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Peeta Mellark

I feel like I am in one of those crazy stereotypical movies. Where the guy moves to the new school, nervous, overly observent, and every girl he sees he thinks is amazingly gorgeous. That is the positionj I'm in right now, I know it must be a crappy metaphor but it's all I got. But of course nothing has really started yet, I have just woken up, but I moved here the beginning of summer. Can you guess where? Stereotypical Movie? California...

The last place I'd want to move, where there's surfing, cute girls and douche bag guys with fake tans. At least that's what my brother Ryan described it as. I've never been good with girls, I get really nervous. The only girl I'm sure I can actually be around with out getting nervous is my sister Delilah, or Delly. She hates when people call her by her real name, I remember I did it to tease her a lot when we were kids but my dad made me knock it off. Maybe that is another reason I have never been good with girls.

So I guess this is the part when I tell you about myself. Well my name is Peeta Mellark, I am 16 years old. My parents divorced 4 years ago and my dad just got a job transfer, I grew up in New Hampshire and now I'm here. Not exactly and intresting story, I know. But that's me. The boy that grew up in a bakery making cupcakes and cookies. Talk about being teased... My dad sold the bakery and in a few months it would be torn down and probably another McDonalds would be placed there. Ah, soceity! Gotta love it!

Delly is in the kitchen complaining to my dad that she doesn't want to go to school, she's afraid the girls will make fun of her. Delly is pretty, but growing up in our house with a constant supply of cakes and junk food, she was put a little bit on the pudgy side. I'm sure Delly will do fine, she is a nice person and gets along with everybody. But I do hope the girls aren't as bitchy as Ryan says.

I run a hand through my hair and walk out into the kitchen to see Delly in front of my dad with a pout on her lips and Ryan eating a bowl of cereal tiredly. Delly and I are twins even though we don't have a lot alike and Ryan is only two years older then us, he was pissed that he had to leave right before senior year because he had to leave his football team and also because he had a girlfriend but he seemed more relieved then mad about it. I grab the box of cereal from him and pour myself a bowl. Nothing seems to intrest the two of us more than staring contests during breakfast but today is different. We just watch Delly and dad, dad is mainly ingnoring her but you can see him getting a little annoyed. My dad is a very level headed man so it's not very often you get to seem him blow.

"Delilah, you are going to school and that is that. You need to do as your told because I am your father and this conversation is now discontinued." he says calmly and walks sown the hall, probably to his office to rub his temples and count backwards from ten. Delly shoots both of us a glare like we did something wrong. Ryan just rolls his eyes and continues to chomp loudly while eating his cereal. Delly gives me a pleading look like I should try and talk dad into letting her stay home. They always say I'm dad's favorite but I have no idea what they mean. I just act like their a bunch of crazy people and ignore them. Even though they are a bunch of crazy people I won't tell them that...At least for now.

I get out of my chair and put my bowl in the sink and leave the room so I can get dressed and at least not look like a total nerd for the first day. No one ever pays attention to the new kids unless they do something to embarass themselves on the first day, so cross your fingers none of us do that. A few minutes later, right after I button my jeans Ryan barges into the room and slams the door shut behind him. He may have his own room but he likes to sit in mine and filthy it all up. He says I'm a pansy for always being so neat and clean and smelling nice, like a girl. But I do my best to ignore him. Besides that was when I was twelve even though hhe probably thinks I still am a pansy.

"The sad thing is, is that Delly is going to be asking us what to wear almost every day so she doesn't get made fun of. For once I actually wish we still had a uniform." A small smile makes it's way onto my lips and I laugh lightly and pull an old V-neck over my head. "Yeah, and were probably going to be late because she has to change her outfit a millon times." I tell him and we both burst out into fits of laughter.


The school is a lot better looking then our old school, everything looks brand spanking new. Ryan drove us to school and Delly complained about having to sit in the back and that she wanted to sit in the front. For once I kept my foot down and told her no. And as I expected there are muscely guys every where and girls wearing the shortest shorts imaginable all over the place. My fair skin doesn't like the sun, it's not used to it being so hot during this time of the year. So I think I might get a sunburn by the end of the day.

Surpirsingly as soon as we got here Delly dissapeared and Ryan went to go talk to some football dudes probably about where he can sign up for try outs. So as I walk through the school halls I am instantly knocked down but a guy with lots of muscles and board shorts on. Yep, I'm in a movie, let me guess I'm going to get beat up for getting in this guys way. But no.

The guy laughs lightly and helps me up from the cool floor and ruffles my hair. What the hell? I look at the guy, he has almost a foot on me and he had bronze colored hair and sea green eyes, he seems really tan, he's probably been here his whole life. Most of these people probably have. I stare at him for a moment or two, expecting a fist to fly into my face but it never does. He smiles and offers his hand and I hesitantly take it, only to be yanked into a hug and to be smacked on the back. "I'm Finnick Odair, glad to meet ya'!" he says with a mega watt smile. (This guys scares me) I just smile back lightly. "So ya' new I'm guessin'? That's quite the surprise." he seems overly chill, I wonder if he's on drugs.

"I'm Peeta Mellark, sophmore." I tell him and as if it's even possible he smile swider and a small girl walks up next to him looking worriedly at me. "Finn, what are you doing?" she asks him quietly and he swoops down and picks her up bridal style and she shreiks. People in the halls laugh, as if they knew this was going to happen, maybe these people are a lot nicer than Ryan expected. "Well Peety Mellark, I would like you to meet my girlfriend Annie Cresta soon to be Odair if things go as planned and Annie Wanny I'd like you to meet Peter." he says and I quickly correct him that my name is 'Peeta' and he just lughs and puts down his girlfriend. Annie smiles at me and waves hesitantly, I think I could get along with her, and maybe Delly could too. Wherever Delly is. "Okay Peeta I like you, so you can sit with us at lunch, I'll introduce you to the group." he says and walks away with his arm wrapped around Annie while laughing.

Oh God, I hope everyone else is nice but not crazy nice like him.


Lunch comes around faster than I think and soon after I've gotten my lucnch I catch Finnick waving me over from a table almost right in the middle of the room. All I got was an apple and a ham sandwich and the nervous side of me is worrying about my lunch choices, seriously what is wrong with me.

I walk over slowly and even more hesitantly when I see the other people at the table. There is a girl with bright red hair a guy with black hair and another guy with light brown hair. I take a seat next to Annie who smiles at me and I smile back and Finnick goes through introductions. "Everybody this is Peeta Mellark but I have dibs on calling him Peety, Peety this J.K, Gale, and Marvie." he says and the light brown haired one that he called Marvie bangs his head on the table and says each syllable in between bangs. "My. Name. Is. Marv. El" and I chuckle lightly. The Gale guys just picks at his food and keeps giving me small glances.

Thats when I have that movie moment when I'm sure I've met the girl of my dreams. She has long perfect legs and beautifuly tanned olive skin, her long dark hair had small peices of dyed purple hair mixed in with it as you look at the braid she's put it in. She wears short leather shorts with a dark green tank top and a large belt wrapped around the stomach. Her face is perfect, she is beautiful, she has amazing sliver eyes and I find her nose being very, very cute. She wears leather combat boots and my eyes follow her as she makes her way over to a table in the far right corner with a tall muscled dude with blonde hair and malicious blue eyes.

He looks crazy, like he could kill someone. When she sits down he wraps a large arm around her waist protectively and possesively. A thump to the head breaks me away from my stare and I trun to find everyone at the table staring at me with smirks on their faces. I blush a deep crimson and Finnick smiles and smacks me on the back.

"Almost as pretty as my Annie. Katniss Everdeen, my mysterious next door neighbor. Don't worry Peety, their not dating, Cato is like a scary older brother. Trust me, if they were dating he would probably lay her on the table and stake his claim in public." Now I lost my appetite. Annie smacks him on the arm and blushes. "But seriously, I know nothing about her. It's almost impossible, Cato follows her around everywherem glaring at anything with a dick that looks at her." he says and then laughs that is when I hear a yell of annoyance.

I look over to where Delly is standing smiling at a girl with short and spikey brown hair who wears some old jeans and a t-shirt and I can see the handle of a knife peeking out of her back pocket and I tense. "Leave me alone you crazy hyper Easter Bunny! Go bug someone else! Anyone else!" she yells and Finnick laughs loudly and the girl shoots him a glare and stomps over to Katniss' table looking as if she could explode. Delly spots me and runs over, I don't know why she is so happy suddenly, she was bayond pissed off this morning.

Delly hugs me tightly and then smiles at the others who send me question gazes. "Everybody, I would like you to meet my twin sister Delly." and now it's my turn to hit my head on the table. Delly scooches in next to me and Finnick introduces everyone yet again but says Marvel's name normally this time. "That would be JoJo Mason, but if you call her that she will chop your balls off. Katniss' friend, almost as mysterious as her except Johanna shows at least some emotion. As I was saying before Katniss is very mysterious, I have never seen her parents or anybody else besides her, Cato, Johanna and a younger girl at her house. She pretty much appeared out of no where, I am one of the few people Cato has not punched in the face for going near Katniss. I wouldn't say were friends, more like he trusts me with her but Katniss doesn't."

I stare at him for a long while before nodding and listenting to them talk to each other. Thinking about how I would ever be able to approach her, with me being terrible arround the female species and because I'm afraid Cato will break my face. So one question sits in my mind. Who is Katniss Everdeen?



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