Naruto! The Game.

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'Normal thoughts.'

"Demon/Summon Speech and Techniques."

"Demon/Summon Thoughts."

Game Info.

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Chapter five: Stage one.

"Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!"

Shouting him mantra over and over, Naruto leapt high into the air, barely avoiding the mob of descending arachnids. Landing on the edge of the clearing, he was forced to roll to the side quickly or get bitten by a nearby spider. As he rolled, the blond formed his trademark seal and flared his chakra, releasing the jutsu as he leapt to his feet.

"Shadow Clone Technique!"

With a great poof of smoke, the small clearing was suddenly filled with three dozen blonds, the real Naruto already meters away as he ran for his life.

'Those damn clones better distract them long enough for me to get away!' Naruto exclaimed, plowing through the underbrush. 'Giant spiders, what the hell is wrong with this damn place?'

Unfortunately for the panicked teen, his mad dash for freedom came to an abrupt stop as an impenetrable red barrier appeared in front of him, trapping him in the clearing... with the giant spiders... why the hell did he come in here again?

'Damn this game, damn my stupid brain.' Naruto sighed, hanging his head and turning back towards the clearing.

+125 xp.

Level Up!

Huh... seems a trio of his clones had managed to gang up on and cut down one of the smaller spiders, a praiseworthy effort, too bad two of them had died taking it down.

'Pause.' Naruto thought, freezing the world around him as the pause menu came up.

This may not be the time to level up but honestly, the extra stats might just come in handy, especially with the coming fight.

As he would probably need the health and damage soon, Naruto dumped five points into Vitality and five into Strength, barely boosting his damage, defense and health. With that out of the way, he dumped all five skill points into Demonic, it would be good to unlock at least one tail of Kyuubi's power before leaving the village.

With his Level Up completed, Naruto took a deep breath to calm himself before returning to the game, just in time to receive another slew of clone memories and experience points.

+625 xp.

Huh, that was actually a pretty creative kill by his clones. They had managed to immobilize a group of five spiders with several uses of the Mud Shot technique, two shots per spider, then one clone had used the Aqua Ring to soak the spiders while the other five had used the Thunder Shock to finish them off.

It was a very good plan but the chakra expenditure was far too high for his clones at this point, draining them completely and causing them to dispel once they landed the final blows.

The clone memories vanished just in time for Naruto to land in the clearing, his eyes sweeping around and taking in the entire clearing in an instant. The spider queen was gone, likely lurking in the branches above, leaving him with twenty-seven clones against twenty-five giant spiders.

Alright, he could win this.

With a fierce battle cry, Naruto leapt into the battle, aiming for where one of his clones was single-handedly holding off a spider. The kunai in his hand was a literal blur as he slashed at the spider, causing little numbers to appear over its head as he damaged it further and further, his damage was lower than it should have been but that probably had something to do with the spiders tough exoskeleton.

28... 30... 29... 31... 31... 32... 29... 28.

"Gah!" Naruto shouted, he had overstretched on his last blow and the spider had managed to dive in and sink its fangs into his left thigh. Luckily his clone took the opportunity to stab it's kunai into the the spiders head, draining the last of its health and killing it.

-20 hp.

State: Poisoned.

+125 xp.

"Damn it." Naruto grimaced, rushing to another fight with a slight limp in his steps.

As he had only lost a measly twenty health points, the wound barely even bothered him, it would hardly slow him down in battle. Unfortunately, he could feel the poison burning up his leg, draining two hp a second as he crossed the clearing.

'Come on you damn fox, do your job.' Naruto grumbled, sighing as he felt a light amount of the demons chakra fighting the poison. If he was lucky, he would be fully healed within minutes.

+500 xp.

Nice, in the time it took him to join another fight, some of his clones had managed to kill off their opponents and join other battles, he was definitely going to win this.


What the hell? Ten clones had all just died in an instant and from his memories he could tell that none of the spiders in the clearing had been responsible.

'Damn cheating spider.' the blond cursed, staring up into the tree canopy.

+125 xp.


Sure enough, he could see the leaves rustling as Jorogumo darted about, she had managed to crush his clones under an onslaught of web shots, the sticky substance moving so fast that it plowed right through the chakra constructs.

'Well, that's not fair at all.' Naruto grimaced, leaping away from the melee and forming handseals.


+125 xp.


The spiders had him completely outnumbered now, making the fight much harder, he would need to take out a big group of them if he wanted to claim the advantage.

"Bulk Up!"

Chakra poured through his muscles, tensing them to the point that it was almost painful to move. Running at much slower speeds than before, Naruto lashed out at the spiders, his powerful blows smashing through their defenses and causing greater damage than before.

70..73.. 72.. 74.. 69.. 71.. 68.

+375 xp.

70.. 75.. 68.. 210!

+125 xp.

Grinning at the damage caused by his first critical hit, Naruto moved on to the next spider, he would have to release his Bulk Up soon or he would run low on chakra before facing the spider queen.



+375 xp.



+125 xp.

Alright, nine clones and ten spiders, that was good enough for him to release the technique, he only had a hundred and thirty chakra left at this point.


+125 xp.


+125 xp.

As he released the technique, a shadow swept over him, alerting him of incoming danger. The real Naruto was able to leap back and away but his clones weren't as lucky. Faster than he could follow, a storm of silken orbs descended from above, killing the last of his clones in one brutal blow.

"God dammit." Naruto grunted, it was just him and nine spiders now.

Luckily, his clones had managed to injure them severely, he should be able to handle the rest of the fight on his own. Growling under his breath, Naruto leapt into the mob of spiders, his kunai lashing out and scoring hits on anything within his reach.

+1125 xp.

Level Up!

It cost him close to 200 hp in the end but he managed to cut them all down, now it was just him and the queen left. As if sensing his thoughts, a shadow swept over him once more, the blond just managing to leap to the side before the massive spider crashed into his previous spot.

Leaping out from the cloud of dust kicked up by the spider queen, Naruto prepared himself for his toughest battle in a long while. He was not prepared for the speeds a creature that big could achieve with eight legs, nor was he prepared for the amount of force behind its opening blow.

One of the creatures front legs blew right through his block and sent him flying, his back painfully impacting with the trunk of a massive tree.

"Gah!" Naruto coughed, spitting out blood as he dropped to the ground.

-100 hp.

'Holy crap, that thing hits almost as hard as Tsunade-baachan.' Naruto groaned, crawling onto his knees.

The arachnid wasn't willing to give him the opportunity to catch his breath, it simply charged forward at high speeds once again.

"Oh shit!" Naruto shouted, eyes widening fearfully. 'Pause.'

As the world around him came to a full stop, the blond couldn't help but release a sigh in relief, then a whimper when this served to aggravate his broken ribs.

"Damn it." Naruto groaned, reaching out and selecting [Level Up].

He released a sigh in relief as the pulse of energy from his level up swept over him, healing his wounds and filling his health and chakra.

'Whoa! Level ups heal me? That's good to know.' Naruto mused, sitting up in relief now that his wounds were healed. 'I should be sure to save any level ups I get mid fight until I really need them.'

Remaining on the ground to catch his breath, the blond cycled through his stats and skills and dumped half of his points into Strength for the added damage and the rest in Agility for the speed and reflexes, both had really saved him in the last fight. Skill wise, he decided to dump his points into Demonic again, there was a high chance he would have to resort to the Kyuubi's power to win this fight.

With his level up completed, Naruto took a deep breath in preparation before reaching out and returning to the game. As the world around him returned to normal, the spider queen blurring at him with her mandibles clicking, he rolled to the side and barely avoided her poisonous bite.

Leaping to his feet, he formed his trademark seal once more and flared his chakra, with his reserves refilled he could use the technique again.

"Shadow Clone Technique!"

The clearing exploded in a plume of smoke, which quickly cleared to reveal the great number of clones that were now standing in the clearing, excited grins stretching across their faces. With a ferocious cry the clones leapt at the spider queen, their kunai glinting in the sunlight as they descended on her form.

Only a quarter of the blows landed, the spider somehow spinning in a circle without moving her legs, and knocking most of the clones away. Of the few blows that did land, they merely skid off of its thick exoskeleton, barely causing any damage.

2.. 3... 1... 6!

"Well, that's not good." Naruto grimaced, forming handseals as his surviving clones got back onto their feet.

"Earth Release: Mud Shot!"

Orbs of mud splattered against the spiders side, barely harming it or slowing it down, so much for that plan.

With its eight eyes glaring hatefully, the large spider rushed at him, saliva and venom dripping from its jaws.

"Shit, do something you idiots!" Naruto shouted, leaping to the side.

"Hey!" One of the clones shouted. "Who are you calling idi..."

It was promptly cut off by a shuriken to the face.

"Do something!" Naruto hissed, glaring at the remaining clones.

Finally getting the hint, the rest of the clones began forming seals as the spider queen spun and rushed after the retreating blond. Orbs of mud, balls of blue flame and even a few wind gusts slid off the spiders side as it bulldozed its way after the real Naruto, barely even paying attention to the clones and their various attacks.

As the spider bore down on him, Naruto quickly formed handseals and substituted with a log, appearing in the treetops over top and away from the spider. That seemed to confuse the spider and it spun around, eyes flickering over each of the blonds as it sought out the real one, somehow able to tell him apart from his clones.

'Hmm, this thing has a tough shell.' Naruto mused, watching as his clones ineffectively attacked the arachnid. 'Maybe we need to aim for a weak spot.'

Nodding to himself at the thought, he dropped down on the spider, a kunai in each hand as he landed on its head. He landed on its head, his blade sinking into its eyes, causing it to roar in pain and thrash about.

99! 95!

"Shit!" Naruto shouted as he was thrown off its head, still, that attack had been damn well effective.

"Aim for the eyes and joints!" a random clone shouted, kunai held above its head.


They attacked with renewed vigor, Naruto watching gleefully as his clones managed to chip away at the spiders health bit by bit. Only strikes to the eyes seemed to do enough critical damage to affect the spiders but strikes to the joints landed average damage, more than he'd done against it's body.

Grinning widely in success, Naruto leapt in to help his clones, they could actually win this.

That was when the spiders health dropped to the halfway mark.

Without warning, dark and demonic chakra pulsed off of the arachnids form, sending all the blonds flying back and dispelling most of the clones. Before their eyes the demonic spider seemed to mutate, growing twice as big and gaining four more legs, toxic venom dripping from its massive fangs.

Frowning to himself, Naruto stood back up with his clones at his side, why did things have to get worse whenever he was close to winning. Staring into the newly regenerated orbs of the massive spider demon, of which there were now four new additions, all thirteen remaining blonds gulped.

"R-right, we can do this." one clone spoke, gripping it's blade tightly.

"Y-yeah, just go for the eyes." another clone replied, gulping nervously.

"Yeah." Naruto sighed, this was going to suck, big time. "The eyes."

With a collective sigh, the army of blonds held up their blades and leapt, aiming for the gleaming red orbs.

"Grawr!" the spider roared, not a loud click or a hiss but an actual ferocious roar.

Just like he remembered from his fight with Sasuke, the demonic roar actually created a chakra enforced shockwave, sending him and all of his clones crashing into the ground.

Naruto groaned as he stood, wisps of smoke from his dispelled clones swirling at his feet.

'Well, that didn't go well.'

-300 hp!

'Not well at all.' Naruto sighed, channeling a sliver of chakra into the seal on his gut. 'Well, here goes nothing.'

Then everything went red.

When he woke sometime later, Naruto wasn't as surprised as he should have been to find himself covered in a thick, greenish fluid, the torn apart husk of the spider demon strewn all around him.

He sat up with a groan, which seemed to signal the game that it could now continue.



Jorogumo, The Spider Queen.

+6250 xp, +1000 ryo.

Chance Bonus: 1563 xp, +250 ryo.

+10 vials of spider venom.

+5 spider meat.

'Oh wow, that's a lot of experience points.' Naruto gaped, eyes wide, that was the most experience he'd ever gained for anything. 'Whats the meat and venom for?'



You've gained a crafting material.

Some of the items you find can be used as ingredients to craft a variety of items, assuming you have the recipe to make the item in question.

-You can now purchase recipes from the village Armory.

-You can now use the Crafting table in your house.



Crafting involves creating an item which can either be equipped or consumed so long as you have the ingredients required to craft it.

There are five different types of crafting skills, which can now be found in your skills menu. Unlike your other skills, crafting skills do not require you to add skill points to them, they can only be increased by working on the skill in question.

Cooking: The art of making restoratives and poisons.

Sealing: The art of making seals of a varying nature.

Smithing: The art of making and repairing metallic weapons.

Carving: The art of making and repairing wooden weapons.

Tailoring: The art of making and repairing armor of all sorts.

'Huh, that sounds like a fun way to waste time, I should look into it some time.' Naruto decided, crafting things would be a good hobby to pick up should he ever get bored.

Level Up!


You have cleared [Stage One] of the Forest of Death instance.


[Yes] - [No]

'Oh kami, there's no way I'm doing another fight like this at this level.' Naruto grimaced, shuddering as he reached out and selected the big floating [No]. 'The experience was really good though, I'll have to try it again.'

With a bright flash of light, he found himself sitting at the forest gates, the chunin gatekeeper smirking down at him.

"So you survived huh?" the chunin chuckled, pulling the senbon from his mouth. "Didn't get very far though."

"Shut up." Naruto muttered, standing from the ground. "Smug bastard."

You cleared 1 stage(s) of the Forest of Death.

+500 xp, +500 ryo.

Chance Bonus: +125 xp, +125 ryo.

+1 Short sword.

'Oh sweet, a sword!' Naruto cheered, pausing the game almost immediately.

He chose to level up first, pouring his stat points into Intelligence for the bonus points in both fire and demonic. His five skill points all went into the Demonic skill yet again, one more level and he would reach the first tier, then he could focus on his other skills.

With his level up out of the way, he moved over to his inventory and examined his new weapon, a plain looking Kodachi with a simple wooden handle and sheath.

Short Sword: 15 to 25 M. Dmg. 9lb. 800 ryo.


[Yes] - [No]

The weapon was quickly equipped and Naruto exited the menu, a grin stretching across his face as he glanced at the weapon now hanging from his waist. He drew the sword from its sheath and waved it around, swinging it with far more skill than he rightfully should have.

'That must be the Kenjutsu skill coming into play.' Naruto mused, sheathing the weapon with a click. 'I'll have to see about getting a proper style though, just swinging this thing around would be stupid.'

"You wanna try again?" the chunin asked, still smirking smugly.

Naruto simply snorted and walked away, he'd had his fun, now it was time to get back to work.

Entering the Hokage tower, Naruto took a glance around the room, watching all of the chunin and clerks that darted about the main floor.

Quest Updated!


Future Dealings.

[X] Choose a Path

[X] Visit the Hokage Tower.

-Retrieve your Shinobi License.

Following the few signs that had been set up for new genin, Naruto made his way through the tower and entered the proper room, a small office room with a single man seated behind a tripod and camera.

"You here for your picture?" the man asked, standing from his seat with a bored frown on his face.

Naruto nodded and made his way over to a tall stool in front of a sky blue sheet, the backdrop to his portrait. It only took a few minutes for the man to take his picture and complete his license, which was then handed over to the blond.

Quest Updated!


Future Dealings.

[X] Choose a Path

[X] Visit the Hokage Tower.

[X] Retrieve your Shinobi License.

-Optional: Visit the Hokage.

-Meet your team at the academy.

Making his way out of the room, Naruto headed towards the top of the tower, it would be good to see Sarutobi again. Especially as the man had been dead for almost four years from his point of view.

"Hey Jiji!" Naruto chirped, slamming the door open and making his way into the Hokage's office, he had missed doing this.

"Hello Naruto, how are you today?" Sarutobi asked, smiling benignly as he looked up from his paperwork.

"I'm doing great jiji, I just got my shinobi license." Naruto replied, walking up to the desk and slamming his license onto it as he had done long ago.

Sarutobi simply chuckled and looked down at the item in question, unlike the first time around he simply smiled and handed it back, there was no problem with the picture this time around.

"Well done Naruto, you worked hard and you've definitely earned this." Sarutobi spoke, his eyes flickering to the side so quickly that Naruto almost missed it, he would have too if he hadn't been paying such close attention to the revived form of his surrogate grandfather. "I'm proud of you Naruto."

"Thanks Jiji." Naruto replied, scratching the back of his neck sheepishly and grinning widely.

He used the motion to gaze to the side as well, easily spotting what Sarutobi had been looking at, a portrait of the fourth Hokage. There was a slight pang of sadness and anger at that sight, clearly Sarutobi knew who his parents were but had never told him, but Naruto managed to squash it.

There was probably a good reason the third, Tsunade and Jiraiya had never told him about his parents, it was a bit hurtful but Naruto loved and trusted them so he would keep silent about it until they chose to tell him about it. Jiraiya had taught him two of the Yondaimes signature techniques after all, it didn't seem like they were trying to keep his heritage away from him at all.

Besides, just knowing the identity of his parents was more than enough for him, he didn't need any inherited jutsu or money from them. That was another reason he couldn't be angry at Sarutobi, the man had taken good care of him over the years.

Sure, he had been very lonely and friendless as a child but he had never wanted for anything, Sarutobi took care of him, visited him on a constant basis and provided him with a weekly stipend. Whatever his reasons for keeping his heritage secret, they weren't malicious, so Naruto would wait until the man felt the need to inform him of the truth.

"Are you excited to meet your team?" Sarutobi asked, drawing the teen from his thoughts.

"Yeah, I hope I'm on the same team as Sakura-chan!" Naruto cheered, slipping back into his cheerful persona. He would have to shift into a more serious persona over a period of time, if he did it too quickly, people would get suspicious.

"With my luck, I'll probably end up on the same team with Sasuke-teme." Naruto grumbled, crossing his arms and pouting.

Sarutobi chuckled knowingly, he clearly knew the exact members of his team, the old bastard.

"I'm sure you'll become good friends with whoever is placed on your team." Sarutobi replied, keeping the identity of said people secret.

"Sure thing jiji, whatever you s-Bam!"

Naruto's reply was cut off by the slamming of the second door in the room, a small form dashing in with a shuriken held over it's head.

"Old man, fight me!" the small form of Sarutobi Konohamaru shouted, rushing at the amused form of his grandfather.

Only to trip over his long scarf and fall flat on his face.

'Ah Konohamaru.' Naruto chuckled, smirking humorously at the flailing form of the Hokage's grandson. 'That kid was always good for a few laughs.'

"Damn it, who set a trap?" Konohamaru shouted, leaping to his feet and glaring at the room in general.

"Are you all right?" Ebisu called, making his presence known as he entered the room. "There isn't a trap anywhere."

"It was you, wasn't it?" Konohamaru shouted, pointing directly at Naruto, who happened to be standing on the other end of the room. "You tripped me, didn't you?"

Naruto scoffed, rolling his eyes.

"You tripped on your scarf kid." he replied, smirking smugly. "Why is it so long anyways, seems kind of stupid."

Sarutobi made an amused sound at that, one that he tried to hide behind a cough. Ebisu on the other hand simply glared, his form stiff and arrogant as he adjusted his glasses.

"How dare you speak to him that way." the special jonin sneered. "That is the Hokage's grandson, show some respect."

Konohamaru looked smug at that, head held high and hands crossed, causing Naruto to scoff.

"I dont care who's grandson he is, he's still a little brat." Naruto replied, he didn't get to smack the little brat this time but that was a treat for next time. "I'll see you later Jiji."

With that he turned and left the room, waving a goodbye to the Hokage over his shoulder, causing the man to chuckle and wave back. He could just hear the beginning of Ebisu's warning to Konohamaru before he was out of hearing range and making his way to the exit.

"You do realize that you're holding the sheet sideways right?" Naruto asked, glancing at the sideways bit of fence over his shoulder.

"Heh, impressive to see through thi-Konk!"

"That's not impressive at all, you just suck!" Naruto shouted rubbing his fist, guess he did get to smack the little brat.

"Ow..." Konohamaru groaned, rubbing the bump on his head. "That was mean boss."

"Boss?" Naruto asked, grinning wide, seems like he liked hearing that more than he first thought.

"Yeah, I'm gonna let you be my boss!" Konohamaru grinned, striking the good guy pose. "In exchange, you have to teach me the Jutsu you used to defeat Grandpa!"

Side Quest Available!



[Yes] - [No]

Grinning darkly, Naruto reached out and selected [Yes].

'I remember how much fun he had with this jutsu, this is gonna be good for a laugh.' Naruto smirked, before grimacing. 'Too bad he liked using it around Sakura-chan, I always got hit for it.'

After a few hours teaching and chatting with Konohamaru, Ebisu finally caught up with them, just in time to listen to Konohamaru's speech and realizes his mistakes as a tutor. All in all it was a win win for everyone.

Quest Completed


Teaching the Brat!

+1000 xp, +500 ryo.

Chance Bonus: +250 xp, +125 ryo


Heritage Unlocked!

[Sarutobi: +5 Kenjutsu, +5 Fire, +5 Earth, +5 Vitality]


Level Up!

'Sweet!' Naruto grinned, this was more than he expected from such a simple quest. 'I wonder if that mean's Jiji adopts me or if I get born a Sarutobi.'

Feeling far more excited than he'd been all day, Naruto made his way home, the sun was setting and it was getting late.

Laying in bed that night, Naruto paused the game and selected [Level Up].

Points were added to Vitality and Energy for the extra health and chakra, as they were going to be essential to his future survival in battles. For his skills, he added the last five points needed to reach the first tier in the Demonic skill.



You are now a Novice in Demonic.

You can now consciously control up to three tails of the Kyuubi's chakra.

'Sweet.' Naruto grinned, that was far more than he'd had control over before the wave mission, three tails of demonic chakra would make a good trump card for any future fights.

Once more, with a cheerful grin on his face and his back turned away from the crafting table that had magically appeared in his room, Naruto fell asleep.