17 Months

Chapter 18: Is Silence Golden?

Week 25

At about ten to eight, the sliding panel from the storefront to the sitting room glides open, "Oh! Hello Grimmjow-san! How was class today?" Hime asks in her usual lively voice.

Grimmjow is laying on his side next to the low tea table reading a crane operators manual. "Fine. Learning crane operator signals. Quiz at the end of the week." He flips to the next page as the happy-go-lucky girl sets down her bag and sweater, then pours herself a cup of tea before sitting opposite the table. Grimmjow feels eyes upon him and he looks up from his studies as she smiles goofily at him.

"What's with you?" He asks her.

"Ah! Nothing, nothing! Don't mind me." She waves her hands frantically.

"Oookay." He wasn't about to pry any further. The last time he did that, she asked his opinion on several elaborate poses she was perfecting to use when someone asked to take a picture of her. She's very popular and the obsession with teenagers taking pictures of beautiful or interesting randoms for their blogs was crazy-town to Grimmjow.

A few minutes later, The Big Guy strolls in, "Hola, everyone." This casual gathering was not an unusual occurrence at the shop. Usually after school, homework and extra curicular activities, The Big Guy and Hime would drop by for a few hours to spar. Sometimes Feisty would accompany. Even though she didn't have the abilities her friends had, she was a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. Tessai or Yoruichi would help improve her technique or teach her something new and Feisty appreciated the help. Ishida, however, almost never showed his face at the shop unless there was some dire need. He preferred his solitary ways. That was fine with Grimmjow seeing as they never have and probably never will get along.

"Hey Big Guy, what's up?" Grimmjow remarks as he reads.

"Not much." Ever the conversationalist.

Grimmjow looks up from his book again and watches his friends offhandedly. The Big Guy takes an empty seat at the table and takes a Spanish wrestling magazine out from his book bag, flipping to the page he left off last.

Orihime looks over at the sliding entrance to the room expectantly leaning her head. She scrunches her nose curiously and questions, "Where's Kurosaki-kun, Sado-kun?"

"He's with Arisawa."

Grimmjow snaps his eyes back to The Big Guy, "No, that can't be. He's with his dad and the girls today." He chuckles somewhat disbelievingly.

The Big Guy shrugs and Orihime's eyes wince like she's getting reamed out something terrible. She puts down her tea cup and hesitates, "Um, Grimmjow-san? ...Kurosaki-kun, that is, told me he was... going out with Sado-kun today."

Grimmjow closes his book abnormally slow and quietly. He stares at the cover for a moment, then reproduces that awkward, disbelieving chuckle from his throat as he rises from his comfortable recline. He takes his phone from his back pocket and scans for the number to dial. As it rings, he clears his throat and crosses one arm over his chest to support the elbow holding the phone.

"...Hey Pops. Yeah, it's going good. Sorry I couldn't join you and your lovely children for dinner and shopping this evening... Hmm, so you guys didn't go on a family outing today like your son had told me?" He pulls the phone from his mouth and yells, "TENSHUUUUUUU!" so loud the walls seem to vibrate. "Excuse me Pops for asking, but could you please locate your son for me?"

Urahara walks in with an exasperated yet amused look and both father figures say at the same time, "He is just around the corner."

"Thank you. I'll see you soon...hopefully. Goodnight."

Grimmjow gets up from his place at the table, puts his phone back in his pocket and adjusts his clothes, hiking up his jeans and pulling down his shirt before strolling out of the room, fists clenching and unclenching.

He opens the outside door, not bothering to put on his shoes, and stands in its frame scanning the empty lot for signs of movement. When he sees his AWOL fiancé happily shuffling along, smiling to himself on the other side of the dirt expanse, Grimmjow flips his lid.

"You!" He growls from his vantage point and leaps in to a full sprint towards his disadvantaged lover, tackling him to the ground.

"Where the FUCK have you been?! Do ya know how worried I was before Urahara and yer father said ya were right around the corner? Shit! I think ya do these things on purpose! Ya like my punishments that much, don't ya?" The gruff and disgruntled bluenette grinds his hips against the pinned down ginger and bites his jawline between his chin and cheek.

Ichigo coughs and lets in a gasping breath, "Ah! Grimm! Get off me! What happened to yesterday when you said you were gonna be gentle?"

"That flew out the window when you decided to deceive all of us!" The blue haired maniac sits up, straddling his captured companion and grabs the bang of his windswept hair and pulls it before his eyes, "I think you're turning my hair grey! Urahara! I can get grey hairs, can't I? Dammit! I think I see one!" The two young men hear a faint 'Yep!' come from inside the house and Grimmjow lets out an exasperated, "Gaaaaaahhhhhhh." As he starts smacking and punching his unruly teenage lover about the torso and head in a meaningful beatdown fashion.

Ichigo defends his head and face with his arms, "What the fuck, Grimm! Stop it you asshole! Jerk! Ah! Don't make me hit you back, shithead!" Ichigo starts hitting him back and smacking his arms away but Grimmjow gets the drop on him by grabbing both his wrists and pouncing up further on Ichigo's chest, pinning his arms down with his knees and hovering his crotch millimeters above Ichigo's mouth.

"Eat my dick you fuckin' brat! What the hell was so fuckin' importantly secretive that you had to lie to everybody?! Huh?! Were you meeting someone?! Got some new boyfriend on the baseball team or somethin'?!"

"...Eh...Ah..." Ichigo is flabbergasted by the insinuation. "...I...I can't believe...I'd never..." Ichigo goes slack but he can see Grimmjow is still caught up in his jealous, possessive, nonsensical anger.

Grimmjow assesses the knocked about contents of the shopping bag. "What the hell is all this? Hats?" He picks up a brown furred and navy plaid trappers hat, inspects it for a second and tosses it aside to inspect a few others, then tosses them next to each other, "And sunglasses?" He tries on some mirrored aviators then tosses them with the rest of the accessories. "Hair dye?! What the... Why the fuck?" He tosses the box over his shoulder clearly upset over the purchase. He sits back on his haunches, scanning the area again, "And what the shit is that?" Grimmjow points to a small black box just out of his reach.

Ichigo follows his point and gasps, "Nooooooooooooo!" The box must have fallen out of the hat. The panicking orangette grabs under Grimmjow's thighs and squeezes, making the strong man jolt with the unexpected reflexive muscle response. This distracts Grimmjow and he lets up on his pinning technique just long enough for Ichigo to draw both legs around Grimm, planting both feet in Grimmjow's armpits and kips his legs, sending his stunned partner flying through the air and sliding on his back when he hits the ground. Ichigo summersaults backwards landing on his feet, one hand splayed in the dirt, in a crouching, ready to sprint position. He dodges to the right where the box lay still in the lot, reaching out to grasp it and make a dash back to the house. Just as he gets his fingers on the object, he's tackled once again with a knee to the gut. As he lets out the grunt of the blow, the box, yet again, flings out of reach. Grimmjow tries to scramble over Ichigo to get to the box but the fiery ginger grabs the strong blue man about his neck, choke hold style, and pulls him back down trying to roll back on top of the more muscular man, but he can't get out from underneath him so he decides to just pin him there, wrapping his legs around Grimmjow's legs in an attempt to immobilize him.

"Agh! What the fuck...agggg...Ichi! Stop choking me, dummy!" Grimmjow grabs his not-playing-around orangette's arm with his own hands, trying to pry him off, "I...can't...breathe..." The ex-Espada gasps.

"I'm not falling for that again, you fucking faker! You're not getting that box! You hear me! You don't deserve it! Thinking I'd meet someone behind your back! You- you- stupid, distrusting- fool! I'm not a child! I can go out by myself! Stop treating me like an idiot! I can take care of myself!"

Grimmjow stops feigning his suffocation, "It's for me? Aw, Ichi! What did you get me? Lemme see!" He uses his upper body and arm strength to flip his body over and starts to army crawl towards the box.

"Gah! You don't listen to anything else other than what you wanna hear!" The exasperated ginger lets go of his infuriating partner so he can try and crawl over him faster to get to the box. He won't let his idiotic partner see it before its time!

They both reach out for the gift at the same time, but at the last second a set of clogged feet appear on the opposite side, the box seemingly vanishes into thin air. They both look up and Urahara has the box opened, peering into it with inquisitive steel grey eyes. "How exceptionally appropriate. How did you ever find something so fitting? How poetic, I did not know you were so eloquent. This will definitely suit my feebleminded adopted son."

"How can you see-" Ichigo is cut off as Urahara clicks the box shut pertly and shoves it into his sleeve as he folds his arms and glares down at the two brawling boys.

"Do you not have something to say to each other? Hmm?" Urahara taps his foot and waits.

Ichigo sits up and Grimmjow turns his body to face his partner. Ichigo starts and so does Grimmjow, "Sorry I lied," and "I wanna know what's in the box," are said in unison. Ichigo yells and beats on a laughing Grimmjow, "Ahhhh! You dumb shit! How could you think for one second I'd cheat on you! That's two days in a row now I've had to deal with your idiocy! I'm gonna sew your fucking mouth shut so you can't say stupid things anymore!"

"You can't do that! It wouldn't be a fucking-mouth anymore!" Grimmjow rocks side to side, convulsing hysterics and pulls his furious berry close and starts to kiss him on his face tenderly and laughing at the same time, starting with his forehead and working his way down, "I was- just mad- you lied to us- to me-" Grimmjow pulls back and looks into the guilty looking younger man's eyes, "Don't you trust me?"

"I do! But...It was just something I had to do...by myself. You are just as vulnerable as I am and you get to go anywhere you want to. I'm not weak. That time was a fluke. It will never happen again. You have to let me be equal, Grimm. I'm much stronger than you think."

"Fine, but you have to win your freedom."

"Whaaa?" Ichigo can't imagine what he's just fell into.

"If you beat me, you can go wherever you want." Grimmjow states in a way that seems to say, 'So there. Take it or leave it'.

"Grimm! I don't wanna hurt-" No. Ichigo doesn't want it to come to this. If he beats his dominant partner, he probably could kiss goodbye any hopes he'd be able to persuade his controlling male to let him have the reigns once in a while willingly.

"Ah ah ah! I'm not going to take it personally and you shouldn't either." Grimmjow tries to reassure his apprehensive mate.

"Yeah right, coming from you? You'll totally hold a grudge when I beat you! No way!" Ichigo shakes his head vigorously in the negative.

"Ha! So confident! Ya already know ye're gonna beat me, huh? Ya need ta put yer money where yer mouth is." Shit, they both know Ichigo used a bit of fighting words. It'll be hard to back out now.

"You'd better not regret this, Grimm." Ichigo frantically thinks of a way to get out this detrimental situation.

Grimmjow kisses Ichigo on his soft lips and smiles, "Urahara's rules. Hime sidelines. No holds barred, wooden Katana, fists...trrrrrickery." Grimmjow waggles his eyebrows, "you win, you get whatever you want. I win, I get the box."

"You'll get the box when I'm damned well ready to give it to you! Either way you'll get it no matter what!"

"Yeah, but I want it now." Grimmjow pouts like a stubborn child.

"Oh, geez. That's supposed to be for later, you know. Spoiler."

"Yeah, but you still love me, right?" Grimmjow nudges his fiery warrior on his neck with his nose, "Huh? Huh!"

"R-right... God, Grimm." Ichigo pants as he gets nipped and sucked on his sensitive tendon on his left side.

The bluenette chuckles, "King. Not God. Call me King."

"I used to be King, you know. That's what my hollow used to call me." The irony does not escape Ichigo.

"Yes, yes. Don't talk about other guys when I'm kissing you."

"Dude, he wasn't a guy."

"I was a hollow, now shut your mouth." Grimmjow kisses his Ichigo firmly and possessively back on his lips, determined to instill his dominance over the younger male, but in the back of his mind, he knows it's a fruitless endeavor. Ichigo, though happy to oblige Grimmjow's animalistic side, will never completely submit to him. It scares Grimmjow, though he won't admit it out loud, to know he won't be able to control his lover as much as he'd like, even if it is for his own safety. He's certainly not going to completely give that up without a fight. Something in his nature requires this display rather than just rolling over and giving him what he wants, and also, he wants to make sure Ichigo can really take care of himself if need be.

"Ok Urahara, we'd like-" Grimmjow looks to the side where the eccentric shop owner was standing, "Hey! Where'd he go?"

"He left right after your mouth-fucking comment. You're so wrapped up in me, aren't ya? You sure you wanna do this tonight? I can think of better things ta do then fighting, ne?" Ichigo goes for gusto and grinds his bottom on Grimmjow's pelvis and starts to nibble on his ear. Hopefully it does the trick. He wants to hold off this fight as long as possible.

"Hnn, niiiiiice...try Tricky Berry." Grimmjow flips Ichigo onto his back and locks lips one more time as he does a push up to standing position. "Pick up your purchases and get your ass ready-"

"Oh yeah, I can do that, ya wanna watch me?" Yep, he went there. Desperation does nasty things to a guy.

"-Ah! Fuck! Yes! But, not now! After! After!" Grimmjow runs his hand through his hair and yanks the blue tendrils just a little at the end.

Ichigo sits up and turns on his knees and starts picking up his belongings, "We'll most likely be too tired after. The invitation only lasts so long before I rescind." Ichigo stretches rather provocatively as he cleans, pleased he wasn't interrogated further about his acquisitions.

Grimmjow has never seen or would even think Ichigo would try to get out of something with sex, "My God. You really don't wanna fight me, do you?"

"Not, My God, my King. Remember?" Ichigo says a little sarcastically and bitterly and Grimmjow can infer what the tone means. It means, 'Remember where I came from. I was just as powerful as you were.' Ichigo sighs, "...Just...forget it...Let's go fight." Ichigo picks up the filled paper shopping bag and stalks off to the shop, not looking back at Grimmjow, who is standing there, unaware of what to say or how to act.

Grimmjow would like to think that everything would turn out perfectly, that they'd spend eternity together, in love and happy. But that's not always or probably ever the case. Point of fact, Ichigo's father. With all the knowledge and experience and power Isshin Kurosaki has, he still could not save his beloved wife. Her soul was lost to him and however eccentric his way of dealing with her loss seems to be to his children, the true sadness of it doesn't escape Grimmjow. He doesn't think he could take losing his love as well as the old man.

He'd like to just accept fate for what it was and be content with what he gets to experience, but something gnawing deep inside his soul wants to steal his beautiful, Tricky Berry away, never letting anything come to harm him. Maybe that's why he became a hollow in the first place, because he could not accept his own fate. Well, whatever it was, this second chance seems like some sort of miracle to him. Thankfully, ignorance of his past lives can be a blessing, a way to start over unhindered by past regrets and pining for past losses. Now he just has to deal with not fucking up this second chance, something he's failing royally at, for the moment.

Grimmjow didn't consciously register how his feet followed his lover to the shop's door. Ichigo drones out as he slides the door open, "Just let me warm up for about-"

Grimmjow's left hand slowly rises up to glide across Ichigo's left cheek, caressing under his chin to slowly but surely turn his young lover's face towards him. His right hand slides around Ichigo's lithe waist to stop and turn him. Grimmjow's movements are so slow and delicate, yet with purpose, as he pulls his man in to hold him close, lips touching ever so softly yet firmly as he slowly breathes in the spicy-sweet scent of his chosen mate.

Ichigo's scowl softens and his eyes half close as he acquiesces to this turn of events. His guilt for hiding the truth of his whereabouts washes over anew. He sighs deeply into the soft kiss but Grimmjow takes it as Ichigo fretting.

Grimmjow pulls back and whispers low, "No more fighting, okay? No more." Grimmjow caresses Ichigo's ear, then runs his fingers along the nape of his fiery one's neck, tugging at the shaggy strands of orange. His other hand slides up from the smaller man's waist up underneath his navy T, drawing easy little circles with his fingertips as they trail his spine then straight back down slowly along the soft ridges. Ichigo's next sigh is lighter, more relief filled. Grimmjow looks back into tired and slightly regretful eyes, "Go where you want, do what you want, just please, please tell me so I know where you are, in case I need you or you need me? Please?"

Ichigo's eyes overflow fast with pent up moisture. He tucks his face into Grimmjow's strong left shoulder and sobs, muttering, "Sorry, I'm sorry," repeatedly. It's the lowest Ichigo's ever felt, but he doesn't see how it's fair to drag Grimmjow into his battle.

Grimmjow is hard pressed to understand why Ichigo unraveled so thoroughly. Does he really feel so guilty about lying? Grimmjow soothes the young ex-Shinigami, running his fingers through his hair and rocking their bodies rhythmically from side to side. "It's ok, babe. I understand. Urahara's pointed out to me time and time again. You're young, so, you're emotional and you're rebellious and stubborn and secretive-"

Ichigo clicks his tongue and snorts, "You could be describing yourself, you know."

The blue haired man smirks and snorts his laugh back, "Yeah, well, I'm settled into my ways. You, on the other hand, have more of a transition to go through than I do."

"I'm not so sure, I think you've grown a lot these past months." Ichigo wipes the rest of his tears away with his own shirt and heaves his last emotional breath. "Ugh, I hate being such a fucking crybaby in front of you. It doesn't really help my case at all."

"I'm gonna blame it on those adolescent hormones." Grimmjow kisses each of Ichigo's slightly swollen eyes, then Grimmjow feigns his own sigh, "I am gonna eventually miss your teenage sex drive, and your hot, young, panting voice, and the way you're so eager to please, and the way I can get you to cum over and over, and that young, tight-tight-"

Ichigo covers Grimmjow's mouth with his hand, "Dude! Walls! Ears!"

"Oh, come on. You gonna yell at yourself for sayin' those nasty things before? I certainly hope you haven't rescinded your offer yet." Grimmjow squeezes Ichigo's tight, young bottom, the younger blushing hotly before swallowing and shaking his head that no, he hasn't. "Hmm, think I'm gonna miss that blush the most. Pretty soon there won't be much left that'll embarrass ya."

Ichigo presses his forehead to Grimmjow's mouth, "Nah, I think you'll always find a way to surprise me."

"Let's hope." The older blue haired young man kisses the forehead presented then grabs his younger man's hand and leads him to the sitting room where one smugly satisfied shopkeeper is sitting at his low table sipping his tea. He stops in front of his wise old mentor, "So, it's pretty good, huh?"


"Hard to top?"

"Almost certainly. But I think you may have a good chance to, ahem, equal it."

"Yeah, you're not subtle. Equals. I get it. You gonna give me a hint at least?"

Urahara throws up his fan in a blink, "Sure, it fits in this box, now take care of that thoughtful fiancé of yours. Your friends are busy sparring in the basement. Don't worry, they weren't expecting you to join them.

"It fits in the box? That's all I get? Thanks. Great help." Grimmjow pulls a smirking Ichigo closely behind him as they make way to his room. When they close the door behind them, the barriers tingle alerts them they are safe to talk. It's really a given now the kido ward goes up when they're in the room.

They come together quickly and somewhat impatiently, kissing and licking and pulling off each others clothes. Grimmjow hums, "mm, 've been thinkin' 'bout ya all day. I know I promised ya nice and slow but I don't think I can be that patient right now."

Grimmjow clamps his mouth down on one exposed nipple before he gets Ichigo's shirt completely off, "Oh! Grimm, I need you now, but wait... just a moment."

Ichigo backs away and pulls of the rest of his shirt and makes short work of his pants and underwear. Grimmjow pulls his clothes off quickly also, then makes a grab for his naked ginger, but the orangette throws up his hand to stay his eager lover and goes over to the side table and pulls out their almost empty bottle of lubricant. "I said I'd let you watch, didn't I?" Ichigo's clear, husky voice sends chills down Grimmjow's spine, and the thought of watching his sexy partner touch himself makes his cock instantly stand on end. He loves watching his young man. The way he moves is honest and innocently seductive, and no matter how hard he blushes he's always eager to take an active roll in lovemaking. Grimmjow knows if the tables were turned, Ichigo would have no problem taking control. Grimmjow's mind flashes a hot scene starring Ichigo, behind him, spreading his cheeks, pressing his hard member into him, talking filthy-

"Where the hell is my mind going?!" Grimmjow screams to himself.

"What's the matter, Grimm? I don't think I've ever seen you blush this close up before." Ichigo squints and slightly smirks, "What are u thinkin' about?"

"Nothing! Uh...just thinkin' 'bout ya. That's all. Keep going..."

"Uh huhhh." Ichigo hums with his lips closed, "Not gonna tell me? That's a first. Wish I could read your mind right now. I'd like to know what got ya so heated up."

Grimmjow swallows as Ichigo stalks closer to his slightly nervous mate, "W- watching ya, I like watching ya. That's it."

Ichigo gets closer and Grimmjow moves back hitting his calves on the low bed. The young orangette smiles amusingly as he plants his pliant fingers on his blue haired lover's broad muscled chest, pushing him down onto the bed into a sitting position. He straddles strong legs, taking care to grasp their hardened members together, "This feels good, touching you and me." He lets go for a moment to flip the cap of the bottle open in his other hand and pools a generous amount in his palm. He rubs his hands together, warming the slick liquid, then takes both the cocks back into his heated wet hands.

Both men groan in unison at the rough yet tender strokes. Ichigo leans close and nibbles on Grimmjow's collarbone, sucking and licking on the taught flesh over the bony curve. "Mmm, I think I like this...being on top and in charge. Do u like it, Grimm? Do u like the way I take control?"

Grimmjow, gulps and turns a deeper shade of crimson. Ichigo sits up and watches his bluenette's Adam's Apple bob up and down as he swallows. His own excitement heats up, relating his understanding with his own dusting of redness across his cheeks, "Oh, Grimm. I love you so much." The fiery warrior smashes into Grimmjow's lips with all his fervor, darting his tongue deep into his lover's mouth.

Ichigo pulls one hand away and grabs both cocks into one hand and squeezes tight as his other hand comes up, yanking Grimmjow's head back by his hair so he can stare intently into Grimmjow's eyes. The ex-Espada gasps at the swift, forceful movement, "God! I'm gonna fuck you so hard right now!" Ichigo exclaims. Then he pushes Grimm's chest down so that he flops his back onto the bed.

"W- wait. I mean, I- I- I'm not prepared or any- Oh Fuck!"

As Grimmjow was shoved down and started his nervous protest, Ichigo planted his knees on either side of Grimmjow's hips. Taking his hard cock in one hand and spreading his own cheeks with the other, he aligned and forced himself down on Grimmjow's cock in one swift movement. Grimmjow raised his head off the bed as he exclaimed his excitement, eyes wide and slightly worried the eager young man may have hurt himself in his haste.

He grabs his ginger by the hips but his arms are quickly captured by the wrists and pulled up over his head. Ichigo leans over, grinding slowly, "No helping. I wanna do it. I wanna fuck my fiancé 'til he screams my name and cums inside me."

"Shiii ah ah!" Grimmjow gasps as Ichigo sucks and bites on the left side of his neck and rocks slowly but forcefully on top of his stiff sex.

Ichigo sits back up, letting Grimmjow's wrists go and leans back to hold onto his lover's thighs behind him all the while grinding his hips in a clockwise fashion. "You're so damned hot. I love watching you panting underneath me. Do I make you feel good?" Grimmjow grunts his pleasure, which doesn't satisfy the younger male. Ichigo leans forward, hands on Grimmjow's hard pectorals and raises his body slowly, just until the tip of the blue man's member is barely inside. "I said," he slams himself back down, "do I," he slowly raises back up then swiftly goes back down, "make you," back up extra slow then down hard and fast, "feel good?"

"Oh! ...Fuck! ...Yes! Yes! So good! So damn good!" Grimmjow howls. Ichigo starts a rythemic riding pace, surely adding harder and softer thrusts as he impails himself upon the big, swollen cock.

"Ah ah... Grimmmmm. I... I... I wanna fuck you... I wanna fuck you..."

"Mmm, yeah babe. You're fucking me so good right now."

"Hnn... Nnn... No. I wanna fuck you... Shiii... Ah ah ah... Fuck you, with my... My cock. I wanna... Stick my cock in you... Pin your shoulders to the mattress, pound you into the headboard, bury myself to the hilt kind of fuck you...Make you scream my name...Ah!

"Oh good God, Ichigo! Haaaa ah ah ah hnnn unnnnnn shhhhhh." Grimmjow couldn't hold it in. The combination of Ichigo's visual with the stimulation sets him off like a string of firecrackers at tanabata. He raises his hips off the bed, trying to bury himself deeper. Ichigo, caught off guard, forgets his own completion as he stares in aw over how he got his blue haired mate to lose control.

"S- so... I take it you're ok with it?" The fiery orangette's blush reaches clear over his glistening shoulders and down over his chest and stomach. His erection hangs low, grazing the trail of soft blue hairs below Grimmjow's belly button.

Grimmjow sits up, grabbing the endearing teen, picking him up still inside of him and rolling him onto his back. He kisses Ichigo breathless, then cheekily starts kissing his gingered mate all over his face and head and neck till they both start laughing. They smile goofily at each other, giddy with love until passion overtakes their senses again.

Grimmjow finally makes good on his promise to make love to Ichigo slowly and tenderly. And after, as Ichigo laid below him completely elated and gratified, Grimmjow answered his mate, "Of course I'm ok with it. Whenever you're ready."