With a deep, satisfied smile, Rin rolled closer and snuggled deeper into the warmth beside her. "Sesshomaru."


With a delirious laugh, she looked up at him. "I'm getting use to that." She kissed his chin as he held her tight. "Waking up in your arms."

"Me too."

The woman grinned before swallowing and turning away, rolling over in the bed. "I need to get up."

"No way." He moaned, pulling her tighter. "You are staying."

After two week of living together in an almost bliss filled state, Rin had become wise to his tricks and pulled herself quickly away from him, standing up and grabbing a housecoat. "Oh no little boy. I have work to do today."

He gave her a grin. "I have work to do as well. I need help with my new book."

Tipping her head, Rin smiled a little more and closed her eyes. "Sesshomaru, my dear, I want to help you with your work. But I have commitments. So I have to go to work. And besides, don't you think it would be suspicious if I suddenly vanished?"

He grunted, rolling onto his back in bed. "I guess so. But I hate all these secrets."

Walking over, her hand stroked his cheek, leaning over the bed to kiss him from the side of the bed. "It's for your own good." She whispered, holding his cheek as she leant over him. "You don't want the world to know about me, and I don't want the world to know about us."

"I know." He kept his eyes closed, feeling her stroke his face with kindness only she could give him. Finally he sighed, reaching up to her face and stroking her hair back. "I'm the luckiest man in the world."

"Really?" She grinned, leaning a little closer. "Why?"

"Because I have you."

Rubbing her nose across his, Rin chuckled, leaning closer to him, lying over the bed. "Sesshomaru, you are so smooth when you try."

"I know. It's a curse."

"But seriously, I need to get to work. If you want… I'll come home early and help you with your story."

Eyes closed, he gave a small smile, tipping his head back in her grip. "I'd like that… a lot." He lay back slowly and gave a loud sigh. "Take the car."


"I don't like the idea of you being out there alone. So…" His eyes opened suddenly and stared over at her. "Take the car."

Rin bit her lip before kissing his, sitting across his lap. "Sesshomaru, you know I don't like that monster car of yours. It's a pain to drive and it stands out like a… a…" She slumbered, his eyes looking at her with a pleased smile. She swallowed before dropping her eyes to his chest, something that didn't help her. "Well… it… it really stands out. I don't like it."

His hands found her hips, keeping her in place. "Well if you would let me… spoil you and buy you your own car… we wouldn't be in this situation."

Rin hummed loudly before leaning over his lips, kissing him fiercely. "I… will take the bus. As I always do. Or you can drive me."

"I'm not in the mood. So take the car."

"No." She said stubbornly, climbing off him. "I'll take the bus."

The man watched as she swaggered her way to the bathroom to change. "You can get changed in here if you like."

She laughed at him from the bathroom. "I might be mad about but…."

The writer sighed, eyes closed as he ran a hand though his hair. "I know, I know, you're still inexperienced."


"You are."

"But you don't have to say it."

Smiling, he licked his lips and rolled onto his side, looking at the bathroom. "I have so much to teach you. I'm going to enjoy it."

Remerging fully dressed Rin swaggered over the room to a dresser, picking up a hairbrush and looking into a mirror as she pulled it though her hair. "What? So you can make it part of your next story?"

He sighed, climbing up off the bed and walked over to her, draping his arms around her shoulders, kissing the top of her hair. "Can I?" He asked, looking in the mirror at her.

"Sure." She passed him the hairbrush, closing her eyes. "Do you think you could make it a plait?"

"Anything for you."

Head rolled back, Rin relaxed, allowing the man to brush her hair before expertly plaiting it, tying it off behind her head. When he stopped, Rin opened her eyes and tipped her head to him. "Want me to do yours?"

"No thanks." He kissed her brow and grinned into her refection. "You still want to go to work?"


"Then go before I get ideas."

She grinned, running her hand over his chin. "I'll see you later." She stood and walked away from the bedroom.

"Put the coffee for me?"

"Ok Mr Lazy."

"Thank you Mrs Inexperienced."

There was no reply but soon he heard the door to his house close as Rin scampered off. Chuckling, Sesshomaru walked around the room, dressing himself before heading to the kitchen where he found a sticky note on the coffee machine and a plate of still warm toast.

Love you. R. x

Holding the note in half to preserve it and pop it into his pocket, the writer took the toast and coffee, heading to his office and opening a new document on the computer.

Normally titles where the last thing that came to his mind when writing.

This time, it was straight away. With it written, took a sip of coffee, pulling out his note and smiled.

As Sebastian waited, he thought over everything…


"Now my next guest is the world renowned famous author who's books have brought joy and amazement to millions. Please help me to welcome… Sesshomaru Donvan!"

Waving her hand over to the stage, the live audience burst into applause while a man in a gleaming white suit and black tie came over, nodding to the cameras before shaking hands with the host.

"Thank you Sesshomaru for coming on the show." The host waved a hand at a small fancy sofa across the stage while also sitting on a chair of her own.

With a shift on the sofa, Sesshomaru nodded again. "Helen, thanks for having me."

"Well, we are here today… to talk about your new book, coming out this week. But first, let's talk about your last book." She smiled at him before leaning on her hand, looking closer at him. "Your last book, the Ocean Rose, was met with a slight controversial."

The writer gave a small smile, placing a finger to his lips. "I was aware of the talk."

"Well compared to your previous books, the Ocean Rose stands out in many ways." Helen shrugged, leaning back and looking at him closer. "Your books are known as the 'Bouquet collection' as each one is named after a flower…." She held out her hand, counting on her fingers. "The Scorn Thistle. The City Tulip. Earth's Lilly. The Winter Snowdrop…." She smiled at him, lowering her hand. "Those are just a few of them but the last one…The Ocean Rose… many have said it was the most passionate and emotional of all your books. Is there a reason for that?"

With a nod, Sesshomaru tipped his head and grinned. "The Ocean Rose was indeed a special piece for me. It wasn't my normal style, to show such emotions for a woman. But perhaps that is what makes it so special. It's no secret that my first book, the Scorn Thistle, was written in revenge for a woman who… broke my heart and left me. The whole book was about my time with her and my way of getting revenge for what she did. Since then, even woman I have been with has become a character to my work, some willingly knowing that they would. But Rose…" He gave a grin and leant back in his chair. "Rose is different."

"How so?"

His smile grew, running a hand back in his hair. "Because I fell in love with Rose."

The audience gasped and whispered suddenly.

Helen coughed, gaining control. "When you say… 'Rose' do you mean… the character or… the woman the character was based off?"

The man huffed as he turned, looking at his fingers. "It is true that in the past… I've been known to…" He tipped his head a little, stroking the side of his cheek. "Exaggerate a situation… or… give a writer's twist to parts of a story before now. But I can honestly say that Ocean Rose… is as close to what honestly happened as I could to write. In my opinion… it is my masterpiece. But then I owe that… to the woman who inspired me to write it."

Helen stared at him for a moment, watching him smile then coughed a little and shifted in her chair. "Then… what about your new book? It… caused quite a stir when it was announced. The… Wedding Bouquet." She scratched the top of her head with a blush and a smile.

Sesshomaru smiled as he leant forward on his hand. "Well, surely after being told the reason behind The Ocean Rose… what is behind this title… is simple." He gave a short curd laugh. "I don't think you even have to read the book to know where it ends."

"And… is it true that this book is going to be the last?"

"Yes." He shrugged a little then blinked, eyes wide as they sparkled. "I don't see the point in writing books based on me being with other women when I'm going to be committed to another."

As the crowd whispered again, the host smiled at him, leaning forward. "So… who is this woman?"

He smiled a little more. "Want to meet her?" He turned in his seat and looked across the studio to the small passage he had come out of that lead backstage.

There, just hiding out of sight, was a young woman with long black hair in a short dark blue flowery dress, broadly smiling at him while her hand fiddled with a ring on her hand.

Locking eyes with her, Sesshomaru tipped his head quickly to the side, beckoning her onto the stage.

The woman looked beside her with a questioning look then smiled, stepping out across the stage, shaking hands with the host. Sesshomaru put a hand calmly on her shoulder and smiled at her. "May I introduce my fiancée, Rin Strep."


"Hello Rin. Please, have a seat."

Trembling a little, Rin sat but then noticed a hand comforting her own, giving her his strength.

Helen smiled at the unexpected guest then opened her mouth. "So, how did the two of you meet?"

With a blink, Rin swallowed and shrugged. "A lucky ticket."

The End

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