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"Morgana I can't go back in there." Merlin told her as she pulled into the school parking lot.

"You have to Merlin." Morgana smiled.

"No I don't. I won't." Merlin replied.

"Arthur wants you to see something you can leave right after." Morgana promised.

"Promise?" Merlin asked.

"Promise." Morgana smiled.

When Merlin walked through the doors it was just like yesterday, people looking at him posters covering the walls.

"I thought you told me Arthur took them down." Merlin asked.

"He did, look properly." Morgana pointed to the poster near them.

Merlin VS. Cindy who would you chose?

Right under the title was two columns, Merlin turned to look at Morgana.

"What is this?" Merlin asked shocked.

"That is you kicking that cows ass." Morgana laughed.

"Hey Merlin." Merlin turned to find Beth smiling at him.

"I just wanted to let you know that if you were gay and I wasn't gay then I would chose you hands down." Beth smiled.

"Thanks Beth." Merlin said still shocked.

"You guys coming to the hall?" Beth asked.

"Yeah we were heading there now." Morgana smiled.

"Morgana you said I could leave?" Merlin replied.

"I did but you haven't seen what your meant to yet, now come on we don't want to be late for assembly." Morgana informed him, leading him towards the hall.

Arthur smiled when he saw Morgana and Merlin standing by the doors of the hall as the headmaster got the assembly started.

"What's Arthur doing up there?" Merlin whispered.

"Shh" Morgana smiled.

"Now that you're all here and settled your captain would like to have a word with you all." The headmaster informed them.

"Hey everyone, I'm sure you are all wondering why I asked to do this assembly, well for two reasons, one to save us from listening to another Sex ed speech but most of all I asked to do this because I need to get something off my chest. For as long as I remember it's always been me and Merlin, even though our group of friends grew it was still me and Merlin, we looked out for each other, protected each other. And I'm sure all of you saw those posters yesterday about Merlin. Well I have an answer to that. I could and do love Merlin, not as a brother and not as you love your friends. I love Merlin with my whole heart and it angers me that my girlfriend took away his chance to tell me himself but I guess she did a good thing by being a bitch because I know I would not have believed Merlin even though I have always loved Merlin more than a friend, I have only just realised that myself. I spent all of yesterday going over my feelings and how I treat Merlin differently and I came up with the list. You have all seen on the poster and as my sister put it yesterday Merlin had her beat, there is no choice to make, there never was." Arthur turned to look at Merlin and smiled. "Because my heart has always belonged to Merlin Emrys and no one can take that away from him not even an ex-girlfriend." Arthur jumped off stage and made his way over to Merlin.

"Arthur." Merlin whispered.

"I love you Merlin," Arthur smiled and pulled Merlin closer to him.

"I love you." Merlin smiled, tears falling, Arthur leaned down and kissed Merlin passionately in front of the whole of their year.


"Cindy we're over, I'm gay." Arthur smiled.

"No, you're not I..." Cindy started.

"Remember last night you said if I was gay you would turn me, well you did but not the way you would want." Arthur laughed.

"Do you still wanna go home?" Arthur asked looking down at Merlin who nodded.

"Morgana she's all yours." Arthur smiled at the evil look in his sister's eyes.

"Oh Cindy Cindy you and me are going to have fun." Morgana mocked.

"You can't hurt me Megan." Cindy hissed.


"My girlfriend's name is Morgana!" Gwen hissed standing in front of Morgana.

"Way to go baby." Morgana smiled wrapping her arms around Gwen.

*Merlin and Arthur*

"Did you really mean it?" Merlin asked looking away from the lake in front of him.
"Every word I love you Merlin I always have. Now I have something to ask you." Arthur smiled.

"Oh?" Merlin smiled.

"Will you be my date to Prom?" Arthur asked.

"I don't think my boyfriend would be happy with me going with another man, he's the captain of the football team you know." Merlin laughed.

"Is that a yes Merlin." Arthur laughed.

"Yes I would love to." Merlin kissed Arthur.

The night of the prom was magical, Arthur was crowned king and he picked Merlin to be his queen which had his boyfriend turning red, they ended up leaving early and having a romantic picnic by the lake, a week before high school ended Merlin and Arthur went out had a lovely dinner before going home and gave themselves to each other.

They feared what their college choices would do to their new found relationship seeing as Merlin wanted to be a doctor and Arthur was going to follow in his father's footsteps, but their fears were unfounded when they learned that their college choice catered to both boy's needs, they were able to share a dorm room and even help each other with work, Arthur would practice questioning people on the stand on Merlin while Merlin used Arthur to get to know the human body but it always ended with them having sex, Arthur couldn't stand the feel of Merlin's hands all over him for too long and in the end took charge and made love to his boyfriend.

Right before they signed up for Uni Arthur and Merlin had a small wedding, with just family and friends before they headed off to Rome for a week before coming back and finding that their father's had already found them a Uni that dealt with both Law and Medical as well as a small flat near the Uni for their sons to live.

As the years when Merlin and Arthur's love grow, they both had well-paid jobs and made sure that their work never took away from each other and when they knew they were ready the filled for adoption and a month later had a beautiful baby boy, Jason Emrys Pendragon.

They lived a full and happy life right up to the moment of their passing, But No one mourned their lose because they knew in their hearts that Merlin and Arthur would always be with them, guiding them, protecting them and most of all loving them.


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