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London was going to be my home from now on. It was the place where I felt sane, like I belonged. Back home the only one who would believe me would be Aunt Diane, and she claims to talk to angels. If I ever left London, I would be leaving something important here; my heart. When I first came to Wexford, love was not what I expected to find. I picked London because of the rich history, and the mysteriousness of the place. What I got was a whole lot more.

It had taken a lot of convincing on my part but after weeks of begging, my parents had allowed me to go back to Wexford. On one condition that was. I had to always be with a group of people and I had to call them at least once a day. I was willing to do all of that for what would come out of it. Ever since I got back to the school, things between Jerome and I have become a bit more serious. The kisses always felt like we were trying to make it last like it might be the last.

I walked into the refectory, along with Jazza. I missed Boo, but since the Ripper was destroyed, she had no purpose here. So, she faked a story about how her parents needed her back home because of an emergency. But I knew the truth. She was really at the house with Stephen and Callum. I grabbed a tray, and stacked it nicely with meaty delights. I glanced up and Jerome waved at me from the table. I smiled, and walked over. I sat down next to him, and put one of my hands underneath the table, and he did the same; our fingers interconnected.

"I missed you when you were gone," Jerome whispered, glancing at me. His accent chilled me. I had missed hearing his voice, and had forgotten just how strong it is.

"God…I love you." It had slipped out. My eyes grew wide at the possible outcomes of my words but it was out and I could not take it back.

He was quiet for a while. It startled me to be honest. I thought my heart would stop. But everything was good. "Really? I feel the very same actually."

I smiled softly at that, and whispered in relief, "That's so nice."

He nodded and put some food in his mouth. I did the same. After swallowing, he said "I was scared, you know? When I heard that the ripper had tried to murder you…had attempted to….had ripped you open."

I did not speak. I did not know what to say.

"I know I have always been interested...obsessed with Jack the ripper case….but….Bloody hell…Rory, I thought I would lose you." A tear trailed down his cheek.

I reached out, and kissed it away. "I'm here. Alive. He didn't win."

He smiled slightly at that, my voice bringing him back to reality. The Reaper didn't win. He didn't kill me. He was gone and I was here. Everything was okay for now.

I don't know who went in for it, but it didn't matter. Our lips connected in public view of everyone. Even Mount Everest couldn't break us apart. Nothing could break our love apart. Nothing. Not the Ripper. No one.

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