"Si, profesor, puedo hablar español," Rogue said when Scott asked her to stay behind after class. It had been to inquire if anything was wrong because she hadn't been paying attention to class, but it wasn't any pressing matters on her part; simply boredom. Erik was fluent in many languages that he so kindly supplied to her, and Spanish was one of them. Argentina came to mind.

"Oh. Would you like to switch to a different class?" Scott offered.

"What other classes do you offer?"


"I can speak all the languages you offer," Rogue muttered. Cyclops stared at her for long moment.

"Self-defense," he declared.

"You can do that?" Rogue asked skeptically.

"Its not your fault you can suddenly speak a language- languages you didn't know a week ago," Scott said with a slight shrug. "Considering your... turbulent arrival here, I think it's rather appropriate really."

"Thanks Scott- I mean Mr. Summers," she said with a smile.

"I think you've earned being on a first name basis with me," Scott said returning the smile. Rogue felt her smile grow bigger in response.

"Mr. Summers is so nice. I don't really get what irritates you so much," Rogue commented once she relaid her day to Logan. He merely grunted at her unasked question and fiddled with said one eye's bike. Marie was on a chair beside him, book open, but having long stopped doing homework to watch him. "I mean, he was being so nice to me, but the fact that he was being so nice annoyed me."

"Beats me, kid. The bub just annoys. Period," Logan said with a grunt.

"Maybe because he gets to fuck Red?" Marie teased.

"I've had my fair share of Reds," Logan growled at the implication. Rogue merely laughed closing her textbook shut.

"I'm feeling jittery. Lets go work out, sugah," Rogue suggested with a smirk. It was more for his sake than hers, but with only having boys in her head she could understand the need to workout.

"Anything to shut you up," the Wolverine said, fondly mussing her hair. Rogue childishly stuck out her tongue in retort.

"I'm gonna go leave my homework in my room. Don't want it to smell as bad as you do," Marie said, heading upstairs. She chuckled when she heard his curse and mumbled protest. Rogue nearly ran into Bobby in the process. Thanks to Logan's reflexes, however, she managed to evade him without making a scene.

"Oh, Rogue, hey," Bobby said smiling at her. Before Liberty, his smile used to send her heart racing, but now all she felt was old. Erik's affect no doubt. "I haven't had a chance to talk to you since... since you came back."

Smooth, the Logan in her head commented sarcastically. Rogue smiled and countered that she found it endearing that he was worried about her.

"I've been busy," Rogue said with a shrug. She didn't want to say that she couldn't be around people because she hadn't gotten a handle on Erik and Logan.

"Well, I'm glad you're back. You wanna hang out in the game room?" Bobby offered hopefully.

"How juvenile," Rogue breathed, despite herself. "Sorry, I can't. Rain check?" Rogue offered apologetically.

"Tomorrow?" Bobby asked hopefully. He made no comment on her personality change.

"Tomorrow," she confirmed with a smile.

When she showed up at the gym—Logan still wasn't okay with her being in the Danger Room yet—Rogue couldn't stop smiling. It quickly turned to a smirk of amusement when she noticed that there seemed to be a few more females in the room than the norm. Logan's work no doubt.

Gross, the one in her head said with a grunt.

Doesn't boost your ego? Marie asked surprised.

No, Logan deadpanned.

"If we went to the DR, you wouldn't have so many eyes undressing you, sugah," Rogue teased. Logan growled and gave her an expectant glare as he threw himself to the ground in push-up position. With a shrug, Rogue took a seat on his back, and he began.

"So Bobby asked me to hang out with him tomorrow," Rogue mentioned as she kept a mental count.

"Not today?" Logan questioned not the least bit winded.

"You were listening," she realized.

"Why didn't you go?" Logan asked gruffly.

"I'm not ready yet," Rogue mumbled.

"But you will be tomorrow," Logan said dubiously.

"Ya. I have my session with the professor later."

Logan paused before continuing. The subject was dropped.