was frightened by having him this close. She began to relax and then he stopped and leaned back to look at her.

His face was turning red as he looked into her eyes "Sorry, I was told this would work to revive you."

Hermione looked into his eyes and then placed her arms around his neck so he couldn't move back further. She looked into his eyes and then smiled "So this whole time I have been out of it you have been using my lips?"

Harry looked startled "No… I would never do something like that to you. I… Hermione…"

Hermione smiled "Did I hear you tell me that you hoped one day to have the courage to tell me how you felt about me?"

Harry out of sheer embarrassment closed his eyes and placed his forehead on hers "Madam Pompfrey said you couldn't hear me or anyone for that matter. Are you mad at me for thinking that way?"

Hermione looked perplexed "I am flattered actually but I don't understand what you see in me. You could have any girl in school?"

Harry sighed "No I couldn't and definitely no one I could trust." Harry lifted up and looked into her eyes "Trust is very hard for me and it is more important than just about anything else and I trust you."

Hermione smiled "Why is trust so important to you?"

Harry frowned "I never had anyone touch me, except for you, that didn't hurt me; it is very hard for me to trust anyone because of that."

Hermione grimaced and then was about to ask something else but Harry stopped her "Not here Hermione I don't want others to know… it's embarrassing."

Hermione leaned up and softly kissed his lips "I would never hurt you Harry. I… well I have liked you a lot since you saved me from the troll and I would like to be your girlfriend." Hermione then smiled at him "I don't want you to have to wait for next year to ask me, so I am asking you now." Harry smiled at her.

They were interrupted by Madam Pompfrey "Mrs. Granger are you awake?"

Hermione looked up "Yes, didn't you administer the antidote from the mandrakes?"

Pompfrey looked puzzled "No, it won't be ready for another week… wait how did you come out of your petrification?"

Hermione blushed "I woke up with Harry kissing me."

Pompfrey looked at Harry who had sat up straight "What did you do Mr. Potter?"

Harry turned beet red "I kissed her and pushed out with my magic."

Pompfrey looked with accusatory eyes "I am afraid that is not possible."

Harry turned to her "Do you know everything about every bit of magic that is out there?"

Hermione said incredulously "Harry, that wasn't very nice."

Harry was not fazed at all and watched Madam Pompfrey stand there speechless for a second "Mr. Potter I am sure I don't know everything there is about magic but I am almost positive I know more than a second year student."

Harry looked into her eyes and for some odd reason he felt the need to remove his robe and then his shirt. Hermione, Madam Pompfrey, and Ginny gasped at the same time. Yet when I was examined by you, you seemed to miss a lot of damage done to my body as a child and I am still forced to go back to the muggles that beat and starve me."

Madam Pompfrey sputtered and then turned red "I informed the headmaster when I found that out last year." She admitted quickly.

Hermione shot up out of her bed "Excuse me; what does he have to do with it? This should have been reported to the DMLE."

Madam Pompfrey startled by the young Gryffindor "He said he was going to inform the authorities. Have you not been interviewed?"

Hermione stomped over to the floo and threw some powder in "Professor McGonagall!" she yelled. In a moment Professor McGonagall's head appeared "We need you in the hospital wing, now!" she demanded.

Professor McGonagall appeared a moment later with very stern expression "Young lady I do not appreciate being requested in that manner."

Hermione face turned red "Stuff it. Harry is being abused and you will fix it or I will cause more problems than you can imagine." Hermione pointed to where Harry was standing shirtless.

Professor McGonagall turned pale as she saw the crossed patterns across Harry's back. She turned to the healer "Poppy why wasn't I informed of this by you?"

Pompfrey turned red "I informed the headmaster last year and he said he would inform everyone that needed to be."

Professor McGonagall replied back "You are supposed to inform the head of his house, first."

Pompfrey bowed her head "Albus said he would take care of it."

Harry turned to her "You do realize that there are new marks on me from last summer?"

Hermione stood up and poked McGonagall in the shoulder "Harry is going home with me this summer and you better make sure that it happens…"

McGonagall looked shocked "I can't do that. Albus is his magical Guardian."

Harry looked at her "What, how did that happen? And why is this the first time I am hearing about it?"

Professor McGonagall "It is his responsibility to inform you of that situation unless it was absolutely necessary."

Hermione looked at her with fire in her eyes "That's it? Blame it on someone else then ignore the issue?

Hermione stomped over to the floo and threw another pinch of powder in "Ministry of Magic Department of Law enforcement." She stated.

Professor McGonagall cried out "You can't do that! The headmaster has to be informed." Hermione gave her an angry look, almost daring the older woman to continue with that reasoning and then an older woman answered the call.

Hermione responded quickly "My name is Hermione Granger and I have evidence of child abuse that has not been reported to you and I need your help. I am in the Hospital wing at Hogwarts."

Professor McGonagall stomped her foot "Mrs. Granger you can be expelled for this."

Hermione gave her a stern look "If that is what it takes to protect Harry, then so be it but right now I have lost complete faith in the teachers at Hogwarts. Especially the headmaster and Severus Snape who have done nothing but heap more abuse on him. Enough is enough; all of you ought to be ashamed for allowing this to continue." Hermione sat on her bed and then clasped Harry's hand as he sat down beside her.

Hermione had a tear roll from her eye "I'm so sorry Harry I didn't know about this, had I known, I would have done something long before now."

Harry smiled down at her "Hermione after what I just witnessed over the last ten minutes… that is why I trust you so much." This made Hermione blush.

Ten minutes later not only did an older woman walk through the door but the headmaster as well. The older woman walked up to the group and then saw Harry's back "By the gods, who did this to you?"

Harry turned to her "My muggle relatives." Harry responded.

Albus looked shocked and then turned mad "Wait I did not call you and this can be handled by Hogwarts."

Madam Pompfrey turned on him "I informed you of this last year when he had his first physical exam and you told me you would inform Minerva and the DMLE, obviously you can't handle it internally Albus because neither of them were informed."

Albus responded "I am sorry but I have been very busy."

Hermione stood and walked up and punched his gut "Last summer he was beaten some more and has new scars. You can't have been that busy. Besides you are his magical guardian…it's your bloody job."

Albus took a breath "Mrs. Granger I shall have to discipline you for that,"

Professor McGonagall moved Hermione to the side and then slapped Albus "Then I suggest you discipline her head of house as well because you failed to inform me. A boy beaten like that, that was in your direct care and your only excuse was you were too busy… Baloney."

Amelia Bones had been looking over Harry and was getting madder the more she heard from the Hogwart's staff "Albus Dumbledore I hereby remove you from guardianship of Harry Potter under authority of the Ministry for child neglect, child endangerment, and child abandonment."

Albus stood up rubbing his face "You can't remove me I have authority under the Wizgenmont to be his guardian."