85. Cravings

Note: I've changed the way John signs his texts when talking to Mary, as I feel he'd leave out the W, seeing as they're married and whatnot. As you can tell, this is Johnary (or whatever the bloody hell you call it) and post-series three. Enjoy!

Could you pick up an onion on your way home, love? - M x

An onion? Just one onion? What for? - J x

Me. I fancy one, that's all. Got through all the popcorn in the house. Why did you put some behind the microwave? - M x

Mary, don't tell me you're craving raw onion. You're taste buds are going to regret that decision... As are mine, I feel. I hid some of the popcorn in hopes that you wouldn't find it. Funnily enough, I like popcorn too Missy. ;) - J x

Oh, John I don't know what I'm craving! This is ludicrous! Yesterday I wanted chips dipped in Galaxy chocolate! Your daughter is extremely indecisive! - M x

Love, if you really want me to buy you an onion, I'll buy you an onion. And Galaxy chocolate because I fancy some now too. You're not good for my health, you aren't. ;) - J x

I told you to start cycling to work didn't I? ;) - M x