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Even Angels Have Their Black Desires

Chapter 1: A Cruel World


(Present Day)

Hermione shivered as she sat on her hard cold bed in her small dark damp cell, she cradled her knees close to her chest. Mustering what little warmth she could as they grinded against her body, Hermione tucked her face between her knees and she began to recall the events of the previous week.

(1 Week Ago)

The war had come to an abrupt end when the darkest wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, was vanquished by none other than her best friend, the chosen one, Harry Potter. Killed when his own killing curse rebounded. The remaining Death Eaters that hadn't already done so by that point, either fled Hogwarts, allowed themselves to be taken alive, or went down fighting. Either way, the death of the Dark Lord was the informal end of the war, the battle of Hogwarts, the battle for both the worlds of Wizarding and Muggle Britain had finally been won.

Cheers had rang throughout the Great Hall and the corridors of the ruined school, celebrations had already begun the second Voldemort's lifeless body had hit the floor. Hermione ran up to her friend and flung her arms around Harry's neck, a third body joined the fray, Hermione looked up and beamed with happiness as her red-headed sort-of boyfriend, Ron Weasley joined in on the group hug.

"Harry you did it!" Hermione chirped cheerfully between tears, alternating hugs between both the boys.

"No Hermione, we all did. I couldn't have done this without the pair of you." He replied modestly as he clamped his hands on both Hermione's and Ron's shoulders.

Hermione allowed herself to enjoy the tearful, happy and slightly selfish private reunion with the rest of the trio for a few moments, even although they had achieved victory. It had come at a great cost, so many had lost their lives in the battle; the sides of the hall were already lined with bodies covered in white sheets. She had seen a few familiar faces before they had been covered up, friends and classmates alike, Remus Lupin, Fred Weasley, Lavender Brown, Colin Creevey. Hermione was certain that there were other's she knew under those sheets that she had yet to see and other's that had yet to be found.

And while Hermione would mourn her lost friends later, for now she rejoiced for each one that had survived, thankful for each living face she knew and saw. Her victorious mood was further lifted when Madam Pomfrey announced that while she would have a few scars; Nymphadora Tonks would survive her almost fatal injuries. Tears streamed down from Hermione's eyes at the good news, old feelings stirred deep within her for the young Auror and a twinge of guilt rippled through her stomach as an oblivious Ron hugged her tight.

While those who were able to, treated the injured. Madam Pomfrey again remarked, this time less enthusiastically that someone else had managed to cling onto life and would survive their injuries with treatment. The woman who had tormented and tortured Hermione, the woman who had since that day at Malfoy manor, haunted her dreams every night since, the Dark Lord's most faithful and devoted lieutenant, Bellatrix Lestrange. More than a few people suggested subtlety to let her die, although some were more direct.

"Leave her. Come treat my friend's hand." A ravenclaw girl shouted over politely.

"Take a break Madam."

"Avert your eyes Miss and I'll ease her passing." A middle aged Auror said, portraying what some would have believed to be mercy. But Hermione saw the fury in his eyes; she felt his icy tone lift the hairs on the back of her neck. 'No… Not kindness, not mercy… Revenge perhaps? He wants to execute her out of hate!' The thought unnerved her more then she cared to admit, he was meant to be an Auror, not a murderer… She on the other hand was, among other things and a Death Eater. But she also was badly injured, unconscious and helpless… 'We don't kill people in such a state, we don't execute our prisoners! It's something that separates us from them, from people like her!'

But Madam Pomfrey refused them all point blank, stating that no matter who her patient was, it went against her code as a nurse to refuse and hold back medical treatment. A couple of hot-heads tried to get a curse of, to finish of Bellatrix for good but the old nurse wouldn't budge and blocked all attempts.

A week later and Hermione still didn't know why she did it, but she stepped in, standing by Pomfrey's side, ready to protect her tormentor against further attacks. For to stand back and let someone in dire need of treatment, completely incapable of defending themselves, be targeted, went against everything Hermione believed in. She was a firm believer in the rights of all livings things, and while the person clinging to life behind her was more a monster than a person, she was still a human being and it was Hermione's moral duty to stand for what was right. Even although knowing full well that if the tables were turned, the witch behind her would have no issue with killing Hermione off herself. Perhaps that's why Hermione did it, in her mind, doing the opposite of what Bellatrix Lestrange would do, would always be a good thing, the right thing to do.

"Step aside Hermione dear." Hermione recognised the voice of the Weasley matriarch in the crowd, trying to reason calmly with her son's friend.

"I'm sorry but I can't let you do this." Hermione retorted in barely a whisper. 'Why am I doing this? Damn my moral compass!'

"She's a monster!" The familiar the voice of Neville rang in the crowd, demanding blood.

"Yes, she is. But don't stoop to her level, you're better than this." Hermione completely understood why Neville would want blood, the monster behind her helped ruin his life, torturing his parents into a never ending insanity. But from what she had heard and knew about the Neville's parents, Hermione knew they wouldn't want their son to do this. 'He's above such acts, we all are.'

Hermione wasn't alone in standing for what was right, Narcissa Malfoy also stood by her sister, putting another body between the growing mob and her eldest sister despite being wand-less. She might have been shocked to see Mrs Malfoy still here and drawing attention to herself if Harry hadn't already told her that it was thanks to Narcissa that he was alive and that he owed a debt to her, one he intended to use to keep Narcissa and her son Draco out of Azkaban. Stating that both were more victims of family ties then anything, and that when it mattered most, they turned their backs on the Dark Lord and helped the light in their own way.

"Ugh of course she would stand by her sister!" Someone shouted.

"Her sister's a Death Eater, her husband's a Death Eater and her son's a Death Eater! She has to be one too! We should take her down too, just to be safe!" The middle aged Auror once again added his voice, working up the crowd. Hermione shot him a dark look. 'We just won the war! Voldemort is dead and you want to start lynching people already! What the fuck is wrong with you?' Hermione wished she had the nerve to say this out loud, to shame the man. But no… She was too nice and afraid, afraid that they would try turn on her next.

"No. Mrs Malfoy and Draco both helped me today. If they hadn't then I would most certainly be dead and so would most of you." Harry spoke up from beyond the crowd, most turned to look at him in shook, some even shifted away from the crowd. He gave Narcissa a short nod, but she gave nothing in return, not a peep, she didn't even flinch at the threat made against her and instead stood silent and strong.

The third body to stand between the mob and Bellatrix while she received treatment to stabilise her condition, took everyone by surprise. Andromeda Tonks, the disowned Black sister had also participated during the battle, fighting by her daughter's side. Sensing trouble, she had left her unconscious daughter's makeshift bedside and was now standing in defence of the ones who had once cast her out. Tonks had told Hermione all about what had happened between the three sisters, so to see them all together, sort off, was surreal to say the least.

"You should all be ashamed of yourself! Since when do we execute patients and murder prisoners?!" Hermione bit the inside of her cheek as Mrs Tonks spoke out, holding back a grin, believing that the older witch had got that slightly muddled up. 'Although on second thoughts… That way does sound more malicious, perhaps it was intentional.'

Before things got further out of hand, Kingsley stepped in and while he didn't stand in defence of Bellatrix, he did put things in perspective for the crowd and soon the lynch mob dispersed. It was easy to see, from the way Kingsley got through to the crowd and the respect they obviously felt for him, why Kingsley was favourite to become the next minister of magic.

Satisfied that she had done the right thing, Hermione had left the protection of her tormentor to her siblings and went off to join Harry and Ron in celebrating with the rest of their friends. Everything had been going so well and while there were more than a few tearful moments, the future was bright and for the first time in years, Hermione was looking forward to what it would hold for her, for her friends.

(5 Days Ago)

But the world can be cruel and unforgiving at times as Hermione was soon reminded when two days after the battle; Ministry officials arrived to arrest the trio. They were brought before Kingsley who had already been named acting Minister of Magic, where he then explained what the situation was.

"This is bullshit Kingsley!" Harry snapped at the acting Minister.

"We just bloody saved the wizarding word and you're checking us in Azkaban!" Ron yelled, moving to get out of his seat but Hermione grabbed his arm, stopping him. It wouldn't help for all of them to loss their cool, so Hermione took it upon herself to be the level-headed one. 'As always…' Just once she wished she could be the one to snap and scream. But instead she masked her own fury behind a mask of calmness and understanding.

"I know and believe me if there was any other way... As I told you, the Goblins… You know how proud they are, and they are angry at the break in. Furious at the feat the three of you accomplished, it severely hurt their pride." Kingsley spoke with calmly, alternating between meeting her gaze and the two boys as he lent forward in his chair, his hands clasped together resting on the desk. "There is also the matter of the mass murder that took place-"

"That was Voldemort! It was nothing to do with us!" Harry yelled quickly cutting of Kingsley.

"I know Mr Potter, they know that deep down too… But for now, they are placing the blame for everything at your feet."

"Why are you letting them do this?" Ron hissed angrily, Hermione forced back a sigh. For someone who grew up in an all wizarding family, Ron was surprisingly dense at times about how the wizarding world worked.

"Because they have everyone's gold Ronald. That is what they're holding against you right Minister? They are threatening to close off everyone's accounts and deny the wizarding world access to their gold?" Hermione asked calmly as she finally added her input, her mind processing the countless scenarios and options as she clasped her hands together on her lap, entwining her fingers with each other as an outlet for her emotions.

"That's correct Miss Granger and now more than ever the wizarding community of Britain needs its wealth. The war may be largely over, but it will take years to rebuild, to repair the damage… And we can't do that without funds… So you see, for now… We have no choice." Kingsley shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he tried to be as diplomatic as he could. But Hermione could tell the Minister was just as angry about the Goblin's and their demands, but he too, like Hermione was keeping it bottled up.

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few." Hermione muttered, mostly to herself but Kingsley gave her a sad smile as he overheard her.

"Basically Miss Granger. I don't believe I've heard it quite like that before, is it a muggle saying?" The Minister asked curiously and Hermione felt her cheeks warm.

"Erm… Sort off, it's from… Er… Star Trek…" She replied slightly embarrassed, awaiting the inevitable question that would come next. 'God… I'm such a geek.'

"Ah, on any other occasion I would be intrigued to know more…" He paused briefly and gave Hermione a slight smile. "But for now it would be inappropriate. But anyway yes, that saying rings true. As Minister, I have to consider the needs of the whole community… But rest assured we will not rest until this is sorted out in a way that will benefit us all."

"Can't we just take it? Ya'know, by force?" Hermione, Harry and Kingsley all gave Ron a peculiar look that said, 'You can't be serious…'

Hermione wanted to pull her hair out, Ron had been getting on her nerves all morning and his unhelpful outbursts and suggestions were really getting under her skin. "Ron! Of course we can't! We just ended a war and that would surely start another! Don't you remember our lessons on the Goblin Rebellions? It was a hard and long drawn out war last time, and that was when the wizarding community was at full strength." Hermione tried for the best part to keep her voice down, but she was unable to hide her annoyance and Ron went red, he folded his arms, sat back and pouted.

"Miss Granger is spot on Mr Weasley. You three of all people will know that we only just barely won the wizarding war, and we are in no way at full strength. War is something we must avoid at all costs."

"How long would we be there for?" Harry said with a sigh.

"I can't say for certain Mr Potter… A few weeks maybe. Like I said before, we won't rest until we find a way to have you all free while still having a satisfied Goblin community… But for now, you'll need to serve this token stretch to sate the Goblins for the time being. It grieves me to have to place this on your shoulders after all you three have done… But there really is no other option for the time being." Hermione couldn't blame Kingsley, she knew the Ex-Auror now Minister would do everything he could and that if there was one person who could sort out this mess, it was him.

"Ok… And when do we…?" Harry asked as he slumped back in his chair in defeat.

For the first time since arriving, Kingsley refused to meet any of their gazes and Hermione had a good guess what his answer was about to be before he even spoke. "Straight after this meeting."

"Fuck me not even a trial?" Blurted out Ron, but he was the only one out of the trio to look shocked. Harry was used to such things being hushed up and swept under the rug, while Hermione had no delusions about the reasoning behind it.

"Language please Mr Weasley… And no, we want to keep this quiet and hopefully have it sorted before it becomes common knowledge. A trial would draw attention to the issue and the community, rightly so will be as furious as you and I are. We can't have some hot heads seeking reprisal or…"

"Or we'll all be screwed." Hermione finished off in a flat tone which Kingsley merely nodded in reply to.

Harry let out another short sigh. "Can I make one request at least?"

"Of course Mr Potter, I will grant anything within my power." The Minister seemed to relax slightly as the boys silently and begrudgingly accepted their temporary fate.

"Can we at least be kept together? Cells next to each other or something." Harry asked hopefully as he gestured towards both Hermione and Ron.

Kingsley's face grew tense again. "I feared you might ask that. No… Sorry. Azkaban is going through major changes, without the Dementors to keep prisoners docile… We have to categorise prisoners and adhere to certain standards and rights… Such as keeping male and female prisoners separate…" Hermione flinched and felt her heart freeze over. All three turned to look at her, the boys gave her a horrified look while Kingsley went on to say. "I'm so Miss Granger, truly I am."

(Present Day)

Hermione stifled a sniffle as she stopped recalling the events, something she had done every day since arriving, those in which had led her to her current predicament. Separated from her friends, all alone in a cold dark cell in a secluded part of Azkaban reserved for female prisoners.

Her wing and that's exactly what it was, hers. Was, for the best part, deserted. Hermione didn't recall seeing any other female prisoners when she arrived, although fair enough she didn't pass every cell in the wing nor did she try and look. But it was the sounds that gave it away, or lack of sounds to be more precise, she heard no one crying, talking, breathing... Over her first few days she did hear the odd low whimper and small noise, but half the time Hermione found she had been the one to make it, the other half she probably imagined. Part of her took a small amount of pride in the lack of female criminals. Thinking back she could only name two female Death Eaters, and she had only seen one or two others during the war that Hermione couldn't name, she had no idea what had happened to them, if they died or fled, but they certainly weren't here. And neither was Alecto Carrow, nor Bellatrix Lestrange, which she was eternally thankful for.

Hermione knew that Alecto had been one of the first Death Eaters to fall and couldn't help but wonder what happened to her after. 'Maybe she came back around and fled? Or was taken away by her comrades? Or killed.' As for Bellatrix Lestrange… Hermione guessed the sadistic Death Eater was stuck in some heavily guarded infirmary recovering from her injuries. Hermione hoped that she would be long gone, no, more than hoped; she prayed she'd be long gone from this place before Bellatrix was locked up near her.

The thought that Bellatrix might be locked up near her in the near future, was enough to send Hermione scurrying into the corner out of instinctual fear, a fear that never lifted, never faltered, not since that day at Malfoy Manor. 'Well… Apart from last week…' Hermione made a noise of frustration and banged her head back against the wall. 'I'm so stupid! I had the chance to end my nightmares! But nooo, I'm goody two shoes Granger, always taking the moral high ground.' She banged her head against the wall again and a sharp pain instantly followed which she soon started to regret.

Other than the never ending crashing waves below, the eerie solitude and the terrifying thought that her tormentor may soon arrive, Hermione had found her stay in the formidable and the formerly soul-sucking prison quiet bearable. 'Perhaps it's the lack of the soul-sucking element.' It should have sounded just a tiny bit crazy, but Azkaban wasn't so bad. But compared to the previous months where they had been on the run, hiding from snatchers and eluding Death Eaters, living off scraps and fearing every shadow as they trekked the country lost and alone. Azkaban was an improvement; at least here no one was trying to kill her. 'The biggest threat I face here is boredom! I'll know I've gone insane if I start counting the bricks in my cell… Again.'

Aside from the lack of human contact and a decent bed. Every aspect of her day was considerably better than say a day on the run. Meals were served three times a day, which either turned out to be crusty bread and some sort of lumpy stew which largely resembled Ron's attempt at potions or a different type of crusty bread and a different texture lumpy stew. Sometimes they even mixed up which bread was served with which stew and she'd spend meal times trying to guess what the meat was today. 'Living a life of luxury with a unique gourmet menu, I could get used to this…'

Even she wasn't sure if she being sarcastic with herself or not… But then again, she had tasted Ron and Harry's cooking, this was most defiantly an improvement. Even the toilet was an improvement, a bucket with a bottomless charm versus a bush with one of her two male friends on watch. The bucket wins. At least the bucket didn't hum or whistle awkwardly. 'God… I will never ever be able to go anywhere with greenery with those two ever again.' Hermione's eyes looked over the rest of her cell's contents. Aside from the bucket, she had a bowl with a never ending supply of water for drinking and washing, a crude steel bed with a hard mattress and sheets only just barely thick enough to keep the icy chill of her, sometimes.

Other than that, her cell was as crude as she imagined one in Azkaban to be, that part of Azkaban did live up to her expectations. Grimy cold and dark stone making up five sides of her little cube, a small grate in one wall was the only thing that distinguished it from the others, 'A lovely sea view… Or at least I guess there is… All I can see is grey clouds that are only slightly lighter than the stone in my cell.' Her last wall was one made up entirely of dark iron bars with a small yet strong iron gate moulded into it. 'Not an ounce of privacy, I guess some things never change.' Hermione could look out of her cell, look across a meter width hallway and see clearly into a cell identical to hers. It was exactly the same, brick for brick, grime for grime. If it wasn't for the lack of a grate and a Hermione double, she would have sworn she was looking into a mirror.

The lack of guards patrolling had surprised her at first, she was lucky if she saw one pass her cell at all in a day. But then again… She did seem to be one of the only ones in this wing, if not the only one, it would have been a waste of resources to keep walking past one person all day when you got other wings packed with prisoners. Annoyingly neither the guard who walked past, or the one that delivered meals seemed keen on chatting, in fact they actively avoided it. Almost as if she wasn't there. But then she remembered the bucket and the lack of privacy. 'Maybe I should be glad no one hangs around to talk…'

When she wasn't playing guess the meat, counting various countable objects or patterns to keep her mind active and busy, or trying to figure out if the noise she heard was in her head or in her wing. She would instead think on her friends, mostly on Ron and Harry who while close together, were locked up near some of the worst of Voldemort's followers and other scum. All of which hated the two boys. 'They'll be ok… They've had years of practice being screamed at by people who hate the, especially Harry… They won't break… I hope.' Her thoughts would also turn to her friends on the outside, Ginny, Luna, Neville… Tonks. They must know by now what had happened to her and the boys and wondered what they had said about it, and if they were doing anything about it. She avoided thinking of her parents, while she believed mostly that they were perfectly fine and had survived, there was always the 'What if…?' In the back of her mind.

That was how life in Azkaban was for Hermione for the first few days and it stayed that way for the next five. But once again, the world can be a cruel place and it would seem the god's didn't listen to her prayers or just plainly ignored her. For tonight Bellatrix Lestrange arrived.

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