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Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière was a young girl, well to be perfectly fair she was older than she looked since she was chronologically sixteen years old however seemed to possess the body of a thirteen year old. She possessed a long hair of shade of light pink that fell down her back while a pair of bangs fell to frame her petite face.

She was dressed in a uniform that consisted of a ridiculously short skirt, thigh high stockings, a white blouse and a dark purple mantle that fell loosely across her shoulders.

Right now she was standing amongst her peers, each one wearing similar clothes, (though the boys wore trousers instead of skirts) while they interacted with their newly summoned familiars.

The springtime summoning ritual was a sacred practice of the Tristain Academy Of Magic, it was performed near the start of a student's second year and was the moment that they contracted an animal to act as their familiar for the rest of their lives. A general rule of thumb for the ritual was that a summon represented their summoner, for example a fire mage would summon a fire based animal, the more powerful the familiar the stronger the mage was.

Of course there were exceptions, the principal was one such exception, being an incredibly skilled and powerful air mage despite his familiar being an albino field mouse (that he loved with all his heart for its ability to sneak under women's dresses and let him know the colour and style of their underwear).

Louise however was silently praying that she wouldn't be called up to perform the ritual, after all, she was known as 'Louise the Zero' due to her track record of never successfully casting a spell in her life. This ritual would either prove to everyone that they were wrong and she was in fact capable of magic… or force her to drop out if she failed.

She really didn't want to leave the school, she wanted to prove herself to be a talented mage like her mother before her but despite that, she couldn't stop herself from fearing the results of failure.

"Is that everyone?" asked an older man with a receding hairline. He wore a small pair of semi-circular glasses and a set of long blue robes while he held a staff in one of his hands.

"Not quite Mr Colbert, miss Vallière hasn't gone yet," a red haired beauty currently kneeling beside an overgrown lizard with red skin and a fire lit at the end of its tail said while glancing over towards the pinkette with a smirk adorning her face.

"Alright then, come forward miss Vallière and perform the ritual," the man known as professor Colbert instructed the young girl who silently cursed the buxom red head for point her out as she walked forward with her head held high, refusing to show any weakness in front of her peers.

Immediately the class started whispering about the possibilities, apparently everyone was betting that she would summon an explosion just like every other time she tried magic however she refused to let that get to her.

"You said you could summon something greater than this boy right Louise?" the bronze skinned red head said from her position next to the salamander she had summoned, her tone being picked up by the shorter girl as mocking while in reality there wasn't a hint of malice within it, instead possessing a hint of hopefulness.

If anyone was to say anything about the red head's relationship with Louise, they would say the pair were antagonistic towards each other, however that was only partially true. Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbst did indeed make moves to get a rise from the young pink haired girl however she did so less because of their long standing family rivalry and more because she thought Louise was funny when she was flustered.

To top it off, despite her being one of the people that made the most fun of the Loli, she really wanted Louise to prove her wrong. She may have called the girl a Zero with no magical potential at all but she knew that that was a lie, no one that had no magical potential could create such disastrous results.

Which simply meant that there was some other reason for the young girl to fail every time, however what it was that created such a problem was beyond the young fire mage.

"Of course," she stated confidently before turning her head away as her hand shook in nervous anticipation before she whispered too low for anyone to hear, "please."

Pointing her wand out and raising it to point at the sky she proceeded to chant an incantation that left many looking at her with bemused expressions at her strange call.

My servant that exists somewhere in this vast universe, my divine, beautiful, wise, powerful servant, heed my call, I wish from very bottom of my heart, answer to my guidance and appear!" came her call before she proceeded to wave her wand down before her only for a large explosion to rock the courtyard they were standing in and knock everyone off their feet.


Arisato Minato knew that something was wrong, he should not have been capable of thinking or feeling after what he had done. His entire being should currently be existing as a seal, his mind locked in eternal slumber in order to protect his world from annihilation.

However he could think, he could see, hear, smell, he was conscious and that was a very bad sign as far as he was concerned.

Opening his eyes he was greeted by a sight that made his blood run cold… there were two moons in the day sky, that immediately told him that he wasn't on earth anymore.

Getting up he noted that there were a few dozen teenagers all staring at him as if he had just fallen from the sky, which if he was perfectly honest wasn't an impossibility.

"Um, excuse me, where am I and what am I doing here?" he asked cautiously, it was no good fretting over his existence as anything other than the great seal when there was nothing he could do about it right now, so he decided that getting at least a basic idea of what this place was would probably be the best thing he could do.

Immediately he was greeted by a series of whispers from the people further away from him while the pink haired girl that stood mere feet away from him twitched in obvious irritation.

"Hey, that's a peasant right?"

"Yeah, those clothes have to belong to a peasant."

"Zero Louise summoned a peasant."

Upon hearing the onlookers making their comments, Minato could do nothing more than blink in surprise at the simple fact that they were not speaking Japanese like he just did, but French.

"I will have to thank Bebe and Mitsuru-senpai for teaching me French if I ever see them again," the young boy thought to himself as he stood up and patted his clothes clean from the dust that had covered it.

"Excuse me," he said, making everyone look at him in surprise after his previous display of speech, "where am I and what am I doing here?"

"Mr Colbert! Please can I retake the summoning!" Louise asked a kind looking man he had failed to notice due to being just outside of his peripheral vision.

"No miss Vallière the springtime summoning ritual is a sacred practice and redoing it is to spit on the founder himself, now unless you want to be expelled, complete the contract," the robe wearing man stated while everyone completely ignored the blue haired boy that had been summoned.

"Fine," she said with obvious embarrassment in her tone before she walked over to the young boy she had summoned and placed a small stick at his head, "you should feel honoured, not many peasants get to do this. My name is Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière. Pentagon of the five elemental powers; bless this humble being, and make him my familiar."

After saying that she proceeded to put her hands behind his head and pull it down into what he immediately recognised as a kiss.

Let it be said that while Minato was a polite though admittedly distant person, he was anything but a doormat and having a girl that looked no older than thirteen years old pull him down for what appeared to be a kiss was not something he would allow… especially without explanation.

"Wha?!" came the pink haired girls call as she found a palm pushing against her face and forcing her off balance as the neck she had been holding onto suddenly vanished as the boy ducked, allowing her hands to pass over his head before she hit the floor, rump first.

Silence reigned in the courtyard as everyone stared at the scene before them, the human familiar had literally knocked the Zero down during the contracting and didn't seem to either realise or care about what he had done.

"I'll ask again, where am I and what am I doing here?" Minato asked in his hard learned French, knocking the blue robed man out of his shock.

"You are in the Tristain Academy Of Magic and you are here because you were summoned by miss Vallière to be her familiar," the man he identified as Mr Colbert said calmly.

The blue haired boy blinked a couple of times in surprise, he didn't really react much to anything that would normally be considered unusual, hell he had discovered that he had been housing a fragment of death itself inside him for about a decade so finding out that he was somewhere he had never heard of to be made a witches familiar… while it was annoying it really wasn't the worst that had happened to him (then again he was someone that could say that they came face to face with a deity and stood his ground).

"I see… and what if I was doing something important when I was summoned?" he asked seriously, earning a simple shrug off the older man.

"Then it won't be finished," Mr Colbert said dismissively, earning a small scowl off the dark haired boy in the process.

"I see," the young boy muttered quietly before asking yet another question, "is there any way to undo the summoning and return me to what I was doing before?"

"No there is not, so please allow miss Vallière to complete the ritual before she's expelled," the blue robed man requested, earning a blank stare off the young boy before him.

"And why should I?" the shock that passed through the crowd was easily noticeable, as was Louise's shaking as she stood with her arms at her side and her head bowed down to look at the floor, "she forcibly tore me from a job that I had given my life towards completing, one that needed to be done to protect all of my friends and their families and now you expect me to just sit back and let myself become that same little girl's slave for life?"

Hearing the Japanese boys question made everyone in the clearing flinch slightly at what he said, honestly he did not sound happy, sure he was still quiet and non-threatening but that didn't change the fact that he sounded angry.

"W-well to be fair she didn't intend on summoning you, it was the universe itself that decided that you were the perfect familiar for her," Mr Colbert said in an attempt to try and smooth things over with this young boy.

Taking a couple of calming breaths, Minato discreetly searched to see if he still had his evoker on him, quickly discovering that it wasn't there, meaning he would have to rely on his melee skills if he got into a fight with these mages and while he was confident in his combat ability (fighting shadows and a nightly basis really did get a person's confidence up for a fight) he was certain these mages wouldn't try to fight him close range.

"(sigh) fine, so how is this contract finalised?" he asked the older man with resignation in his tone, he doubted he would get far without some support in this world and if he ever wanted to go home then he would have to work with these people to find one and pray to every deity he knew of that Erebus didn't succeed in bring Nyx down to destroy humanity before he had found a way back.

"A kiss," the older man said as he watched the youngest Vallière walk towards the blue haired summon.

"Is there any other way?" Minato asked, he still didn't like the idea of kissing a young girl he didn't know.

"No there isn't," the balding man stated with a bemused expression.

"Does it have to be on the lips?" the young wild card asked earning another smile off the older man.

"No, you can be kissed anywhere to seal the contract," and with that the young boy found his head once again being lowered by the young girl as the crowd looked on in anticipation, only to watch the boy put his hand between his mouth and Louise's earning her ire.

"Why you ignorant peasant! How dare you refuse a kiss from a noble!" Louise shouted in outrage as she gritted her teeth in anger while everyone watching started laughing at her plight.

"I don't kiss girls I don't know and like," Minato said calmly before feeling a burning sensation passing through his body and into his left hand, honestly it was an incredibly painful feeling but he had fought death and a literal Goddess so a little pain like this wasn't going to make him do more than grimace in discomfort before looking at whatever had appeared on the back of his hand.

'0', on the back of his hand was a large oval, proof of his natural affinity towards the fool arcana and his wild card ability.

His thoughts were rudely interrupted by a series of sniggers and a furiously blushing pinkette before a cacophony of laughter erupted from all of the other students.

"Hahaha Zero Louise's runes are a zero!"

"She really is a zero!"

"SHUT UP!" Minato almost fell down at the sheer volume the tiny pink haired girl before shouted at, honestly how could such a small girl have such large lungs.

However what really caught his attention was the fact that they kept calling her a Zero as if it was a bad thing, he was a zero and it was that very fact that allowed him to become the strongest member of SEES with only Fūka surpassing him in any aspect of ability and that was because of her persona being completely devoted to the art of reconnaissance and intelligence.

Shaking his head, he decided to just ignore the teasing that his so called 'master' was receiving, instead he decided to experiment and see if the mark had any special properties, with his first experiment being to change his persona.

He was left with an almost invisible smile adorning his face as the rune on the back of his hand changed with the persona, with it now displaying 'XIII' the same number as the arcana for the persona he had switched to… Thanatos. He would experiment to see if this mark allowed him to summon his persona without an evoker when he was alone, he honestly didn't know how these people would react to seeing a persona appear out of nowhere yet.

"That's enough students, return to your dorms and get to know your familiars," Mr Colbert instructed, knocking the young boy out of his musings as he witnessed the gathered children start flying away from the courtyard, he would've been shocked if he hadn't already experienced even stranger situations during his time at Gekkoukan High School.

Feeling a hand clamp around his arm, he soon found himself being dragged away from the courtyard by the young pink haired girl that had summoned him. He was honestly surprised at her physical strength, he was definitely not expecting it from such a small girl even if he was certain he could overpower her if he ever wanted to.

Though until he knew if he could summon his persona's he wasn't going to try getting into a fight with a mage, especially since he didn't have any weapons or items on him… he knew that if he had the omnipotent orb in his possession he could easily destroy this world with only minor resistance, he was pretty sure that only a small number of people would be capable of using almighty element magic (if any) but as it stood right now he didn't have that accessory so there was no point thinking on it.

His mind quickly recorded the layout of this 'school' as he was dragged through it, spending so much time in Tartarus where every floor changed every day meant he had plenty of practice getting lost and having to retrace his steps, giving him an almost map like ability to know where he was in relation to where he started.

Still, he would also admit that this school wasn't his cup of tea, he honestly preferred the more modern Gekkoukan High to this medieval style fortress. That's not to say the place wasn't nice, it was most certainly well maintained and spacious, it was just a little to primitive for his tastes.

He continued to allow himself to get dragged along by the small pink haired girl, he really didn't like the fact that she had torn him from his place as the great seal but that teacher did have a point, it's not like she intentionally summoned him so while he would do everything he could to try and find a way home, he would help this girl if she needed it, simply because it was apparently his duty to do so.

Finally he found himself being dragged inside a spacious room with a queen sized bed jutting from the wall on his left, while a wardrobe along with a chest of drawers and a large desk were located on the other side of the room, with a large window allow light to filter into the room.

Minato quickly noted that there was a small pile of hay located next to the bed and his eyes immediately narrowed at the thoughts that popped into his head, especially given how this little girl had been acting since summoning him.

"Where will I be sleeping?" he asked with a barely noticeable edge to his voice, one that was most certainly not picked up by the pink haired girl standing before him.

Immediately he noticed the young girl shaking, judging by her previous actions he was pretty certain she was about to explode into some sort of tirade about peasants and nobles.


"You didn't answer my question," the blue haired boy stated blankly, completely unfazed by her volume, years of listening to music at full volume and going to kendo practice where everyone yells at the top of their lungs really made dealing with shouting rather easy for someone as calm and distant as him.

He could literally see the rage in her eyes as she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists at his casual dismissal of her demands, if he was honest with himself, she was probably going to be a real pain to live with until he managed to get it through to her that he didn't care about social status or anything like that. He had made so many different friends during his time at Gekkoukan High that such things didn't matter to him anymore, surely someone that made friends with social recluses, jocks, perverts, prudes, foreign exchange students, little girls, an old couple, teachers and even a dog was the sort of person that wouldn't judge based on social status.

"OVER THERE!" she shouted angrily while pointing towards the pile of hay, confirming his suspicions and making his eye twitch slightly, though not enough for the pink haired mage to notice.

"No," he stated without hesitation, making Louise look at him with even more anger before turning towards her desk and walking over, only to pull a riding crop out of one of the drawers and hold it menacingly, 'great, looks like I'll have to sleep with Beelzebub equipped if she has access to something like that.'

The young girl failed to notice his familiar runes glow slightly as the zero once again changed, this time becoming 'XV' as he switched to a persona that would make her 'weapon' completely ineffective.

"You ungrateful peasant, how dare you deny a noble," she growled out through her teeth as she moved in for the kill, completely unaware of the fact that her small force was about to meet an immovable object.

Let it be said that while it is necessary to summon a persona to use its magic or special attacks, it is not necessary to receive it's passive abilities like say, elemental resistance, such as how right now, Minato is completely immune to blunt force trauma of all kinds, including whips strikes.

The blue haired boy stood with a bored expression adorning his face as he waited for the violent loli to grow tired of hitting him with the horse riding tool.

After several minutes of attempting to make her familiar suffer for his insolence, Louise found herself panting as her arm burned from the amount she had used it, her mind lamenting the fact that he didn't make a single noise during her punishment.

"(pant) I hope (pant) you learned your (pant) lesson, (pant) peasant," she said while panting from her anger fuelled actions.

"That you're into BDSM?" he asked with a completely straight face, deciding to get a rise out of this girl that seemed to think she owned him like some sort of pet.

"WHAT?!" came the expected response from the young girl before she once again hit him with the tool, this time aiming for his face, only for her eyes to widen at the fact that his cheek didn't so much as shake from the strike, "wha-what are you?"

Minato had to admit that the girl was obviously shocked at his current immunity to strike damage and that her previous anger and self-righteousness had disappeared as quickly as it had appeared, leaving her in the position of a little girl staring up at a reared bear that was ready to eat her.

"A true zero," immediately her eyes widened before a scowl appeared on her face at his words, obviously she hated the mere word zero due to the number of times she had been called one.

"Stop… mocking… me," she ground out between her teeth, earning absolutely no change in the blue haired persona users expression as he watched her seethe at his statement.

"I'm not," he stated calmly, something that really annoyed her, so far he didn't seem to express himself much, if at all, "there are two meanings behind the number zero."

That statement caught her attention and made her look at him with confusion clearly written on her face, it was obvious that she wasn't as well practiced as him at the art of hiding his emotions.

"What do you mean?" she asked, she knew she was called 'Louise the zero' because of her zero per cent success rate at performing magic, however if there was another meaning behind the number then perhaps she could use that as a way to help her shrug off their mocking words.

"Zero can mean nothing, or something with unlimited potential, I am defined by the second meaning," he stated calmly, earning another several blinks of surprise off the young pink haired girl as she looked at him with wide eyes.

What he said did make her feel a little better about herself, sure she had a massive failure rate when it came down to magic but she did create explosions and did succeed in summoning a familiar so surely she had magical potential so she simply had to figure out what it was that made her incapable of using magic.

"That doesn't explain why you aren't hurt," she pointed out, growing increasingly frustrated when he simply shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly in response.

Crossing her arms and looking away from her familiar, she tried to think of a way to get him to act in line and stop being so wilful, however without being able to make him fear her, she really didn't know what she could do, hell it's not like she could use magic to hurt him?

That was when it struck her, while her magic was indeed incapable of subtle things, it was more than capable of hurting people, she should know given how often she had been caught in the explosions, so with a vicious smirk adorning her face she pulled out her wand and pointed it at the blue haired boy before making the incantation.

That was when she knew that he really wasn't the sort of familiar she could control. Instead of being hit by an explosion upon her finishing her spell, he had grabbed her wrist and twisted it in order to force her to release her wand which now rested in his hand.

Minato really couldn't believe the state of the girl that currently knelt before him, she was holding her wrist like it had just been run over by a car when all he had done was a small disarming move he had learnt a few years ago, seriously, if something that small was making her cry then she really had a soft life.

Sure he realised that he wasn't exactly normal as far as pain tolerance went, the mere fact that he accidentally summoned death itself before his body was capable of handling its power and immediately managed to fight two shadows before falling unconscious due to exhaustion was proof that his limits weren't the same as normal peoples.

But even Fūka could handle a disarming move with only minor discomfort and she had to stay at the entrance of Tartarus due to being too physically weak to fight shadows, so for this pink haired mage to be so affected by his action proved that she was not used to muscle pain at the very least.

"W-why? Why am I the only person to summon a familiar that ignores me?" the young boy heard coming from the girl as she started sobbing over the fact that her familiar wouldn't listen to her.

"How does the fact that the other students weren't trying to abuse their familiars sound?" the former SEES member asked before turning around to leave the room.

"W-what the hell do you mean by that!" the short girl shouted in anger at his accusation.

"The other students were being friendly towards their familiars while you keep trying to put me down," the young Japanese boy said before opening the door.

"Wait! Where do you think you're going?!" she demanded from him, earning a minor shrug of his shoulders.

"Out," was his only response before leaving the room and closing the door behind him, resulting in the young Vallière growing red with anger at the fact that he had not only left without her permission but hadn't given back her wand.

"FAMILIAR!" it was a call that was lost on the wild card persona user due to having turned on his mp3 player and put both his headphones on, honestly it was nice to listen to a good tune after dealing with a snot nosed brat like that, besides he had more important things to deal with than putting up with a spoilt brat trying to force him into submission.

He decided to ignore the extra weight that latched itself to him, he had already predicted that his so called 'master' would try to force him to stay and obey however she was nowhere near heavy nor strong enough to stop him, seriously, he had fought the reaper and won, dealing with a stubborn brat wasn't going to be that hard.

Sure he noticed that every student he passed started laughing their assess off at the fact that a mage couldn't control their familiar, not that he cared, it was Louise they were laughing at, not him.

He would probably feel sorry for her if it wasn't for the simple fact that she had already gotten on his bad side with her 'holier than thou' attitude and her abusive personality, he was sure that she would probably be considered a Tsundere type character if she was in an anime… that thought immediately made him cringe, he really didn't need the thought of her falling for him entering his head, especially given how that almost always seemed to happen, hell even his homeroom teacher had fallen into that category after discovering he was the close friend she had met while playing innocent sin online.

He actually wished that women here wouldn't end up falling for him, it would simply result in him hurting even more people when he finally managed to return home (hopefully before Nyx's descent so he could retake his place as the great seal).

If he was honest with himself, he was walking around for two primary reasons, one, to find a place to see if he can summon persona's via the runes on the back of his hand and two, to see if he can find a door to the velvet room in this world, if he could find Igor then he could find out what was happening right now and if there was any way back home.

He found it rather easy to map out the layout of the school, honestly it was actually rather simple, six towers arranged in the shape of a pentagon with the largest tower located in the centre of the formation, while they were joined by large walls.

It also helped that he wasn't stopped by anyone, though it would appear that the small girl that had summoned him had grown tired of trying to drag him and instead moved to block his path, only to find out he was more than happy to simply lift her and put her down out of his way, it was obvious that action infuriated her.

He finally found a clearing where he could test his ability to summon persona's without being overlooked by anyone outside of the small pink haired girl, then again she would probably be capable of telling him if using his persona's in public would be liable to get him executed.

Removing his headphones he immediately noticed that Louise was no longer yelling at him. Given that he was no longer listening to his music, he proceeded to turn off his mp3 player before turning to see the young girl he had been summoned by looking at him with one of the cutest expressions he had ever seen, with her pouting while her lips quivered and her eyes watered.

Still, he wasn't going to apologise, she had been treating him like crap when he hadn't even done anything so she deserved the treatment she received off him.

Turning around he held up his left hand before switching to his favoured persona, Orpheus Telos and with a single thought, tried to summon his power.

"Persona," he whispered quietly before feeling the swell of power that came with summoning a persona and the physical manifestation appearing behind him, thoroughly shocking Louise at the sudden presence of the large red and gold humanoid with yellow hair, a puppet like body and a large lyre attached to its back.

"W-w-what is that?!" the young mage asked in fear towards the person before her.

"Orpheus Telos," Minato said calmly before the being vanished from the physical plane, leaving the two alone as the sun began to set.

"T-that doesn't explain what it is!" she shouted once again.

"A persona," the blue haired saviour stated calmly as he turned to leave the courtyard he had tested his ability in.

"What's a persona?" came the expected response to his answer.

"It's a long story I can't be bothered telling you," he stated calmly as he switched back to Beelzebub, granting him immunity to all blunt force trauma, just in case the pinkette felt like trying to punish him again.

Now if Louise hadn't seen what he had just done, she would've yelled at him and demanded that he stop denying her, however now she knew that her familiar was most certainly not normal and given the sheer aura of power that radiated from that being he summoned, she was certain that the being he summoned was probably strong enough to take on a square class mage, so she decided that it would probably be a good idea to stop antagonising the darkly dressed boy she had summoned and accept that he wouldn't simply let her control him.

Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter since I know I enjoyed writing it.

Now I realize that the protagonist doesn't learn French in the game however I decided to make it so that he did in this version.

I am also aware that an evoker isn't actually required to summon a persona but simply makes it easier to do so without immense mental conditioning, however Minato hasn't undergone immense mental conditioning and as such his runes as a way to neutralize the concentration required to summon a persona.

I decided against making him the Gandálfr since in P3 and P3:FES, he is the only character capable of equiping any weapon, indicating a certain level of proficiency at armed combat that doesn't need to be augmented by runes.

I am also aware that he has not revealed his name yet, however that will be done during the next chapter.

Anyway, time to get the basic stats out of the way:

Arisato Minato:

Level: 99

Persona's: Orpheus Telos, Thanatos, Messiah, Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Asura, Byakko, Kohryu

Items: mp3 player

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