As everyone was discussing this news loudly a very loud crack could be heard. As the crowd parted they revealed a very mad looking Lord Voldemort holding the head of Lucius Malfoy before him.

Harry looked on with a little amusement. Voldemort screamed out "Harry Potter I have a present for you." Voldemort then threw the head towards the stage. "Your snitch will no longer be of any use to you."

People started to scream and run away until Voldemort brought his wand to his throat "SILENCE! Nobody move or I will start throwing hex and killing people. I want everyone to watch as I kill Harry Potter today! If you remain where you are no harm will come to you."

This caused everyone to stop and turn to look at Harry and Voldemort. Harry placed his hands behind his back "Hello Tom. I was very much expecting you to show up here today. I knew your ego couldn't take the news that a mere child had defeated you."

Voldemort lowered his wand "There is no way that only the four of you took out over four hundred of my followers. You are in no way good enough or powerful enough to do this."

Harry laughed "I can't argue with you there. I am not powerful by myself or just by using my magic but I have something much more deadlier than either of those things." Harry pointed to his temple "I have a brain and I know how to use it and most importantly I have a wife and friends that love me."

Voldemort seem pleased for some reason "You are speaking about the Mud blood wife you have now. She is your secret weapon?" before Harry could reply Voldemort pointed his wand and cast a killing curse at her. Hermione did not flinch nor did she move as the green spell raced toward her. She merely smiled at Voldemort. When the spell passed the stage it suddenly changed directions and hit the ceiling of the chamber.

Harry laughed at Tom's expression "What is the matter Tommy boy? That was your signature move right? Without that you are just a common wizard with a lot of spell knowledge and nothing special." The entire galleries mouths were hanging open in disbelief.

Voldemort looked at him and at Hermione and asked "How?"

Hermione smirked as she answered "Well Tommy his extremely pretty and brainy wife, "Hermione pointed at herself as she gave a smug expression to him, "Me. In our travels abroad I was able to study a muggle book about physics and low and behold they have a whole theory about how energy should behave."

Hermione placed her hands on her hips "Magic is a different form of energy and any energy can be diverted and this means any spell can be diverted even the unforgivable." Hermione placed her head on Harry shoulder "The only man I allow to touch me is Harry and all others I divert just as I diverted your killing curse." Hermione batted her eyes at him "Not bad for a mud blood eh?"

Voldemort stood with his eyes frozen in a blank, unbelieving stare. Harry kissed Hermione's nose and smiled at her "I think pretty is not good enough to describe you, stunning, beautiful…perfect are much better words to describe you." Hermione blushed and looked with desire at him. She quickly wrapped her arm around his neck and gave him a very good kiss.

Hermione pulled back "Hurry up Harry I have need of you soon, so go finish off old Moldy shorts because I need a good snog at home." She said with a smile. The gallery began to chuckle

Voldemort looked on as this revealed how insignificant he was. They were toying with him and his rage grew. "Potter, yes by all means come and finish me off." he said with a gleam in his eye."

Harry jumped down from the stage and waved his hand and Voldemort's wand was ripped from his hands. Harry caught it and then without preamble he snapped it in half. He then threw a sword that landed at Voldemort's feet. Voldemort looked at it and then up to Harry for an explanation.

Harry gave him a smirk "If you haven't noticed your magic has been very wonky since about July where you were down and out for fifteen days. So having a magic duel with you just wouldn't be fair."

Harry then threw a burlap sack down which spilled out all of Voldemort's broken, blackened Horcruxes. Voldemort recognized them immediately and his eyes flared wide open in surprise "You couldn't possible have known about these as there was only…"

Harry finished it for him "one person that knew about them, you perhaps." Harry began to chuckle "Next time you send a diary make sure it has occulmency shields on it. That diary was still connected to you and by reading it, I was able to read you and all your secrets, everyone of them. I did that at twelve years old Tommy."

Voldemort picked up his sword and held it before him. "I have severely underestimated you Harry."

Harry looked sternly at him "Yes you have Tom. The night you killed my parents was the beginning of your downfall. Harry charged and slapped Voldemort's sword away and then parried a stroke straight into Voldemort's chest. The look in Voldemort's face was not surprise but more like relief. He continued to look at Harry until his head wilted and he took his last breath. Voldemort slid from the sword and fell to the floor with his eyes open. Harry sheathed his sword and then closed his eyes as he threw Voldemort's broken wand on top of his dead body. Harry waved his hand and Voldemort's body was consumed by fire until only the outline of his body remained, scorched permanently into the stone floor.

Harry turned to the gallery and looked into every person's face. He saw shock, fear, and relief etched on them. Harry then felt three female bodies hug his as they molded themselves to him. The gallery began a slow chant of Potter and then began to clap and cheer. The applause lasted for ten minutes.

Harry ended up at the podium and Amelia hugged him with tears in her eyes. She even gave him a kiss that shocked her and him both. "Harry you promised my niece children and I expect you to start working on them soon."

Harry grinned "I did do that, didn't I."

Susan kissed the corner of his mouth "Yes, you did master and it is time to collect on that promise." Hermione laughed.

Harry looked over to Amelia and asked "Think you can handle this?"

Amelia looked put out that he would even ask "That's right you leave all the hard work for me after playing with your little sword. Just like a man to leave the clean up to the women." She huffed with a smile.

Nym smiled as she grabbed Harry below the waist "Amelia I can empathically say that Harry does not have a little sword." She stated with a grin.

Amelia gave her a mock dirty look "You just had to rub it in didn't you?" Amelia looked closer at Nym "I see that I am no longer Ma'am or boss. Does that mean what I think it does?"

Nym looked at Harry and blushed "I am Harry's girl through and through and If he will have me I think I will resign from the aurors." Harry looked at her and could see the uncertainty in her eyes. Before he answered he looked at Hermione for approval.

Hermione looked at him and then turned Nym "Do you agree that the first three son's that the three of us have will become Lord Bones, Lord Potter, and Lord Tonks?"

Nym laughed "Yes, but Tonks family does not a Lordship."

Susan grinned "Nym, this man is Lord Harry Potter and if his wife asks that then if we have three sons they will all be Lords. You got to get use to the impossible in this family."

Nym blushed "I should know better."

Susan smirked at her "So, slave, concubine, or wife?" she asked her.

Nym looked confused so Hermione explained it "You have to choose your position in the family."

Before Nym could respond Harry turned and snapped his finger and a collar appeared around her neck. "She will come in as a slave, definitely."

Harry could barely hold back the laugh as he began walking away. He began moving faster "Potter, I am going to kick your arse all the way home! Get this thing off of me now!"

Harry began to give a full blown laugh and almost fell down twice before Nym tackled him to the floor. After she gave him a kiss and pinned him to the floor she looked at him for many seconds and then became serious "Is that how you want me Harry?"

Harry sat up on his elbows to be closer to her "Nym, I love any way you want to be with me. I am not greedy and I don't have a need to have you anyway but the way you want."

Nym smirked "What if I want it that way?"

Harry smiled "Then, oddly enough, you would be the boss in that decision." Nym laughed and attacked his lips. They continued until a voice above them cleared their throat a couple of time.

Harry and Nym looked up to see a blond haired man in a designer suit standing above them "Excuse me but are you Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks?" This caused Nym to growl.

Harry and Nym both stood up and Harry asked "That depends on who is asking?"

The blond man smiled "Typical. My name is Reggie Thomas." He revealed a badge and ID that said he was from the American Magical CIA. He held it open for them to see "I am from the CIA. We would like to talk to you."

Hermione and Susan both came up behind them and the blond haired man showed recognition of Hermione "I am glad you are here Mrs. Potter we have some questions for you as well."

Hermione looked shocked "For Me? Why?"

Reggie gave her a dumb look "Did you really expect to walk into a top secret bunker, steal seven bombs, and not have that country notice?"

Hermione hugged Harry tighter "Well, you had so many of them I didn't think you would really miss a few of them."

Reggie laughed "We almost didn't but when you almost took the nuclear one it got our attention."

Hermione looked thoughtful "Oh, so that is what the NUC code stood for. Well I didn't need that one. I just needed the HX and WP coded ones. I made a mistake when I grabbed that one and exchanged for the right one."

Reggie just looked amazed "Wait you came and went twice?" Harry just stood and shook his head in disbelief.

Hermione looked unsure "Well, I needed the right one."

Reggie chuckled "Well naturally!" he said in a mock voice.

Harry looked contrite "Would it help to say we were sorry?"

Reggie laughed "Not really no but you can try." He added with a smile.

Susan looked at him "Why are you really here because I don't think you are really all that concerned about a few bombs?"

Reggie grinned "We found them the day after you took them and then we hung around to see who took them. While doing that we learned what you were going to do with them. You have an interesting little group here Harry with a three year gap in your history and somehow in that time frame you learned a lot."

Reggie looked at Hermione "You young lady are an amazing person. We have learned more about integration of muggle and magical technology from you than in years of study on our own. The R & D people are dying to talk to you."

Harry looked at him and his team and Reggie caught it "Potter you think you can take us?" Harry eyes narrowed and he realized why he asked that question "I haven't quite made that determination yet." Harry arched his eyebrow "Anything is possible."

Reggie smiled "Yes, it is but you have to believe it is first. Your team is unique as you believe nothing is impossible. Over the last year it seems you have done the impossible. I am not easily impressed Harry but for being a sixteen year old, you are very good."

Harry looked at him "So quit toying with us and tell me what you want?"

Reggie grinned and caught a coin from a black haired man behind him "I told you he would catch on." Reggie sighed "Potter I owe you a drink and my hope is that I will buy it for you in Virginia in about three weeks."

Harry looked at him unsure of how to react. Nym broke in before he could reply "You are here to recruit us."

Reggie turned to another guy behind him and caught another coin "Right you are. When I gave my report back to my bosses they allowed you to keep the weapons and authorized me to stay and observe. With each report they became more intrigued. To be quite honest there is no reason you should be at the level you are at, at your age."

Reggie looked at Harry in the eye "You have two girls that are seventeen that could kick the living shit out of just about any operative we have in the field. We are a special covert op team used for special missions. It took me five years of team training and each of us spent five or more years in other types of training. You did the same thing in three years. We are very interested in how you did that."

Harry smirked "Well, if that's all just have a mad man try to kill you twice before age twelve. Defeat a sixty foot basilisk and then train your ass off for three years. It seems to work every time."

Reggie's mouth fell open "You defeated a sixty foot basilisk at age twelve?"

Susan smirked "With only a sword!"

A man behind Reggie yelled out "Bullshit!"

Hermione looked around Reggie "Would you like to see the carcass and the pensive memory as proof?" The man just looked at her for many seconds.

"You aren't kidding are you?" he said in shock.

Nym grinned at all of them "If anything Harry understates things, he doesn't boast."

Reggie looked Harry with renewed respect "Harry man to man I promise you nothing bad is going to happen to you. You have a lot of people in my organization reassessing our operations. You are forcing us to rewrite the manuals for operations."

Reggie gave him a bigger smile "We are also interested in private contract work if you are interested."

Harry looked down at his feet "I am not sure about that. My team and I need some down time from the last six months and I would need to discuss it with them."

Reggie laughed "Well you didn't say no. I just want you to know that I was authorized to arrest you but I have chosen to ignore that because quite frankly, I am not sure I could."

Reggie was about to say something else when a Blond Ravenclaw stepped in between Harry and Reginald Thomas. She stood staring at Reggie for a second "Reginald I am Luna Lovegood and I will be traveling with you today."

Reggie looked shocked and Harry began to chuckle before stating "Luna what is it you know that we don't."

Luna answered without turning around "Harry Reginald is the reason I could not join your Harem. I very much wanted to but fate has determined my path is with Reggie. He doesn't know it yet but he will very soon."

Hermione and Susan began to laugh and Harry gave a sigh "Should I accept his offer?"

Luna grinned "No but you should invite me and his team to your island in one month." Luna smiled and added "Plan for my wedding then too."

Harry smirked "Luna who are you going to marry?"

Luna chuckled as she answered "Reginald of course!"

Reggie sputtered "Wait a minute I don't even know you."

Luna grabbed his arm "Reginald that is why I am coming to America with you today. We can have a month to get to know each other and you will come to love all of my quirky parts." Harry stood and shook his head.

Reggie didn't know what to say to this odd but very beautiful girl. Harry smiled "My advice mate is just do what she says I can tell you that your life will not be dull with her." Harry leaned forward "Mate, she is a seer and she knows the future."

Reggie looked at Luna "Luna huh?" Reggie just looked at her "What the hell have I got to lose?"

Susan sputtered "That damn girl hasn't changed one bit since her first year! She just walks in and announces she going to marry a guy and the next thing you know she leaves to a different country with him."

Reggie looked up at her and laughed "I know, right but it is the most unique pick up line I have ever heard. I hope my family likes her."

Luna grinned up at him "Your mom Marla is going to love me, quirkiness and all." Luna turned to Harry "Can you tell Minerva I will be leaving Hogwart's for good. I think I will try the American education system for a while."

Harry looked at Reggie "I feel the need to tell you that Luna is my favorite Ravenclaw in the whole world and I love her so don't mess her around, she is good people." Harry pointed his finger at Reggie "I take it very personal when others hurt my friends…so don't…"

Reggie smiled "Is this the big brother speech or the father speech Potter?"

Harry blushed "Sorry but she is a very special person and people haven't been nice to her in the past. Take care of her."

Reggie looked serious "Duly noted and it isn't my way."

Luna looked to Harry "You can trust him Harry. He always does what is right and not what is easy. He is very much like you and the two of you will become life long friends." Luna smiled up at Reggie "Our children will play together and grow up together." Luna grabbed Reggie's arm and stood beside him "He will catch a lot of shit for not bringing you back and he doesn't care."

Harry held his hand out to him "Luna has spoken and I listen so you and your team are invited to my island in thirty days. If you have wives and girlfriends bring them along."

Reggie smiled I accept Harry "My team and I want to challenge you to a friendly duel, you game?"

Luna laughed "Say yes Harry you won't regret it."

Harry chuckled "Yes, then because the fearless Luna has spoken."

Luna then tugged on Reggie's arm "Come along Reginald you need to take me home."

Reggie chuckled "I prefer Reggie." He stated to her.

Luna just winked at Harry as she replied "Yes, I know but in the middle of my orgasms with you Reginald it is so much sexier to hear."

Nym smiled as she put her arm around Harry and Hermione's shoulders "The poor man does know what hit him. He will be lunazied in no time."

Hermione looked at her "That is not a real word Nym."

Nym calmly replied back "Not until Luna came into the picture. We have been Lunazied for the last two months. Whatever she says we just do. No matter how crazy it sounds. If that is not real I don't know what is."

Hermione sighed "God help us but you are right. We have been Lunazied!' All four of them laughed. "Reggie doesn't stand a chance!"

Susan started pushing on them "I have no more patience and we have someplace to be. So you lazy asses move and Harry flash us to the island."

Harry smiled and without warning they disappeared.

The end