Today was the day to celebrate. By the looks of the Candy kingdom ballroom, the party was going to be huge. But, even though it was a party, it was still formal. I mean, what do you expect? The vampire Prince and princess just defeated the most powerful being in aaa and ooo. At 9 years old too surprisingly.

The Windows of the ballroom were blocked with black curtains for the vampire kingdom, and would be taken off later when it got dark. There was a large range of food for both candy, and vampire, people.

The party was going to start in a couple hours, and Fiona and Marshall were busy getting their kids, and themselves, ready.

"Oh you're going to look so beautiful tonight, Celestia." Fiona said brushing her daughter's hair.

"Thanks mom. I can't wait to meet my opposite tonight." Celest replied happily

"Don't be like your brother now." Fiona exclaimed tying a bow into Celest's hair.


"Oh nothing." Fiona giggled.

"Everyone ready to go?" Marshall Lee asked standing at the door.

"Ready dad." Reck replied happily in his suit.

"We're all ready honey." Fiona smiled

"Ok, out the door winsockies." Marshall said opening the door for everyone. (I have no idea what a winsocky is, but whenever my family and I are about to drive away from the house my dad always says "Buckle up, Winsockies.")

It was really strange for the Vampire royal family. Their kids transformed into their giant bat forms and carried their parents to the candy kingdom. Marshall, on the other hand, was feeling great. He forgot what it was like to fly.

Once they got to the candy castle, you could see lights shine up towards the sky and many varieties of people pouring into the castle. After they landed, they were immediately greeted by Charlie and a few vampires.

"Your majesties. I have completed the task and made the gum castle vampire friendly. And no non-vampire shall be harmed tonight." Charlie said looking up at the royal family.

"Thank you Charlie." Fiona replied cheerfully.

The family that night had very special outfits. Fiona decided to have everyone wear their crowns and tiaras. Marshall Lee and Reck has on their classic tuxedos and a red rose in their jacket pockets. They both pretty much had the same kind of crown except Reck's was simpler. Fiona wore a baby blue dress with sparkles on the skirt and a white rose on one of the shoulder straps. Her crown was white with patterning blue and red jewels on the side. And Celest was wearing a seafoam blue dress with white ruffles underneath the skirt, and puffed out sleeves slightly larger than her fist(like gumball's puffed out part of his sleeves without the stripes). Her tiara looked like it was woven by thin silver tree vines. In the center of her tiara was a red oval jewel.

Vampires congratulated their Prince and Princess as the royal vampire family walked into the castle just before they were found by their friends. Seeing Gumball in an extremely light pink suit with a hot pink tie and flower, Cookie in a dress with the top as light pink and the skirt fading into white, Simone in a white dress, and AIQ In her normal dress, everyone immediately joined in a conversation.

"They're just like the both of you." Simone said kneeling down in front of the kids. "Bravery, beauty, and recklessness." Simone giggled at the last part.

"I'm wondering who the recklessness comes from." Gumball exclaimed with a smirk.

"Oh be quite bubba. I may be human but I can still chew you into a bubble." Marshall replied cleverly.

"Why don't we go get this party started? I'm pretty sure our opposites will be arriving soon." Cookie asked latching onto Gumball's arm. He nodded in response and walked up to the stage with his wife.

"Attention! Candy and Vampire Kingdoms! We are here tonight to celebrate such an amazing event. The Vampire Prince has defeated the Lich, and the Vampire Princess stood up to the queen of the Night-o-Sphere. And not only did they overcome such large challenges, we are here to celebrate their birthday as well. Now I say we start this party off, with a performance by the Vampire King and Queen!" Gumball announced on stage, then getting off as Fiona and Marshall Lee came on.

"This song goes out to our two amazing kids. We love you both." Fiona said into the mic just before Marshall began to play his axe bass.

So small

Yet standing so tall

Who knew you'd be

Just a little Lee

Fiona sang that verse looking only at Reck then to Marshall as it was his turn

My darling

My little vampire darling

No matter old you become

You'll always be my number one

You'll always be

daddy's little girl

Soon both the vampire king and queen sang together

Who knew

That someone like you

Would become so amazing

Oh my boy, Rekalai

And my beautiful girl, Celestia

Your just like your bad little boy of a father

And a good little girl of a mother

We've never been so proud

Fiona and Marshall finally ended their song and got off hearing cheers and woots and being bear hugged by their kids.

"That was embarrassingly awesome daddy." Celest said burying her face in Marshall's stomach.

"Yeah. Thanks." Reck added hugging his mom.

"Aww your welcome. Now why don't you two go blow out your candles and open your presents?" Fiona exclaimed as peppermint maid and butler pushed out a giant cake. You could completely see the vampires drooling over the red icing.

Suddenly Marceline, Finn, Rebecca, Carlos, Queen Bubblegum, King Cookie, Cake, Mono, Jake, and Lady appeared from behind the cake cheering, "Happy Birthday!" (I completely forgot about cake and LM and pretty much killed her. I feel so bad!)

After all the cake eating and present opening, they got a whole bunch of toys, vampire things, etc, the party went underway.

To be continued...

AN: Sorry I left you hanging for a while. But some people really wanted the next chapter. I'm also sorry that I'm ending the Chapter here. I just got back from trick or treating for like 2 miles and I'm extremely tired. Hope you enjoy the first part of the party