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So, here you go;

Lucky Ticket

By Storylady35

"And the winning ticket is… number… 1460."

There was a small murmur as everyone checked their tickets and some cursed as they realised it wasn't the right number.

"Who is it?"

"I don't know."

"They sure are lucky."

"Out by ten."

"1460? Anyone?" The announcer asked, looking nervously over the people.

Slowly, in the crowds of thousands, one young woman blinked, looking down at her hands and the ticket, a small bold number on it. 1460.

She swallowed and lifted her head, looking at the stage and the large banner with big bold gold and red writing were the words 'Valentine's day charity raffle. 1st prize, a romantic spa weekend with Sesshomaru Donvan'

"Here." She whispered, holding the ticket higher. "I…." She let out a breath and turned to someone next to her. "I have it." She whispered.

"What!" The woman instantly yelled. "You have the ticket Rin!"

The crowd turned to her, snapping at her. "What!"

"You? Rin!"

"Let me see it!"

"Oh my god!"

"It's the real one!"

Suddenly a spotlight shone on her and the crowd parted, silent as they looked at the first prize winner who cringed away from the spot light.

The announcer laughed as he held out his hand to her. "Come on my dear, don't be shy. Come on up here."

She gulped and walked up to the stage, a scattered applause forming around her as she went up to the stage, taking the voucher with its photo of the hotel and a ribbon around the middle. Once the speaker had boasted about her soon to be prize and all it would come with, something Rin wasn't really thinking or listening too, she was allowed to get back to the crowds and disappear.

Some people gave her encouragement or praise for winning while a few even tried to buy the ticket off her for insane amounts of money but her friends told them the ticket was in her name now, it wasn't tradable.

Rin was going and there was no other way.

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