I should have done this a long time ago and I'm very sorry to all of the people who tried to get in touch with me and were met with silence for a year and more. To everyone who sent me private messages trying to reach out to me, thank you, and I'm so sorry to have been absent.

I did abandon Midnight Sun, not because of G Units or Generation Break or the like, but because life got in the way. I was at university and my life got filled with deadlines, and I had a lot of personal struggles that just drowned my desire to write. I was in some dark places and made a lot of stupid mistakes that I still regret now, and one of those is that I left this site behind for so long and in doing so left everyone here wondering what had happened to me. But I found that the longer I was gone the harder I found it to come back, until I came back just now and finally logged back into my account and saw all the private messages that had piled up and the reviews asking what had happened to me. I'd forgotten the people who appreciated my writing here and I feel terrible for having done so.

This is an apology to everyone for being silent for close to two years, but it's also a clarification about just what is going on. I am leaving Midnight Sun, for the simple reason that it's now almost two years since the last time I updated it and I have tried several times to continue, but every time I do, I fall into this problem of being unable to. It's partly because of those experiences that had me lost from this site for so long, I suppose. I'm not the same person I was and on top of finishing a creative writing degree, I've been through a lot, both good and bad, that's changed me.

And it's for that reason that I'm announcing something I've thought about doing for so much of those two years.

There's a story I've had etched out in my head for that time, slowly mapped out from plans I already had but carved deeper by all those experiences I've had. It was originally the sequel to Midnight Sun, or rather the continuation of the universe, it's not a direct sequel. To a degree, that's what it will still be, as my plans were always to have it take place far away from Robert, Samuel and Agatha. So you could think of it as my Vanguard G.

I've finished university now and my life is adrift, caught between phases and searching for things to give it some structure. I'm searching for a job, and for places to go around the city I call home. I'm going to start that story here to give myself another goal to work on. I can't say exactly when it'll be ready, but I hope to have the first chapter on here soon. I'd like to come back to the community here and make up for these two years of silence as best I can. I hope that you'll accept me, though I understand that I've been gone a long time.

Please keep an eye out for my next fanfic and my return to the world of Vanguard fanfic: Cardfight! Vanguard Setting Sun.