I got this idea partily from a picture I saw and from one of my friends, so I hope you all enjoy it ^^


"2! 4! 6! 8! Who do we appreciate?!" The black order cheerleaders were cheering on their football team as there lead player ran in for a touchdown. The whistle was blown and the Black Order Exorcists had won the game. The crowd cheered and the cheerleaders cheered for their team louder, Allen Walker being one of them.

"Allena! We won! We're going onto state!" Lenalee ran up and hugged him, lifting him up off of the ground in the process. "Lenalee… I cant breath…" She let him go and sqwealed excitedly, "We get to cheer for state as well, isn't this exciting?!" Allen would be excited, but he didn't have a choice in the matter, he had to cross dress, and to make it worse, he was forced to audition with his friend Lenalee, who was the only person who knew she was actually a he. Allen was wearing a long, curly brown wig that went down to his shoulders and his scar was covered up with make-up. The Cheer uniform was white and black, looking like there school uniform except it was shorter. His arm was covered up by his outfit, which was specially made to cover it up.

Allen smiled for he didn't want to ruin her good mood, "Yes, I'm also excited!" Lenalee leaned over and whispered, "Look, its Kanda Yuu~" Kanda, the quarterback of the team, was walking over to the sidelines to get a drink of water. "He is sooo sexy! I wish I was the lucky person dating him, but he won't let out exactly who he's dating, who do you think he's dating?"

Allen smiled and looked over, seeing him gulp down some water. Kanda saw Allen looked over and he gave him a small, quick smirk. "I wouldn't know~"

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