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Posters, best friends and secret confessions

The Pendragon and Emrys family have known each other since the down of time, some would say their bond was formed in the times of Camelot and has been unbreakable thought out time.

Uther and Balinor met in college, both studying Law and after a few little fights they soon became friends and once college was over they promised to stay in touch but fate had other plans, because when Uther opened his dorm room at Albion Uni he found that his roommate was none other than Balinor, as the years went they both found love and started their own families but one thing never changed their friendship, and that friendship helped them build Pendragon and Emrys one of the top law firms in the whole of England.

Uther's son, Arthur is year older than Balinor's son, Merlin but that didn't stop the younger boy for bossing Arthur around but the older boy enjoyed playing with Merlin, Arthur always felt something more for his friend but was unable to pin point the feeling, as they grow older their little group of friends grow starting with Arthur's sister Morgana and her best friend Gwen, When Lance came on the scene in year 3 Arthur took a dislike to him mostly because he was friends with his Merlin but they soon grow as friends as well.

High school is when things would have normally changed but Arthur and his friends made sure that nothing got in the way of their friendships, not Arthur's team mates, not the bullies that teased Merlin and Gwen because they were members of the maths club and well no one messes with Morgana.

Arthur didn't really like his team mates well beside Gwaine and Percival not only where they on the football team but they were also in the Maths club, they were also dating each other and soon they joined Arthur and his little group.

Since the start of high school Merlin has been keeping a secret from his best friend. He was in love with Arthur Pendragon and the only ones to know the truth were Merlin's closest friends. But as the school year drew to an end Merlin wanted to come clean, to bare his soul but he was afraid of losing his friend.

"Arthur I love you." Merlin said before shaking his head "Arthur I've been in love with you since forever... God why is this so hard?"

"Merlin come on you can do this." Morgana said from her seat in the empty classroom, both her and Gwen had stayed late after school to help Merlin.

"Hey Arthur wanna be my date to the prom?" Merlin sighed.

"Just speak from your heart Merlin." Gwen smiled.

"What's the point? Arthur's dating that... Cindy, he won't dump her for me." Merlin sat down and placed his head in his hands.

"Oh god I can't stand that bitch, do you know she calls him Arty? That's my thing to annoy him I can't even say it anymore without wanting to be sick, and her voice its so annoying." Morgana complained.

"But Arthur loves her, I can't do..." SLAP

"Morgana." Gwen gasped.

"Look Merlin I've known you since I was a baby and you have always loved my stupid brother but so help me god if you let that annoying gold digging bitch so much as become Arthur's wife I will hunt you down to the ends of the earth and make sure no one finds the body. Am I clear?" Morgana asked.

Merlin nodded.

"Good now from the top." Morgana smiled sitting back down.

*Merlin and Arthur*

"I can't wait for Prom I so know Arthur is going to ask me." Cindy said down the phone as she walked down the hallway.

"What you gonna wear?" The person on the other end asked

"Something sluty." Cindy laughed.

"Arthur I love you." Cindy stopped and looked around and found herself standing outside the classroom where Maths club was held in.

"Hey B I gonna have to call you back." Cindy ending the call before her friend could replied.

"Arthur I love you, I always have and I think I always will, I want it to be me you look at with those eyes so full of love, to be in your arms to hear you say I love you back, I would give anything just to know if you feel the same way about me." Merlin said.

"Wonderful, now make sure you do it like you did just now." Morgana smiled.

Cindy stepped away from the door and an evil smile formed on her lips before she headed towards the computer room.

*Merlin and Arthur*

Arthur walked through the door of his high school and knew something was wrong, the other students were looking at him funny and the halls were covered in posters, Arthur kept walking until he got to his locker and stared in shock at the poster that was stuck to it.

Merlin confesses secret love for Football captain Arthur Pendragon. But come on who could save a freak like him? Not Arthur Pendragon.

Arthur ripped the poster of his locker feeling sick that someone could do this to his best friend, looking round the hall he understood why people were looking at him funny, and he knew just what he had to do.

"What the fuck you looking at?" Arthur yelled.

The students quickly hurried on their way not wanting to be on his bad side.

Merlin stared at the posters hanging off the walls in the hallway, his eyes starting to water.


Merlin turned slowly to see Morgana and Gwen quickly rushing over to him and pulling him into a hug.


"Arthur not now." Morgana warned.

"Is it true?" Arthur asked, ignoring his sister.

Merlin pulled away and looked at Arthur, tears running down his face.

"Yes." Merlin said before he quickly ran off leaving school ground and heading for his car.

"When I find who did this they better fucking watch out." Morgana threatened taking her girlfriend's hand and walking towards class.

Arthur stood there shocked, Merlin loved him, his best friend was IN love with him, Arthur didn't really know how to go about that but he did know that he had to take the posters down.

Uther found his son in one of the many hallways with a black bag ripping down poster after poster.

"The school called me, they thought you were ditching." Uther informed his son as he grabbed a poster off the wall.

"Why are you here dad?" Arthur sighed.

"Hunith called Balinor this morning in tears, he told me what happened and when the school called I knew just what you were doing and thought I would give you a hand." Uther smiled sadly.

"How? Why didn't you believe I was ditching?" Arthur said turning to face his father.

"Because Merlin was upset over these and I know you son, anything to do with Merlin comes first." Uther replied ripping down another poster.

"That's not true." Arthur said.

"Of course it is, remember that time Merlin broke his arm, you were half way through a date with that girl umm...Mandy..."

"Her name is Cindy dad" Arthur interrupted.

"Anyways you left her to go to Merlin, you always put Merlin first. That will never change." Uther replied.

"One day that will change dad. Me and Cindy we're in love I was young when that happened …."

"What about last week Arthur? You left Cindy with us because Merlin's car broke down." Uther interrupted this time.


"Son you may not see it but your mother and I do, you're in love with Merlin you always have been you just never knew it." Uther patted his son on the shoulder.

"No you're wrong." Arthur shook his head.

"Just think about it Arthur." Uther said before leaving.

*Merlin and Arthur*

That night Arthur sat at his desk in his room, thinking over what his father had said and in the end he came up with a list that should help him come to the right decision.

"Merlin won't come back to school tomorrow." Morgana said walking in and sitting down on the bed.

"I got rid of all the posters." Arthur informed her.

"I know and I told him that but you can't undo this one so easily, anyways what you got there?" Morgana asked getting up.

"Nothing." Arthur answered.

Morgana quickly grabbed the piece of paper "Merlin likes Action films and salted popcorn, Cindy won't watch anything unless it's a chick flick and hates fast food. Arthur what is this?" Morgana asked.

"I was hoping it would help." Arthur sighed.

"Cindy calls me Arty which I hate and have told her so; Merlin calls me Arthur and smiles. Cindy likes to spend money and complain about those that ask for help, Merlin is always trying to help others." Arthur continued.

"Arthur I hate to tell you this but Merlin has got your girlfriend beat, I mean you got here Cindy enjoys putting people down and making fun of them while Merlin is always standing up for the little guy. Arthur there is no choice between the two." Morgana said handing Arthur back his list.

"I know, but I still can't get my head round it." Arthur shook his head.

"OH ARTY." both Arthur and Morgana shivered.

"Oh great your girlfriend is here." Morgana said as she got up.

"Oh hey Morgan right?" Cindy smiled as she entered the room.

"Why you..."

"Morgana don't." Arthur told her.

"Look out bitch I'm coming for you." Morgana whispered as she passed Cindy.

"What's with her? Did her and her little gay friend have a fight?" Cindy said sitting on the bed.

"Cindy don't do that you know I don't like that." Arthur sighed and looked down at his list.

"Whatever, hey so did you hear about your freak friend? Well I mean their all freaks but I'm talking about the one with the big ears you would think his parents would have done something about them." Cindy babbled.

"What are you talking about?" Arthur gasped.

"Well you see big ears was talking to your cousin and her little gay friend and well I overheard it all, I mean come on, you're Arthur Pendragon you're not into dick, and even if you were you would have more taste than to go for big ears, but then again if you were gay I would so turn you. Anyways I came over to tell you that me and the girls are going shopping so you have to come." Cindy finished standing up.

"NO Cindy I'm not I have things to do, good night." Arthur growled.

"Fine then I'll remember this." Cindy started for the door.

"Cindy don't ever talk about Merlin or any of my friends that way." Arthur said before Cindy stormed out of the room.

"So made a choice? Shall I tell mum Cindy is going to be her daughter in law?" Morgana joked standing in his doorway, from downstairs they heard a crash.

Both Arthur and Morgana ran down stair to see their mum standing there.

"Arthur if that girl ever becomes a member of this family I will make sure that you're a widower very soon do I make myself clear?" Ygraine hissed.

"I was joking mum." Morgana laughed.

"Uther dear clean this up please." Ygraine asked.

"Don't worry mum I'm not choosing Cindy." Arthur kissed his mother's cheek and went to help his dad clean up the broken plates.

"Morgana I need you to get Merlin to school tomorrow okay." Arthur told her before they went to bed.

"Will do." Morgana smiled.

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