The sound of someone shuffling in the hallway to start their day is what wakes her. Rogue's body is sluggish and heavy with fatigue, but with Logan's advanced senses the noise is nearly impossible to ignore and she's semi-awake. Normally, she shoves her head under her pillow and tends to go right back to sleep until Logan kicks her ass out, nicely of course. Their skin must have touched. It was probably brief enough for it to just cause a bit of discomfort, but it was enough for her to regain some strength for his powers again.

Rogue let's out a breath and decides that since she is already awake, she might as well get up. Logan's clock informs her that it's almost six, and she holds back a groan of frustration. It will give her time, at least to make a good hearty breakfast for Logan. The man tended to eat whatever was quickest to make in bulk to sedate his hunger and she was feeling the same right about now.

She heads down to the kitchen, the mansion mostly empty due to the hour and begins to make breakfast enough for four people. Her mother used to be a southern bell, and as such, made it her duty to teach her daughter how to cook. While Rogue hadn't gotten to learn some of the fancy things—having run away and all—she did know the basics, so she was making eggs, bacon, and toast.

"Kid," Logan grunted in greeting. She grunted in return, putting the food on two huge plates for both of them. He blinked at the plate before him, then nearly smiled at her. That was enough thanks for Rogue. It was almost seven now, and there were kids shuffling in, half awake to get some measly breakfast. She would have offered them some of the food she made, but Logan didn't look like he was up to sharing. Admittedly, she wasn't up to sharing much either.

"'Ornin' chica," Jubilee mumbled.

"...Mornin'," Rogue greeted roughly after swallowing a mouth full of food. She continued to eat, realizing that the girl was mostly asleep, and wasn't about to hold a conversation. It was good too considering she wasn't good company either. Still, it was better than trying to fight Erik Lensherr about what was right and wrong.

An age old argument that shall never be solved, Magneto stated nostalgically.

Shut up, the Wolverine within her growled.

Both of you shut up, she pleaded, massaging her temples from the headache she felt coming on.

"You okay, Kid?" Logan asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Erik doesn't like me," Rogue explained.

"If he argues with you it means quite the opposite my dear," the Professor said as he made his way into the kitchen. The few students there greeted him with respect despite the early hour, and he responded in kind. She felt a strange mixture of affection and annoyance at the sight.

"Not everybody has the pleasure of being a mind reader," Rogue retorted, a slight german inflection managing it's way at the end. "...Sorry," she apologized with a groan.

"Quite alright. I'm aware that Erik isn't the most easiest of people to handle," Charles said, waving away her apology. "That is why I am here to help."

"You came all the way down here for that?" Wolverine questioned dubiously.

"At this instant? No. I have faith in Rogue's capabilities. What I am here for is my cup of coffee," Charles said, heading over to the coffee maker. Rogue couldn't help the fond smirk cross her face at his quip. She could practically see the old Charles from their younger days. Wolverine glowered at her before shoveling the rest of his food in his mouth, no sense of manners.

"I think I'll be going to class today," Rogue decided. The professor sent her a proud smile that made her feel embarrassed. Logan snorted before she could blush.

"'Bout damn time. You've been clingy, kid," he said going over to get a beer from the fridge. She glowered at him as he sent her a smug look.

"I can't believe you crave beer even in the morning," Rogue muttered as she finished off her breakfast, reaching for a glass bottle that wasn't there. She sighed, and took her plate and fork to the sink.

"I like my beer, darlin'," Logan said with a shrug. "But unlike you I can have one."

"Asshole," Rogue commented leaving before she truly became tempted, her middle finger behind her on the way out.