It was 3 days since she dropped Ms. Villletta's precious phone, about 5 days since Lelouch and Rolo left her and 2 more days before the siblings return from their fishing trip.

Shirley was walking down the hallways of Ashford Academy. The classes were suspended due to an attack of the remaining Black Knights in a nearby building in the supplement.

Clyda, her roommate, left for the mainland yesterday. She said that her mother is very sick and that she'll be back in 2 weeks.

Shirley was just strolling around the school campus. She said that staying in her room would be too boring since Clyda isn't around.

She then saw their president walk by. "Milly!" she said. Milly saw the orange-haired girl. Milly waved back to Shirley. "Hi Shirley! Aren't you suppose to be at the dorms?" Milly asked her as she dropped the box she was carrying.

"Well, Clyda left for the homeland and it would be too boring if I stay in my room by myself." Shirley said.

"The Student Council can always hold parties." Milly said with a smirk. She grabbed something from the box. "Ballroom Dance Party!" Milly said with an even bigger smirk.

"Eheh..." Shirley said as she sweatdropped.

Milly then grabbed Shirley's hand and she took the box with her. "Let's go to your room and plan the party!"

Milly and Shirley headed for the girl's dorm.

They both entered the large girl's dorm. It has a small fountain on the lobby and a bunch of hallways are seen from the lobby. The building isn't a huge as the academy classroom building but it is about a third of it. Trees and flowery plants are growing everywhere.

"Grandfather's renovations look good." Milly said as she saw the new design of the dormitory. "Ah right... I forgot... that you live in the Ashford Mansion here in the supplement." Shirley reminded herself.

They entered the elevator that brought them to the third floor. They went down the hallways to their left and they stopped at the fifth door.

Shirley got some keys from her pocket and she unlocked the door knob.

She opened the door and it revealed a simple two-person room. The walls were painted cream and there was a 3-bulb lantern hanging on the ceiling.

"So this is it. Welcome to my place." Shirley said as she let Milly inside.

Milly took notice of the portrait on top of the desk organizer. It has Shirley and her parents in it.

"Hey Shirley.. that's your parents huh?" Milly asked her as she pointed at the portrait.

"Well, yes they are. But I haven't seen them since last year." Shirley said as she took the portrait.

Milly grabbed the box and said "Let's get started with the party planning shall we?" Milly said with a smile.

Somewhere off the coast of Area 11

Kallen was lazily walking down the sandy coast. She's been hiding from the Britannians for almost 6 months. She left Ashford with an excuse of 'I have to do some rebellion'.

She's still shocked with the whole 'Lelouch is Zero' thing. As she walked down the coast, she saw a lime-haired witch come her way.

"So you came." the witch said from a distance.

Kallen walked towards the witch. She recognized this figure, this face, and of course, the lime green hair. "C.C." Kallen responded with the witch's name.

"Come, I'll take you to Lelouch." C.C. said as she grabbed her hand.

"What?! You found him?" Kallen asked her.

C.C. got a boat from a local Eleven boat lender and she fixed the small vessel. "It would be nice if you help me in fixing this 'boat' so we can go out to sea." C.C. said stubbornly as she reached for one of the paddles.

After a few minutes, they successfully rode the boat out to sea. C.C. started paddling with the wooden paddle. "You found him?" Kallen asked once more.

C.C. sighed for a moment. "Yes indeed."

Kallen smiled as their long-lost leader was found. "Where is he?!"

C.C. pointed directly at something at a distance. Kallen looked at the view and she saw a boat with seemingly two people in it.

"Hey Lelouch" Rolo asked his older brother. "Yes?" Lelouch answered with a smile (so not Lelouch-like)

"Are you sure about cancelling the trip to the old Kururugi Shrine?" Rolo asked. Lelouch thought of an answer and said "I can keep up with my studies but I'm afraid you can't Rolo. It's for your own good too." Lelouch said as he patted his (fake) younger brother's head.

Kallen's eyes glimmered at the sight. It was Lelouch and some boy on the other boat. "L..Lelouch." Kallen said. She was speechless. There was their leader on a boat on the coast of Area 11.

"He doesn't remember you." C.C. mentioned. Kallen faced C.C.. She was confused with the witch's sudden statement. "What do you mean?" Kallen asked her.

"You were there when Suzaku captured him right?"

Kallen's face saddened as she realized again what she did on that faithful day. She left their leader, Zero, to be captured. She left Zero. She left Lelouch.

"After he got captured... he was turned in to the Emperor. The Emperor apparently has geass. Lelouch loss his memories of Marianne, Nunnally and Zero." C.C. said.

A tear drop began to fall from Kallen's left eye. "So you're telling me... Lelouch loss his memory and it's all my fault?" Kallen asked her.

"Apparently yes."

Kallen looked back on the boat where Lelouch was. He was laughing with that someone else on the boat. She heard him mention some sort of corny joke and they both laugh in response.

"I wonder if you even laughed or smiled for real Lelouch..." Kallen mumbled as the tears started to fall again.

"Alright!" Milly said as she stretched her arms out. "Ballroom Dance Party is in 2 days. This will be a great surprise to Lelouch and Rolo!" Milly said with a smile.

"Right..." Shirley smiled as she arranged the invitation cards they made.

"Spread the word Shirley! Spread the word!"

"What if Lelouch runs away again like what he always do?" Shirley asked their president.

"I've got it all covered." Milly said with a wink as she showed Shirley a pack full of masking tape.

Author's Note:

So TADA! Not much chapter-like of the CG series of mine. SF (Shirley Fenette!) is part of my CG compilation of stories and SF chapters are suppose to humorous.

This chapter is sort-of an intro for the next chapter.

Enjoy Kallen, C.C., Rolo, Shirley and Milly!