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"Hello." - General Speech.

'Hello.' - Thoughts.

"Hello." - Demon/Summon speech, Deep Tones.

'Hello.' - Demon/Summon thoughts.

"Hello." - Overmind.

Chapter one: The Swarm Is Born.

It was night time in Konohagakure, late night, a time when only the most vigilant of shinobi were still awake; the most vigilant of shinobi and one five year old boy. Uzumaki Naruto, orphan, pariah of Konoha and vessel of the Kyuubi no Yoko, was still wide awake, mostly because he was in so much pain.

Today was October the tenth, the fifth anniversary of the Kyuubi's defeat, as well as Naruto's birthday. As with his previous birthdays, the blond had recieved an unwanted present, he'd been kicked out of the orphanage, into the waiting hands of an angry, and drunk, mob of villagers. The beating he'd recieved had been far more brutal and bloody than those of the past, so much so that even hours later he was still in pain and unable to move, his abnormal healing factor failing to completely repair him.


Although it was whispered, weakly passing through bloodied lips, the word echoed through the silence of the night, enhanced by the blood soaked walls of the alleyway.

'What did I do to deserve this?' the blond wondered, his entire body shaking and aching. 'Why do they treat me like this?'

He'd often posed questions like these to himself, often wondered what he, or his family, had done to deserve such treatment. Never before had he recieved an answer... until today.

"Would it matter?" a voice asked, causing his eyes to widen fearfully. The voice was deep, powerful, resounding through the alley and within the very confines of his mind.

"W-what?" Naruto gasped, eyes flickering about in frantic worry. "W-who's there?"

"Would it matter?" the voice repeated, both answering and ignoring the blonds question. "Would it matter if they had a reason? Would it matter it matter if you knew why they treated you as such? Would it change anything?"

"Y-yes?" the blond replied, unsure of his answer, did he want to know? What if t was something horrible?

"Would it really? Look at you, a mere child of five cycles, yet they treat you like a monster." the voice continued, its tone even yet still managing to convey a hint of amused anger. "Would it matter if your kin were of the vilest nature? Would it matter if you were a being of sheer evil and malevolence in a past life? You are a child, an innocent, do you truly believe that you deserve such treatment for something you have no knowledge of?"

Naruto could only lay there silently, listening to the voice, listening and agreeing.

'I dont know what this voice is or what it wants but it's right," the blond realized, wincing in pain once more. 'I never did anything to deserve this, I was nice and polite to them all, I never hurt anyone.'

"No, you did not."

Naruto's eyes widened in shock. 'It can read my mind!?'

"Indeed I can."

'Who are you?' the blond asked once again.

This time he recieved an actual answer.

"Who I am does not matter." the voice replied, waving the question away. "What matters is my offer."

"O-offer?" Naruto asked in surprise, what could it possibly have to offer him and why?

"Indeed." the voice answered, reverberating powerfully once more. "I'm here to offer you everything you could possibly want. Power. Riches. Revenge... Family."

That last word caused the blond's eyes to widen once again, his mind repeating it over and over and over again.


"Yes, family." The voice continued, a hint of sickening glee leaking into its tones. "A family that will never betray you, never leave you, never abuse you. A family that will always love you, always know your thoughts, always listen to your wishes. A family that never stops growing, never truly dies, the greatest family you could ever have. I can give this to you, grant you this miracle... for a price."

"What!?" The blond shouted, coughing and hacking as his yell agitated his wounded throat.

"What do you want?" he continued in a lower tone, eyes pleading. "I'll give you anything."

"What I want," the voice replied, chuckling at the burning need in the young boys eyes. "Is your humanity, surrender everything that makes you truly human and I shall give you your family."

"W-what?" Naruto stuttered, shocked and surprised. "M-my humanity?"

"Yes, I will strip from you your humanity, I will take everything from you, and give you much more in return." the voice answered, its tones becoming deeper and deeper. "You will transcend humanity, evolve beyond your limits and become a creature of power and adaptation, you will stand at the top as an apex predator, a being that feeds on all those that stand below it. This is what I offer you Uzumaki Naruto, will you accept?"

The blond remained silent, his eyes wide and teary.

"You want to turn me into a monster?" he asked, tones shaky and uncertain.

He would turn into a monster? A demon? Just like the villagers always called him? No way! There was no way he could accept, who would want to become a monster? He would just give the villagers a reason to continue picking on him, a reason to...

"Enough!" the voice suddenly shouted, causing the blond to startle in surprise, further agitating his slowly healing wounds.

"Stop your sniveling boy, I offer you power and family and this is how you reply?" the voice growled, clearly angry at his thoughts. "Who cares what the dregs of humanity think about you, you will be better than them, superior to them all. Demon, Monster, Abomination, these are just words created through fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the powerful, fear of the truly great. Do not allow these foolish words to limit you, to hold you down, to stifle you. Do not turn your back on what I offer, embrace it, welcome it."

"So I will ask you once again, do you accept Uzumaki Naruto? Do you want power? Family? Revenge?"

And truly, deep down within, past the fake smiles and cheerful nature, he really did. With no one there to judge him, no one there to insult and ridicule him, Naruto let his true nature show; allowed his true thoughts to pass past his lips.

"Yes." the blond whispered. "Yes, I do."

"Hahahaha, wonderful, wonderful." the voice laughed, shaking the entire alleyway with its laughter. "You have made a wonderful choice Uzumaki Naruto, the right choice, the entertaining choice."

With that, Naruto screamed, he screamed and he screamed as an unnatural power seemed to fill him. He groaned and gasped as the energy flowed through him, starting from his core and spreading outwards, burning him from the inside out. The pain was unimaginable, he could feel the energy twisting him, changing him; it turning him into something else, something inhuman.

Deep within the depths of his mind, Naruto heard something roar, another force defying this strange energy and fighting against it. The two forces clashed, struggling against one another for a moment before one was forced down, the other continuing on its path; continuing to transform him.

"Now, Uzumaki Naruto." the voice continued, its tone reaching an all time low. "Entertain me!"

Blood poured from the boys mouth, his eyes blanking as he finally lost consciousness, finally overcome by the pain. Still his body continued to change, continued to break and heal, continued to transform.

"You are no longer Uzumaki Naruto, Orphan of Konoha. You are no longer Uzumaki Naruto, Hated Pariah of Konoha." the voice spoke, rumbling joyfully. "You are now Naruto, Overmind of the Zreg. You are now Naruto, Supreme Consciousness of the Swarm!"


I may or may not continue this story, I'm not sure.

This is going to be a Naruto/Starcraft crossover with Naruto as the Overmind.

After this first chapter, I planned to have Naruto awaken on the edge of the Forest of Death. While he would still look the same, only with Zerg armor over top of his skin, he would awaken with new information in his mind. This would cause him to run deeper into the forest until he found a safe place to create his first Zerg creature, a Hatchery.

I wasn't a hundred percent sure where I would continue from there.